Japan estimates monster earthquake could kill 320,000

September 1, 2012TOKYOJapan’s government on Wednesday unveiled a worst case disaster scenario that warned a monster earthquake in the Pacific Ocean could kill over 320,000 people, dwarfing last year’s quake-tsunami disaster. Tokyo’s casualty toll estimate was based on a catastrophic scenario in which a powerful undersea quake of about 9.0 magnitude sparked a giant tsunami that swamps Japan’s coastline south of Tokyo. The Cabinet Office’s hypothetical disaster would see the quake strike at nighttime during the winter with strong winds helping unleash waves that reach 34-metre (110 feet), sweeping many victims away as they slept. Many of the estimated 323,000 victims would be drowned by the tsunami, crushed under falling objects or in fires sparked by the disaster, it said. On March 11 last year, a 9.0 magnitude quake struck seismically-active Japan in the early afternoon, triggering tsunami waves that reached 20 meters. About 19,000 were killed or remain missing while the tsunami slammed into the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, sending reactors into meltdown and sparking the worst atomic crisis in a generation. “As long as we live in Japan, we cannot deny the possibility of a huge earthquake and tsunami,” Masaharu Nakagawa, state minister for disaster management, told reporters Wednesday. The report was designed to paint a worst-case scenario and help officials boost their disaster preparedness. An estimate in 2003 assumed casualties of about 25,000 people, but that scenario envisioned a less powerful 8.4 magnitude quake striking a smaller area. The deadliest quake in Japanese history struck the central Kanto region in 1923, killing at least 100,000 people. –Terra Daily
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8 Responses to Japan estimates monster earthquake could kill 320,000

  1. Jean says:

    They don’t even mention how this could trigger a much bigger nuclear disaster with the fuel pool at #4. It seems their estimate is low in view of that potential domino effect disaster.


    • Magenta says:

      We are in the same situation here with our nuclear plants on the coasts of the U.S. Even after everything that has happened in Japan, our government is not warning people just how dangerous the coastal areas can be. We know you don’t have to be near one of these radiation plants to be adversely affected. I feel that it is only a matter of days before a large earthquake creates a tsunami that hits either the east or west coast of U.S. I think all the indicators are pointing to serious earth movement. Man has to be stopped in its never ending pursuit of war. You can only hope God forces man to melt its guns into plowshares!


  2. Irene C says:

    This is a very possible and horrible senario. I agree Jean that they don’t even consider the potential nuclear disaster that would follow. They also don’t consider the effect of the tsunami that would reach other countries. Although this estimate is probably a bit conservative, it is frightening enough. Prayers that this really doesn’t happen.



  3. Emanni says:

    No Place to Hide – Fukushima Fallout Findings Widespread

    “EnviroReporter.com has discovered that this radiation is likely being induced into falling out from the atmosphere from thousands of mysterious and official denied aerosols trails streaked across this and other nations’ skies worldwide. “Fuku-Goo” is also falling out due to the growing phenomena of super storms, super tornadoes and megafires becoming “the new normal” on a planet that is heating up from human activity.

    Just as we discovered hot Japanese tea, sake, seaweed and other products from that nation being sold in Los Angeles stores, a Japanese group has found high levels of Fukushima contamination in California oranges, dry prunes, almonds and pistachios, and Florida grapefruit.”



  4. Emanni says:

    The Puerto Rico Trench Tsunami Threat

    “because the quakes in the trench zone are getting not just more frequent, but stronger. It was startling to find out just how massive and deep this fault line trench is. The consequences of a substantial subterranean landslide and resultant tsunami on the entire heavily populated low-lying island region of the Caribbean is almost unfathomable. And there’s hardly any talk about that lurking danger.”

    “The results of studies involving mapping and seismic profiling of the sea floor off Puerto Rico’s northern shore, have uncovered evidence of an enormous submarine landslide. The the suspect slide extends across roughly 35 square miles, and evidence indicates that a slide of this size would have involved approximately 620 cubic miles of material!”


  5. I think the best idea was to put the nuclear fuel back from where it was mined. they cant build the above ground storage units fast enough. Shutting the plants down isnt the answer they need to clean them out .


  6. Mane says:

    in a sane world they would say, “preparing for a disaster would save xxxx lives.” but in the insane world we live in they prefer focus on your death… 🙂


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