Powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of El Salvador

August 27, 2012EL SALVADOR A powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of El Salvador, along the boundary of the Cocos and Caribbean tectonic plates. The depth of the earthquake was 52 km (33 miles) below the sea-floor. The epicenter of the earthquake was 175 km (109 miles) SSE (157°) from San Salvador, El Salvador. The earthquake reflects growing seismic tension seen building along the lower Pacific, North American, Cocos, and the Caribbean tectonic plates. –The Extinction Protocol
Mass turtle deaths: Wildlife authorities say a strong earthquake in the Pacific Ocean late Sunday destroyed more than 45,000 endangered sea turtle eggs on the coast of El Salvador. The director of the turtle conservation program for the El Salvador Zoological Foundation says the 7.4-magnitude undersea quake sent at least three waves at least 30 feet high up the beach and destroyed thousands of nests and just-hatched turtles. It also washed up on about 150 people collecting eggs in order to protect them in special pens hundreds of feet up the beach. The waves injured three. Program director Emilio Leon said that in the last year and a half the foundation has successfully hatched and released 700,000 turtles from four species at risk of extinction. –HISZ
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12 Responses to Powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of El Salvador

  1. aquarianunicorn says:

    does this mean that the pressure has been released from the Brawley swarm? or that it’s now moved to a different plate?


    • I was expecting something in this magnitude range but thought it might occur around California. It helps some, but it basically like a game of billards, where one ball pushes another, and some forth. The kinetic tension ricochets from one plate, but not from the swarm location along the fault.

      Pacific – N. America (California, NW) – Cocos (central America) – Caribbean, and possibly Nazca along Chile could all be affected by this.


  2. ZoeCheshire says:

    I have just come across your website and it makes for very interesting (and scary) reading!
    I firmly believe that we are living in the final days of earth as we know it!
    Thank you for the website, I will visit daily from now on.


  3. Stan522 says:

    I didn’t feel this one either ;-]


  4. Colleen says:

    Maybe it is releasing some of its pressure so as not to create a mega quake. I hope this is the case.


  5. pagan66 says:

    Queensland, one of our states, is suffering from an unprecedented Type A flu outbreak this year & people are dying from it:




  6. Warren says:


    The sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has melted to its smallest point ever in a milestone that may show that worst-case forecasts on climate change are coming true, US scientists said Monday.
    The extent of ice observed on Sunday broke a record set in 2007 and will likely melt further with several weeks of summer still to come, according to data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center and the NASA space agency.
    The government-backed ice center, based at the University of Colorado at Boulder, said in a statement that the decline in summer Arctic sea ice “is considered a strong signal of long-term climate warming.”


  7. Jay says:

    I had a dream that the Earth cracked open like an egg and people were falling in the fire…but I think the solar flares from the sun are heating the earth’s core with radiation. There will be much more activity to come.


    • Justme says:

      My mother has had the same dream the only difference is she did not mention people falling in fire but fires erupting
      She believes something will occur mid November or first December. She dreams this all the time. She has asked God to please take the dreams away.
      She does not predict the month she just feels it. She is 75 and a Strong believer in God.
      It’s funny to me at times My uncle told all of us kids that we would see the end times, we were like sure. We were oh around 9 or 10 At the time. I now feel he was right!


  8. Lindy says:

    Question…when I look at the ‘official’ charts of quakes since 2000, it seems 2012 has the lowest number of quakes overall, yet that doesn’t quite mesh with the massive activity a lot of us have been observing over the past year, year and a half. Is it just our impressions that are wrong, or is it possible the numbers have been fudged for some reason, maybe to play down what’s going on?


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