12 Responses to Economic shock: global food prices jump 10%

  1. twanakc says:

    And this is just the begining of the food shortage catastrophe, and the availability of clean drinkable water..


    • Dennis E. says:

      So true. The poor countries will be the one’s sacrificed first. Counties who can produce food will begin to withhold food exports in order to feed their own population.


  2. hilly7 says:

    Well I just paid 34.00 for 100 lbs of laying feed for chickens, about 15 years ago that same feed would have been 8.00. Cattle prices have gone down. Want to see what corn is doing, look at those prices, but it will be higher in the stores. Before they mixed up corn there was corn for food and corn for Ethanol and the only competition was for the ground they were grown on. Between cattle farmers that weren’t closed by droughts and floods, most will make it through, we feed hay. Come next year though Feedlots will compete with consumers with fuel on corn, something will have to give. This too will effect beef prices as most of us are set to squat and not yield on cattle prices to corn prices. Some will look to replenish their herds too. This is about to get real interesting. Now add to that if they get the Carbon Tax thing going, some of us will let the land set and make more in Carbon Credit. Mr Young has no idea how this is about to play out, or maybe he does.


  3. Judy Carriker says:

    I have been gardening for the past two years. If it doesn’t produce food I don’t grow it. It saves money I don’t have acreage just two small lots but I can grow alot. I have also been teaching myself how to can. You have to take whatever steps you can to provide for yourself in today’s economy. I have become familiar with the seasons and what wild fruit is available. My shelves are packed with jellies and canned fruit. Don’t depend on your government to provide or look out for your food provisions. Become industrious like an ant and cut the cost.


    • hilly7 says:

      We can some and freeze some, just depends on what it is. Most of what we buy we buy if we can at wholesale stores in case lots. We grow only heirloom seeds so we save our seeds each year for the next, healthier and you will save money that way. Get in touch with neighbors who like to grow and swap out. We sell our cattle to the stock market but what God allows us to grow we share, especially with those who can’t. Especially the older people, who are a wealth of information on canning and preserving. Even if they can’t, they’ve paid their dues and deserve to be full, small kids too.


  4. Betsy Weggesser says:

    I Think GOD is calling us all to rethink what’s really important in our lives…. GIVE THANKS AND GLORY TO GOD….TO LOVE HIM WITH ALL OUR HEARTS AND TO LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR AS HE HAS LOVED US AND AS YOU LOVE YOUR SELF !!!


  5. tonic says:

    It’s one of the darkest posts I have ever read on this site.

    I can see it on the crops where I live. (UK) The grain is smaller (it has not expanded, blown up). Crops are predicted to have a 20% drop in quality

    Insects did not stand a chance in the UK this summer. I lost a lot plants either through poor pollenation, or blight.

    And it passed on to birds. Swallows were at the lowest I have ever seen. And those that were about struggled to find enough insects to carry their brood on.

    This summer will also be remembered by a lot of people here as “the summer of slugs and snails”
    They are everywhere. All sorts and kinds. Slimy, sticky, and yukky as hell.

    But oddly, something good has happened with butterflies. The Red Admiral has suddenly appeared again. Why/how this happened is beyond me, but it is great to see it again.
    Bees, at least where I live, were almost non existant.

    Yet another odd sight here is the the water table. Little streams that only flow when springs appear in wintertime, have been flowing for the last two to three months.
    Weirdest year I have ever seen, and it’s still not over.


  6. M.A.D says:

    Man can not live by food only, but from the words out of the mouth of God,


  7. Luciano says:

    Close all ethanol producing plants in the world that use foods like corn and soybeans and make those foods available to the poor!


  8. Earl says:

    all you have to do is read the Bible to know what is going on today. God will NOT be mocked. When He promises judgement for sins, HE means it. I sometimes wonder how different Sodom really was from modern America (and Europe). I think the same sins and arrogance existed in both.


  9. Skeptical citizen says:

    I also have cattle goats,sheep poultry & raise a garden. I dont buy much grain for my grazing animals. However in not hurting for grass because I dont overgraze or even stock to capacity. I never saw so many skinny cattle &horses on grazed down to the dirt land. The cattle are eating the dirt & roots. due to the drought many have sold their herds. They are oblivious to the big picture and will borrow money to tide them over and restock if the rains come. One thing a person who has a small acreage might consider is Mini cattle they come in both dairy & beef breeds. folks ned to take wharever measures thay are able to produce even a part of their food. There possibly could be a time very soon no amount of cash will buy food.


  10. pagan66 says:

    Australia is mostly empty in it’s interior & true, a lot of it is barren desert but there is water everywhere underground. There are so many areas of arable land here that are not being utilized due to the government or landowners paranoia about foreign investment & the mistaken conviction they hold that “they own it”. It annoys me so much that these areas of sustainable land are not used for growing food for the world – with that much water available most crops could be grown successfully. We Australians like to think we are caring & generous to people suffering worldwide but we don’t do enough by far. People need to start thinking holistically because everything is connected – one child dying from starvation in Africa is the same as an Australian child dying from hunger in Sydney. There is & should be, NO difference.

    I have a small orchard, several different vines & a garden in which I grow all sorts of vegetables & herbs for both consumption & medicinal purposes. Any animal flesh as a food source repels me though I do eat shellfish at Christmas but only if it’s freshly caught by us & then killed as humanely as possible. I refuse to grow meat for food but as my boyfriend eats it I always have some in the deep freeze for when he comes home on his week off each month. My breads, pies & jams are well liked locally so I swap them for a side of lamb & other meat suitable for my cat & dog with one of our neighbours. Eventually meat will no longer be an option as food as it will be too financially unviable for farmers to produce & far too expensive for the masses to afford.



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