5 Responses to Fears rising, Spaniards pull out their cash and get out of Spain

  1. David says:

    UK is only a small area, yet we take over 80% of every country’s people who decide to leave there homeland, how much longer can the UK take more people in? we are short of fuel for lights, food, water, only 10 years ago the number of people in UK was 62 million, in the last 4 years it has got to 78 million and climbing.


  2. Mike UK says:

    Bodes well for UK banks and property values. Though the downside may be the influx of EU economic migrants with no cash claiming their free lunch entitlement.


  3. Irene C says:

    The dominoes are starting to fall.


  4. k-80-123 says:

    This may be a good look at what will soon happen in the USA if we don’t control our debt situation. The problems Greece, Spain and Italy have may give us a look at what may happen here with all the debt.


  5. Taffyduff says:

    I am from Wales – Uk and in the ‘Western Mail’ there are reports of families where the children are under fed and the parents have to go without meals to feed their young. Best of luck to Spaniards entering Briton, but the way the poverty gap is compared to the rich is starting to be wider than in ‘Charles Dickens’ times.


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