Alert level raised on previously extinct Colombian Sotará volcano: an eruption would be first known in recorded history

August 24, 2012COLOMBIA According to INGEOMINAS, the Observatorio Vulcanológico and Sismológico de Popayán reported that during 8-14 August seismic activity at Sotará increased. The seismic network recorded 110 magnitude 0.2-1.6 events mainly located in an area 0.1-5 km NE of the peak, at depths of 2-6 km. Inflation was detected in the NE area, coincident with the zone of increased seismicity. Web-camera views showed no morphological changes. The Alert Level was raised to III (Yellow; “changes in the behavior of volcanic activity”), or the second lowest level. (Smithsonian Institute)  –Earthquake Report
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10 Responses to Alert level raised on previously extinct Colombian Sotará volcano: an eruption would be first known in recorded history

  1. It hasn’t been lost on me that not only are we seeing an increase in volcanic activity in active and dormant volcanoes, but that even volcanoes previously thought to be extinct are showing signs of life. These are just the precursors of the convulsions to come, yet there are still so many people who prefer to think that this is just normal activity.


    • twanakc says:

      I agree completely David, every day new reports from around the world. all one has to do is open their eyes to see what a tumultous period we are headed into..


    • Bone Idle says:

      Long tine statistics do not confirm your theory. In fact since the internet revolution and worldwide communication explosion more events are being reported then in previous generations – particularly in remote countries.
      During the late 1980’s a large volcanic eruption went unreported in Aceh. It was in a very remote location, hard to get to and the area being in the midst of civil unrest.

      The largest eruption of the twentieth century was in 1912. Tens of thousands of people were killed by earthquake activity in Italy alone during the period 1900 – 1920.

      The modern problem is that because of the population explosion there are now many more people in harms way if a major geologic event occurs.


      • While it is true that there are many more people living in harm’s ways due to the population explosion, even some geologists are beginning to cautiously acknowledge that geologic activity on this planet is becoming more active. The frequency of earthquakes, particularly strong to severe quakes, is increasing and it’s not just because there are more seismographs out there; remember, the USGS seismographs in Colorado and others around the world have been able to detect and measure quakes occuring in all parts of the world for years. And even though modern communications do make it easier to follow geologic events, the fact that so many volcanoes, especially the dormant and “extinct” ones, are entering eruptive phases at the same time signifies that the processes within the earth are accelerating. Even the scientific community accepts the theory that we are about to experience at least a major magnetic polar shift and possibly a geographical shift of the poles; either event would logically affect every seismic and volcanic system on the planet.


  2. Chris Gerber says:

    There was an “inflation(?)” associated with the seismic activity? Hmm, Mt. St. Helens in WA. state did the same thing…. bulged before the eruption that exited the volcano sideways where the bulge formed… I notice that they are re-opening the hiking trails except a 3 km (‘potential blast zone’ I assume). Big mistake… better to keep the hiking trails closed until the final outcome (no pun intended) of the volcano is determined.


    • Shawn says:

      They should also let people hike in the 3KM exclusion zone. It should be up to the people hiking where they should be able to go. We already have too much of a nanny state in the U.S. People should be free to do stupid things and get killed doing them.
      Darwinism at its best. The world is overpopulated as it is. Let nature take its course.


  3. Bone Idle says:

    Extinct volcano is defined as having no believed activity in the last 10,000 years.
    However this is considered a Holocene volcano – i.e. has been active during this current interglacial period. – 12,000 years.

    Chaiten in Chile violently erupted in 2008. It was also considered extinct (last eruption approx 9600 years ago)

    Any volcano around the “ring of fire” may surprise expectantly.


  4. norm says:

    Because of the WAR on CO2 which is causing problems with plant growth in many places,I believe our CREATOR has reawakened this and other volcanoes. When Mt. Pinatubo -Philipines erupted in early 90’s it added more CO2 to the earths atmosphere than ALL the activity of MAN since the industrial revolution began in the 1700’s. This is what precipitated the NWO’s war on this precious gas. We need it more than ever,and GOD is going to make sure the earth gets a healthy infusion of it soon. We are currently at about 0.03 % of the global atmosphere,and it seems they want to eradicate it altogether.. How can the lying scientists sleep at night knowing that without higher levels of CO2 we will perish because plants cannot grow well without it. Pray for more CO2 through VULCANISM and fossil fuel burning,as long as people are evacuated away from the dangers of the eruptions.


    • The current “war” on Co2 has begun because as usual humanity, and environmental scientists in particular, arrogantly assume that they know what is best for our planet, not God. Now I know that I often sound like I am anti-science, but I am not, at least up to a point. Science has given us many insights into how our world and universe works, but when scientists deny the presence of God that can lead them into all sorts of errors. Nearly every time we as a species try to “improve” our planet we make a mess of it and we should stop, but I don’t see that happening. As far as the New World Order being involved, part of their plan is apparently to let many of us die off to preserve more resources for their use and to make those who survive more dependent on their “generosity” for the very things that we need to survive.


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