16 Responses to Giant warehouses with food to last for 5 years: Alaska begins prepping for major natural disasters

  1. Montana Jim says:

    That is not ominous at all. Hey they consider preppers mentally unstable, does that mean the government is mentally unstable. lol


  2. Chris Gerber says:

    Enough food for 40,000 people is not enough if Anchorage has 295,000 people… let alone Juneau. The numbers are off… maybe they thought of this number initially and were planning to revise it later. What about the people in remote villages?… aside from hunting which may or may not be available or adequate depending on the type of natural disaster occuring. This requires a re-think, I think.


  3. StevenJ says:

    North to Alaska! The rush is on!!! Wonder what plans are in place if non-resident survivors (of whatever might happen) show up?


  4. prayntongues says:

    That is very interesting that they hope to complete this project by DECEMBER! Makes me wonder if they expect something to happen in relation to the mayan calendar date,12-21-12.


  5. chris says:

    Heads up on some activity on the Whittier fault (4.1) which is connected into the Whittier Narrows system. The possible progression towards a San Andreas event might be underway.


  6. tonic says:

    First came the, Svalbard Global Seed Vault, now, a massive food storage vault. Both in the northern hemisphere. Both vaults seperated by among other things, Iceland, and a racing magnetic north pole.

    But hey, it’s not mentioned in mainstream media, so it cannot be too important.

    Can it ?


  7. curtsilco says:

    I don’t think they really don’t feel they will have the 295,000 people to feed after whatever takes place. I think the people that survived will be a significant smaller number. Whatever it is IT’S coming and by all accounts it will happen this December. Merry F’ing Christmas to us all. I’m not depending on our great and wonderful government to take care of me and mine any more. It’s each man/family for themselves. God bless take care and buckle up.


  8. Steve In Babylon says:

    The food is for the Russians for when they come through Alaska and Minnesota.
    Henry Gruver, Dumitru Duduman.


  9. TEE says:

    I was raised in Alaska an know the difficulty to move materials and supplies around a state with limited transportation capabilities. Alaskan officals should be looking at storing food for at least 250000 individuals and put in place methods of various forms of distribution to out lying regions. Also, most freeze dry and dehydrated foods have a shelf life of 25 to 30 years and not 5 years. Alaskan offical planning and thinking is not very sound. You guys need help. I have been doing prepareness for forty years and know some very interesting methods and tricks to storing supplies and what needs to be purchased.


  10. Bert says:

    Well any prep is better than none and yet the governor of Alaska should also facilitate major bulk purchase of storable foods using the large purchasing power of state government to reduce costs so individuals could anonymously purchase and better their own situations and not need to be showing up on the government’s doorstep unless to volunteer to help others. Government tends to turn a Katrina type event into a goat rope. And I’ll add despite the large and beautiful land of Alaska that I almost homesteaded 40 acres on I just had a bad feeling about being locked onto a state bordered by a country with the political nature of Cana-duh (Sorry and edit if you will but there is just no other way to put it).


  11. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Just hope the warehouses are not built where the seismic activity will hit. That would be quite a disaster.


    • IMG

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  12. aknorth says:

    Yes it’s true it is not enough food for all alaskans but on the other side of the coin the majority of our towns or villages have populations less than 2000. This is an action I belive our state is making in the right direction. I would like to see our state take this action of prepardness much further than it is.


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