Sparkle: God and the science of a compassionate universe


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10 Responses to Sparkle: God and the science of a compassionate universe

  1. Thank you Alvin. I agree.


  2. Paula Annie says:

    I LOVE this clip and shared it to my blog and facebook already. Thank you dear one.


  3. tonic says:

    Forgive me, yet again, but what is this?
    And what is it about?
    Is Sparkle a new book?


      • Miguel says:

        Alvin you know what would really make you sparkle or illuminate, if you would give all this out for free, and really show the world what love, really is about. I am against money and everything it stands for. Your right and i strongly believe, that if we do get a chance to start over, it cannot go back to how the way it was, cause look at what money has done to mankind. My father asked me the other day, for me to go work for him that he would pay me and i told him that if you asked me to go work with you i will but as for the money i don’t have no use for it, i told him God has blessed me with everything that i need, and he couldn’t understand why i didn’t want the money. Its sad to say, but all I ever wanted was to spend time with him, f*&$ the money, and I told him this cause its all i ever wanted from him was love, not his f*^$ money. He almost started to cry when i told him this and I have God to thank for cause without him i may have never known what love is.


      • Miquel, let’s pray for that day to come. However, I’m the writer, not the publisher. To give them away, I have to buy them, which means the publisher has to be paid to print them. As much as some people detest the idea of money; few things in the world can get done without it. It creates opportunity in the hands of the right people to change things. The world is the way it is not because the poor lack opportunities; it is the way it is because the majority of the people with the most money do little to change it…hence, Sparkle.

        I don’t have the luxury you have in life of turning down either money or opportunites. By all austere accounts, I employ my God-given talents by the sweat of my brow and I work harder than anyone I know or ever will know.



  4. erin says:

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!


  5. Didn’t know it is a new book you’ve written Alvin. Ordered one right then. The reviews are great on it so far and going by the past books you’ve written, it has to be good.


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