Indonesia’s Tangkubanperahu volcano awakens from dormant sleep after 20 years: alert level raised

August 25, 2012 INDONESIAAn increase in seismic activity at Tangkubanperahu volcano near Bandung, the capital of West Java, has been detected since 13 August and promted the Indonesian Volcanological survey (PVMBG) to increase the alert level of the volcano from 1 (normal) to 2 (alert) on 23 August. Between 1 July and 23 Aug, 264 volcanic earthquakes were recorded, which is almost double to values measured during similar periods of time at the beginning of the year. In addition, pulses of volcanic tremor could be recognized. Tangkubanperahu has 2 main craters, each about 1000 m wide and 400 m deep, filled by crater lakes, Kawah Ratu (queen) and Kawah Upas, respectively. The craters and lakes along with fumaroles and warm springs are popular tourist destinations. It is recommended not to climb the volcano’s crater, which is a popular tourist destination in the area. The last eruptions of the Tangkubanperahu were phreatic explosions in 1994. –Volcano Discovery
Tangkubanperahu  was previously considered dormant. The last activity was in 1983, and 1994.
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One Response to Indonesia’s Tangkubanperahu volcano awakens from dormant sleep after 20 years: alert level raised

  1. Bone Idle says:

    Tangkubanperahu (Upside down boat) has a road that goes right up to the craters edge. There are carparks on the crater rim. You don’t even need to get out of the bus or car to see down to the bottom of the crater.


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