4.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Los Angeles region

August 30, 2012CALIFORNIA The 4.1 earthquake that jolted Yorba Linda on Wednesday afternoon appears to be an aftershock of the cluster of quakes that hit the region earlier this month, seismologists said. The jolted area included southeastern Los Angeles County, Orange County and the Inland Empire. The quake occurred in about the same location of an earthquake doublet, two 4.5 quakes that occurred on Aug. 7 at 11:23 p.m. and Aug. 8 at 9:33 a.m. The area was also hit by a 4.0 quake on June 14. Wednesday’s quake, which hit at 1:31 p.m., was located near the center point of the magnitude-5.5 Chino Hills earthquake that reverberated through the Los Angeles Basin in the summer of 2008, U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Lucy Jones told The Times. Wednesday’s quake appeared to be located in the “Yorba Linda trend,” a seismic area identified by Caltech geophysicist Egill Hauksson in 1990, that might be a buried fault. Many who felt the quake said it was relatively mild. At Vinjon’s Kennel in Yorba Linda, the quake hit just as Carisa Feeney, 22, was giving a bath to a year-and-a-half-old boxer mix. When the quake delivered its single strong jolt, the dog leaped up in the tub –- and both quickly ran outside. “I’m pretty much covered in water,” Feeney said. Nancy Ferguson, who owns SGO Designer Glass in Old Town Yorba Linda, said, “We had a big jolt, just for a few seconds, then everything just kind of swayed.” Ferguson, who has hundreds of pieces of glass on display in her store, said she holds her breath every time there’s an earthquake. “But nothing fell over today, so we’re feeling pretty lucky,” she said. It is unlikely that the earthquake swarm that has hit Imperial County with hundreds of quakes since the weekend is related to Wednesday’s quake in Yorba Linda, Jones said. –LA Times
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8 Responses to 4.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Los Angeles region

  1. Brandon says:

    Alvin, IMHO I get the feeling that the earth changes are settling down and that the pressure inside the earth is balancing out. However, could this swarm be leading to something bigger like in the movie 2012? The scientists stated that this swarm is not signaling the Big One. So that’s good news.



    • IMG

      I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on with the planet. If scientists could predict what the planet will do; no one would have ever died in such natural disasters. You remember the story of Pecos Bill trying to lasso a tornado? That’s about how effectively science will be at trying to predict and prognosticate the direction or magnitude of these changes. They will run their course and will not conform to previous patterns of behavior, as we’re already now seeing. However, it’s reassuring to the public and makes people feel good to think everything is being monitored and under control; when it’s anything but that.

      The planet is dynamic and change, in the universe, is the only constant.


  2. Irene C says:

    The one thing I’ve noticed is – normally when I check the earthquake reports, there are 300+ quakes around the world that are 2.5+. Lately there are 400+ quakes that are 2.5+. Definitely something I’m going to keep an eye on.

    And I would definitely be nervous if I had a store that dealt with a lot of glass if I were in an earthquake zone.


  3. Justin C. says:

    The pressure is not balancing out. It has not even reached the tipping point yet. I love in the other article how it says that they are stumped at the cause of the swarm but assure everyone that it does not mean the big one is around the corner. These are the birthing pains. The real action has not even started but like Alvin said they want to keep the public calm. It’s clear they want people to be taken by surprise and unprepared forcing those still here to depend 100% on FEMA and the government. It’s all about control.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    Actually I think having a series of earthquake swarms, to think about it, is good news. If it was an indicator of “the big one” then more people could be prepared, if there was no warning, then more
    injuries and deaths. I too believe scientists often downplay potential geological events to keep people from panicking. Then when it does happen, they then say mother nature is so unpredictable
    when all along they expected it to happen.
    just my opinion…………….this morning at 7:13am


  5. Kaos says:


    Followed by a 5.2 in the same region.


    There has been quite allot of activity of late, its only a matter of time before the next 8-9 or higher…



  6. isis2012 says:

    I would be looking more in the under ground movement possibly associated with the caldera …. praying for pre-direction, endurance and after-directions


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