55 Responses to Actor Chuck Norris warns of dark millennium if President Obama is re-elected

  1. Please keep the comment on the topic or policies discussed in the post…this is not an anti-Obama rant.


  2. Debbie says:

    Give me a break. Really?


  3. Caladen says:

    That 1000 year promise sounds like the one Hitler made about the reign of the Third Reich… propaganda for the LCD 101


  4. Dan Sherwood says:

    I personally believe there is a better than good chance that we will not see a November election in this country (and possibly never see another presidential election at all). i base this on the fact that we are so close to WW3 and a likely invasion on our own shores. That would give the current president an excuse to extend his term and postpone the election. Not to mention that if the invasion started with an EMP attack, the current voting system would not be up and running.


    • mrsotto says:

      I concur. That was my first thought when I hear Mr Obama was running again and then realized he had already passed that martial law..hmmmmmm, interesting times indeed! Thank You Lord for being our Rock on Whom we can depend!


  5. TexasRedNeck says:

    I believe we will see and even darker time in America if our govt. turns it’s back on Israel when she is forced to attack Iran in order to survive.


    • Artoro says:

      I believe Israel is our proxy for starting a war with Iran, let them do all the saber rattling while we appear to be against it all (a very good distraction). We want and need them out much more than Israel. I know there’s a lot they aren’t telling us, like for one, the fact that we are building up their war machine. Watch as this unfolds, I’ll bet we find that the US of A is involved waist deep.


  6. Nonnie Loest says:

    What we desperately need is to know exactly who and what we are voting for. If I had known half the things I know now, my vote would have been different last time.


  7. mike warenda says:

    people who think voting matters are delusional and know nothing about the voting process. You see there is this group of people called the electorial college and they vote for the president not you. Yes they are suppose to vote for the one you choose but they are not obligated to do so and their vote can be bought. So the simple facts of the voting process is very few votes are need to get who ever they want as president. Gore won the popular vote against bush jr and still lost the election. That is because he lost the electorial college vote. If you think by putting the republicans back in charge will fix the matter then its obvious you have forgotten the reason you voted them out. Up till 6 years ago they controlled everything. ITs time we put another party in the whitehouse because the dems and the republicans are for the same dam thing communism. Obama did not remove the patriot act that the republicans put into place and that is all you should need to make up your mind in this election. This patriot act was the biggest slap in the face to american freedoms and they use it against everyone even everyone of you. Hello they listen to every phone call and every email in the country is that not communism? I listen to them daily follow people tracking them through the gps of their cell phones over the police scanner in my city. They tell you its socialism but in fact its communism. I am voting for ron paul or I am not voting its that simple. If you vote for romney you will be at war with Iran and if you vote for Obama you will get the same. The only person saying they want to change government is ron paul. People who are millionairs want to control everyone so they can do what they want and not have to worry about you being there.


    • Kim says:

      Has anyone ever heard of the Bilderberg Group? Check out who and what they stand for. Also check out the facts that Obama and Romney belong to this group. Seriously, we have a problem ….The billionaires DO control it all and they are looking to progressively move towards MORE control resulting in decrease of our freedom The Lord says in Jeremiah 33:3 to seek his face and he will reveal to you things you do not know. Those with ears let them hear, all with eyes let them see…keep your wicks trimmed and your lamps full…time is nearing.


    • DustTheWind says:

      Yes the elections were manipulated. They kicked out Ron Paul by scripting in an election rule change and manipulated people in charge of events such as the buss driver ect. Just youtube “election rule change ron paul”. There is more on it than this. Its the NDAA and patriot act and a whole boat load more. I am voting Ron Paul if I have to write it in big letters across my vote paper.


  8. Me says:

    Seems to me, POTUS is nothing more than the man in front of the cameras. Our government is bought and paid for by people like the Koch brothers, yes and George Soros. Until we get big money out of OUR government, we will not have a true leader. I will reserve my comments on Chuck and Gina’s video for another audience. Thank you, Alvin.


  9. Bill says:

    Dear Mr. Norris ALL we as TRUE Christians have to depend on, is Our Lord Jesus Christ. HE will determine the man that he wants in the office of President of the United States. As a TRUE Christian I SEE NO CHOOSE in either of these men! I would be going Againist my God, if I vote for eather one of them. Because BOTH are Demons, or Wolf’s in sheeps clothing. The people just don’t understand WHO Mr. Obama or Mitt Romney Really is, or his Church(Romneys) and WHAT it REALLY SUPPORT’S. We the PEOPLE need to seek out a DVD (MORMONISM’S TEMPLE of DOOM, by Bill Shnoebelen) He is a former Witch and former Mormon, There is an “AGENDA” and the common man or woman don’t really know. If you cast your vote, you may be really casting a Curse on you and your FAMILY. Read IICorinthians 6:14-16 and 2 John 1:9-11. It’s a different Doctrine the Mormon’s teach. Please look for your self, My God Bless The WATCHMAN


  10. Debbie says:

    I’m sorry but reality is dark times are coming no matter WHO wins this election or any election anywhere in the world. It’s scary that people are pining so much hope or despair on one human being.


  11. Matt says:

    Are we certain the American vote still matters? If so, then how does the RNC reappoint delegate seats without even a basic roll call? Is this an example of “democracy” and how does it speak to the idea of progressive discourse?


  12. SammySTH says:

    Since im from Sydney, i will not comment of the US upcoming election. Somehow, i can see this Video not being taken seriously because it is Mr.Norris & what ever he says, goes. (Viral!) I see this being a joke to small-minded people. i.e ‘Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that’s why there are no signs of life there.’


  13. Leon Cane says:

    Chuck doesn’t know what the next 4 years will bring, more than I do. This is silly. Please stay above the riff-raff of WND; because I like this Blog; but hate asinine speculation.


  14. Tim says:

    I could not agree more . There is a socialist in control of our country please vote with the future of this country in mind and not all of the petty issues that they use to distract you . God help us all .


  15. Regg says:

    Why does out matter how many “evangelical” christians “decided” not to vote. How many “evangelical” christians did or didnt vote for the Bush combo? This is an anti-Obama rant, for one because religious preference should never be added to politics, when hoping to make a point. Secondly, Obama is doing the best he can to fix 8 previous years of screwing Americas brothers and sisters over, for personal interest .i.e. Iraq… Bush lied his entire term, and helped no one, then made his exit. And its swept under the rug. Because he’s Republican?…because he’s white? Whos knows, but now the current regime is bad? Sorry Chuck, we are in a time of consequence now.-W. Churchill. I feel sorry for Obama…he got s%&# end of the stick, and I feel sorry anyone so blinded, program minded, that they can’t see whats happening.


  16. john j says:

    You have to keep in mind that Mr Obama is part of a group that believes in the this one world goverment or new world order .For this to be accomplished you can not have a powerfull country like america they all get lumped together with one central goverment one world court This is a very sick system ,.To cut to the bone look what Hitler did with one country Now imagine if some one like him came to power in the EU with twenty seven nations .I think we’re all most there now Europe is all most on it’s knees finanicaly i THINK THIS MAN IS JUST WAITING IN THE WINGS We need to put God fearing men men in office in this country Mr Norris is right if we don'[t turn to God fo help and put him back the way our forefatherd intented this country is lost


  17. Irene C says:

    I agree that it made a difference that 30 million evangelical Christians stayed home, but I’m sure not happy with either choice. What to do? What to do?


  18. Dave says:

    “It is estimated that in the 2008 election, 30 million evangelical Christians stayed home on voting day and Obama won the election by 10 million votes…that says it all


  19. Lu says:

    Why did you put on this particular post then?I can’t help but somehow sensing that you are kind of anti-Obama yourself and trying to influence your viewers. I hope I am wrong, if not, what a disappointment.


  20. seemorerocks says:

    My only comment is that things look pretty bad if Obama is re-elected; it looks as bad, or worse if Romney is voted for. It’s like a choice between the criminal and the criminally- insane.


  21. burntdown says:

    I think there will be dark problems regardless of the leader voted in. But the normal reaction is to put blame to the current leader. Then the next leader comes, and people are moaning about that leader, because the solutions of all leaders do not cut it, aka liberalism, aka socialism. In fact, sometimes it is better to enter the dark ages, to really determine that the problem rests within all individuals. It is very hard to be a leader in politics in this day and age, because people have become so judgemental in their armchairs. It is my belief that the failing of the nation is not the failing of the leaders, but the failing of the people to find positivity and allow leaders time to lead without judgement. I have observed human behaviour for many years, and there is one thing that stands out, people lamenting about everything and anything in their own self-destructive behaviour. If one thing they are lamenting about is resolved, they just move their complaint body onto another subject. The dismal state of the world IMO, is the the pressure induced by the end of times, the final road to discovering where our own ideals come from, who we must become. Blatantly, this is a hard time for everyone. It is a tribulation.


    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      @ burntdown… Thank you! You took the letters right off of my keyboard! We have been blinded into thinking that our ” leaders” are the solution or the root of the problem but it is really us. When people do vote they do so for what they think THEY will get out of it..That is why Obama AND Romney have flip flopped on so many issues over the years. There is no moral backbone in any political leader. Only compromise; but when you raise up one group of people you invariably offend another and so it is a matter of appeasing the people for power and prestige. Nothing more… we are pawns on their chessboard and they make us fight each other. Even worse many of our churches are compromising and turning into spineless jelly fish ready to make a pact with any party that will give them good standing or power.


      • mrsotto says:

        There’s no one I depend on more than God so whatever happens is His will, He’s in charge and will use good/bad/ugly for His glory! So vote as your God would have you then trust in Him! AMen~


  22. hvf says:

    I like Chuch Norris more than ever now! Please Good Americans, Stand up and Vote and do the right thing!


  23. K says:

    I think society is being mislead and deceived by many politicians and the media (I also think there are a lot of people who are politicans and in the media that are good and they do care) but I think most want to shape our thoughts, desires, and actions.

    I will also say I am from a small town in TN, I’m also an Independent, a Christian and I went out and voted for Obama in 2008 and will again because I can’t vote for the other guys for many reasons I won’t post here. I personally don’t think America will be better with a new president, the problems will remain. But what do I know I’m only a struggling college student, only struggling because the classes are tough this semester.

    Personally a lot of the media bothers me, I find a lot of them lazy and are being controlled by interests commercially and politically.
    God Bless


  24. Rush Limburger says:

    We sure could have used Mr. Norris’ expertise in Vietnam. It always surprised many vets that he never showed up; but at least he didn’t like commies.


  25. Thomas says:

    well he’s right about the Darkness part, it just doesn’t matter which candidate is elected, we’re falling head long into the abyss.


  26. Mike says:

    Dear Alvin and Chuck.

    I live in Australia but have been all over the world, and keep my nose in politics.
    Americans helped liberate my grandfathers from concentration camps and the Nazis, yet for all the great things the US has done it has become the slime of the bottomless pit.

    After WW2 the US helped drag Germany Europe and Japan from disaster by employing local people to work and rebuild their nation, they assisted technically and practically in rebuilding factories etc. However the last 40 years or so the US has toppled dictors, leveled the countries, then outsorsed all the work back to the states, and the people ended up suffering more under the US than they ever did under their dictators. So this is not all Obamas fault.

    In Afganistan and Iraq private contactors with guns work inside a law free bubble whre they can do what ever they want

    As far as socialism goes i presume that we are speaking of Obamacare. Well gentlemen the US is the only country industrialised country in the world that tosses its sick, aflicted and desperate to the side. If you have no medical insurence you are stuffed. Now money is being witheld from public education. And the brave veterans and their families are looked after poorly.

    The statue of liberty is now the almighty dollar sign.

    I beleive in the US i love the US and i beleive that it is still great, but ‘manifest destiny’ is not to be enforced, and with the Patriot Act who wants to have a systemem like the US. This is not all Obamas fault, though i prefer Romney as the next President.

    God save America, may she value compassion over the $, may the savior be her God and not the $. I love America and everything she stood for.


  27. Giom (Mann) says:

    God already knows the outcome of this election. He is a thousand steps ahead. What will happen will happen. It’s been foretold thousands of years ago. Things are destined to go “not our way”. But it is ok for us believers, we know the score at the end.


  28. Marshallrn says:

    So who is the less of all evils? I’ll cast my vote and I’ll see my state choose the side it always dose (D). But how can we really make a differance? Get someone new from every generation possible to vote for the first time every year. And remember to vote with One’s dollars. Buy the most sensible sustainable and uSA made products. Avoid plastics, harsh chemicals, and mass produced meats. Save our planet and save your soul.peace and see you all on voting day.


  29. I see a reference to “Chuck and I”. Who is the “I” in that? I still don’t understand why Obama is more evil than Romney and Ryan. Please explain, Chuck…


  30. Sarah says:

    Right, because Romney is so the right choice…


  31. Prototype says:

    Gee Chukkies, this is not the movies with classics like ‘Gone with the wind, ‘The dirty dozen – or the inimitable ‘Bedtime for Bonzo, starring ‘Chukkie the Chimpanzee. Ronnie was an actor (not very good) before being promoted to ‘chief homie number 40 thirty years ago, and as much as you thump the ‘Bible proclaiming your concern for the moral values of the State, history should have taught you that ‘Church and State are to be kept separate, this by the ‘Founding Fathers. And anyway, didn’t Master Christ chuck the moneylenders out of the temple?


  32. onthemark55 says:

    I have never seen so much genuine hate in politics. I firmly believe, no matter which side wins, the other will do everything in it’s power to block progress, all the while espousing their patriotism and love for our country. I wonder what Jesus thinks of our hero commercials, the destroyed lives we parade around,draped in the flag as some macabe badge of honor. War is horrible, not honorable! What the hell happened to this country?? Thing about this: Progressive, Pro Abortion, anti Death penalty. Conservative, anti Abortion, pro Death Penalty. What the hell is wrong with us? God please forgive us


  33. Press says:

    I’m very disappointed in Extinction Protocol for posting such a polarized political message. What are you doing in politics?


    • That’s exactly why I can post it because I’m not involved in politics. It’s in the news…it gets posted. Are you insinuating people here are not smart enough to find the information on their own on the internet?


    • Irene C says:

      Sorry Press, that you don’t see the newsworthiness of this article. And if you have been reading TEP for any amount of time, you would know that Alvin often posts articles that may be polarizing, only because they are news. And many of those articles I have strongly disagreed with. (Besides, this is Alvin’s blog and he can post whatever he wants.)

      Thank you Alvin for providing us with a topic that’s given us a lively discourse. It took me a good part of the morning just to read all the comments. As a result, I got very little housework done. (Ah, thank you. LOL)

      I do love my country, despite all of her faults. But I do see her coming downfall, which I grieve. And like I said before, I don’t like either choice, but then again, I am neither Republican, Democrat, not Independent. I am a Monarchist just waiting for the return of my King. As for how I’m going to vote – well, I know I will be praying before I go to the polls. My King is still on His throne and He is still in control.



  34. Debbie says:

    I have seen this on TV also. Still not sure I like it on this site. I check this site daily. Id rather not see something so negative. Just my opinion. Big Fan of EP.


  35. onthemark55 says:

    Thank you for posting this information Alvin. It has shown how really intelligent and thoughtfull the folks that frequent T.E.P. are, seriously, i’m very impressed!. Even though we share our differences, you don’t see the hateful rhetoric, personal attacks at each other that you see elsewhere. It’s nice to know that i’m not the only “PERFECT” person out here, I’ve been so lonely, so hard to be “HUMBLE”!!!!!!!!! :) :) (p.s., remember, dont tell chuck i said he looked like deputy dog :(


  36. katnea says:

    Below is a quote given by a journalist back in the year of 1880! It was true then and its true now (perhaps even worse?) but the message offered is a clear reminder of how the wealthy elite control the system. Follow the money………

    “The business of the journalists is to DESTROY the TRUTH…. We are the tools and vassals of RICH MEN BEHIND the SCENES. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and OUR LIVES are are all the PROPERTY of OTHER MEN. We are intellectual prostitutes.” — John Swinton, speech given while working for the New Your Sun, 1880

    Thus, “BUYER – BEWARE” of deceitful propaganda paid for by the wealthy elites to manipulate our minds! My plea is for Americans to research, research, RESEARCH by cross checking the info on any “OFFICIAL” – “HARD RESEARCHED” – “NONPARTISAN” website! “Hard research” is described as: scientific and objective research, where proven facts, figures, statistics, and measurable evidence are ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL! It’s the credibility of every resource that must be able to withstand intense scrutiny.

    BTW — I’ve been using: http://www.factcheck.org/http://www.politifact.com/http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checkerhttp://www.opensecrets.org/ <— to find where political money is spent! and even http://www.snopes.com/ <— I'm sharing the links here because they are official nonpartisan, nonprofit consumer advocates websites. Its the only way that I know of as to make any informed decision based on factual TRUTHS!


    • onthemark55 says:

      So true. Great article, love the writing from the past, when was the last time you heard “vassels” used. Anyway, thanks for the links, always looking for comparative information


  37. Nice to see Chuck getting out and doing a little `Eastwooding.`


  38. katnea says:

    http://factcheck.org/2008/11/2008-factcheck-awards/ <— I happened to run across this bit of 2008 info regarding Chuck Norris on FactCheck.org so I thought I would offer the link here as well.


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