Southern California town declares state of emergency over quake swarm

 August 30, 2012 CALIFORNIAThe southern California town of Brawley has taken the unusual step of declaring a state of emergency after a swarm of earthquakes rattled nearly 20 mobile homes off their blocks and forced a slaughterhouse to close, the mayor said on Wednesday. It is uncommon for quake-hardy California cities to declare emergencies due to tremors, but Brawley mayor George Nava said the earthquake swarm is a unique case because it has lasted for days and caused millions of dollars in damage. The cluster of relatively small quakes, which are caused by water and other fluids moving around in the Earth’s crust, began on Saturday evening and climaxed the next day with a 5.5 temblor, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The tremors were continuing on Wednesday and geologists say there have been hundreds in total. Nava said leaders in Brawley, a city of 25,000 residents south of the state’s inland Salton Sea and 170 miles (275 km) southeast of Los Angeles, declared a local emergency late on Tuesday. Officials with surrounding Imperial County made a similar declaration on Wednesday. Nineteen mobile homes were knocked off their blocks and their residents forced out, Nava said. The auditorium at Brawley Union High School has been damaged and closed off, and the National Beef slaughter plant in Brawley has been temporarily shut down due to damage, he said. Local businesses have suffered millions of dollars in losses from closures and from customers staying away, Nava said. But he could not give an exact account of quake-related losses. The Red Cross and local government agencies will offer services to residents on Friday and Saturday at a local center. The emergency declaration allows Brawley to receive more assistance from Imperial County, Nava said. At one point, about 10,000 residents in the city were without power, and the quakes have also caused water line disruptions, Nava said. “When you don’t have an AC or running water, it’s just not a good thing in this weather,” he said. Jeanne Hardebeck, research seismologist for the U.S. Geological Survey, said earlier this week that the cluster of quakes is not a sign that a larger temblor is imminent.  –Reuters
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18 Responses to Southern California town declares state of emergency over quake swarm

  1. Irene C says:

    The scientists say that there’s nothing to worry about. Okay, try to convince the people of this town.


  2. truthseeker says:

    Sending prayers to everyone. Stay safe


  3. Gaur Nitai says:

    The slaughterhouses are the cause such calamities and will continue until all slaughterhouses are closed…


  4. tess says:

    Far out.. I wish the best for the people living there.. crazy that it took them 3 days to do this, but better late then never.!!


  5. Kevin says:

    Did you notice what they said was the cause of the multiple quakes? They said it was “water and other fluids moving” How about MAGMA? That more likely the culprit. She is gonna blow.


  6. Dennis E. says:

    Now, I believe that this is a good sign that a EQ event is about to happen or it could be a situation similar to what Christchurch has suffered in New Zealand: in that the city had a series
    of swarms before the event that were very nerve wracking and then they had the EQ. After the EQ, they had many aftershocks that caused much anxiety. This is causing much anxiety.


  7. mike says:

    im with kevin i think a valcano is about to erupt or this is crazy but the salton sea could destroy that whole area


  8. Brett says:

    I am from Christchurch and this is similar to just before the the September quake we had a lot of small quakes 2.0 the night before then a 7.1 then lots of small then another big one and it is still going now 2 years later.


  9. Brett says: just noticed a swarm now in New Zealand 17 quakes in 4 hours Whakatane


  10. Artoro says:

    I would like to peronally ask Jeanne Hardebeck (the seismologist) excatlly what she’s basing her findings on, and just what are the signs of an impending earth quake. One would think that someone would have to know what the signs of an imminent earth quake are, to know that this isn’t.


    • Lilly (from Oz) says:

      Yes Artoro – I can’t help but feel that there is a lot of ‘mother-nature’s’ activity that the ‘experts’ don’t really have solid understanding on.
      My instincts tell me that the under crust magma is migrating/moving/displacing/ and a whole lot of other ‘ings currently. This must be having an effect on plate movements, volcanic awakenings and the clusters of earthquakes we are witnessing. The larger quakes are ‘hot-spots’ of stress.
      Just my humble, un-expert opinion.
      Best wishes to all and hope of peace and safety to all communities being troubled by
      these earthly events.


  11. jehjeh007 says:

    180 years event about to happen? Hmm…


  12. K says:

    I wanted to share that I went to a website and started to read an article about a television show and someone in the comments below asked if anyone was from California and if animals were acting weird. The person went on to say her cat was acting strange and she thought nothing of it until she went to work and everyone of her coworkers said their cats/dogs/whatever were acting strange and it was freaking her out. I just wanted to share and this was today. God bless.


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