3 Responses to Japan’s debt keel: country could run out of money in October

  1. Kwazai says:

    When will they learn. they’ve given the money to the banks instead of to the people. and the problems haven’t been addressed at all- they keep thinking money is the fix in the first place.
    I personally feel its a ‘sustainability’ issue that comes from inside the hearts of men. you can’t change a man’s heart without him wanting to change it in the first place.
    The sustainability part is like I learned growing up:
    Food in your belly, a warm place to sleep, and the love of your family and freinds are requirements- everything else is something we choose to put ourselves thru.
    If you have those three things and an unlimited money supply; what would you spend it on?


  2. Ian says:

    Greece is a small country, for all the talk, it’s problems could be managed if required, Spain, it’s larger, and the financial problems would be harder to manage, but Japan – it’s in a different league, and a much bigger threat, especially if linked to dealing with any more major seismic activity.


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