24 Responses to Greece exit from the Eurozone; war in the Middle East? Will all hell break loose after U.S. election?

  1. alienrobbery says:

    This year’s september is going to be very interesting all over the planet!


  2. Jay777 says:

    The book of Revelation states this fact: In the last days there will be ‘Rumors of War’


  3. Geebee says:

    I am somewhat new to this site, so perhaps this has been addressed. It has come to my attention that Homeland Security, NOAA, Social Security Admin (of all places), etc., have bought millions of rounds of ammo. Not just any ammo, hollow point bullets and high powered rounds that can blast through reinforced cement. I’ve checked it out and it is not some crazy talk. Obviously, somebody is planning to kill a lot of people, enough for everyone in the USA five times over. I’d like to know what you all think of this, particularly you Alvin. Perilous times for sure.


    • I don’t think anything of it, Geebee. It changes nothing about the warnings I’ve been sounding for the past 4 years: geological shift of the planet, the unraveling of civilizations, global economic collapse, and the overturn of the marine and agrian ecology.

      For those who heeded the warnings early on…this is merely another passing testament that the season of events on planet Earth are about to radically change. I’m glad you found the site, are awake and aware.

      “And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch!” Mark 13:37


  4. StevenJ says:

    As regards the current administration’s attempts to delay events concerning Greece and the Euro situation until after the US elections, this stinks of self-centeredness and egomania. This should be a clear indication of just about how much Obama regards his own importance when compared to others, either here or overseas. “It’s all about me”… Time for some adult leadership in th oval office!


    • niebo says:

      Excellent point, Steven J, and my question is: are our politicians that cynical, to think that this “posing” will change anything but the long run? And for whose benefit?


      • StevenJ says:

        Niebo – I personally think that our politictans ( and thise of the “West”) know exactly what they are doing. In fact, in a sick sort of way, they all appear to be letting Iran develop nukes, as they ALL know that Israel will be attacked shortly thereafter. Then, they’ll react “Oh poor, poor Israel – We’re here to help you – BUT, you’ll have to relocate until we clean up this mess”. Sound far- fetched? I smell a rat in all the foot-dragging by all parties that could stop Iran – and Israeli leaders seem to be blind to what’s going on…


    • Artoro says:

      Yeah that would be good but from the look of things doesn’t seem as though any are running.


  5. The arrogance of an American president trying to delay or shape world events based on when he stands for re-election! From his viewpoint, it is all about him. And regarding the second piece on Israel, the Israelis have had to learn the hard way to use every tool available to them just to survive surrounded by enemies. I don’t want to see a wider war in the Middle East, but I even less want to see a radical government like Iran’s gaining access to nuclear weapons. If Israel strikes then it is a given that we will be involved since the Iranians are certain to strike at us as well as Israel. the end result of this conflict will be a false peace that will be forced upon Israel, and then things will go downhill from there. I am grateful for the Lord’s promise to return and put an end to all of this insanity that is humanity’s governance of its own affairs. Thanks for keeping us informed, Alvin!


  6. NickK0 says:

    Maybe such an Event(s), is what’s needed, to “grab” people, so they’ll pay more attention to world events, rather than watch sports and NASCAR.

    Of course, by the time that happens, it will literally be too late.


  7. Irene C says:

    The way I see it, it will all explode (or implode) whenever the situation can’t handle the strain anymore. But if I were a betting woman, I would say it will all hit the fan before our election. No logical explanation for my feeling, just an intuition.



  8. Peter says:

    I agree 100% StevenJ. Concern about our fellow man has taken a backseat to politcs and chasing the almighty dollar.


  9. doomsayer says:

    If Israel is going to attack Iran I would suggest the 15th,16th or 17th of September or the 14th, 15th or 16th of October, new Moon but I would expect some sort of cyber attack in the day’s proceeding such an attack, we will just have to wait and see! if nothing happens on these date’s we will have to wait and see the outcome of the American presidential elections….


  10. Dennis B. says:

    Alvin, What a powerful video! God bless all!


  11. M.A.D. says:

    May God be with us all,


  12. Norbert says:

    The way this is reported sounds like wishful thinking
    If that is the case, I wish for peace


    • We all wish for peace, but I’m afraid that there are things in motion that can no longer be stopped. Intense war lies in the immediate future and many will suffer because humanity is unable to govern itself justly. When virtue is seen as an aberration, the time is ripe for calamity.


  13. Dennis E. says:

    I have also heard that there has been a discussion regarding the use of an EMP weapon in lieu
    of a mass use small tactical nukes, reason being, there would be considerable damage to Iran’s electronic infrastructure which would slow down their nuclear weapon development program and also disrupt their economy. However, if they have already shielded the electronic instruments from such an attack, then it seems that the one’s who would suffer the most would be the civilian population.
    One time will tell won’t it…….


  14. Hmm…I wonder where they could be going?


  15. Irene C says:

    Wow Alvin. Interesting. I wonder if they know something we don’t know. But if something major happens, I’m sure I’ll read it here first.


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