Heavy rains and flooding kill four in southern Russia

August 23, 2012 RUSSIA Russian authorities said Wednesday that a flash flood had killed four people in the southern Krasnodar region where 172 people drowned in rising waters last month, many trapped in their homes. “Four people have died,” a spokeswoman for the regional emergency situations ministry told AFP. “Three people are listed as missing,” the Krasnodar regional government said in a statement. Heavy rain battered the coastal Tuapse area overnight causing many rivers to overflow and flood the houses and apartments of around 1,837 people, the regional authorities said. In July, 172 people were found dead after severe flooding in the Krymsk area not far from Tuapse. Around 35,000 people lost some or all of their possessions. The local authorities faced widespread censure for their failure to warn people in time of the need to evacuate. Three officials have been arrested and accused of negligence leading to the deaths. On Wednesday the regional government stressed that this time the warning system had functioned “in time” so that the public was not caught unaware by the flooding. “There will not be a second Krymsk,” the regional government promised, saying that residents had been warned this time with an onscreen message on local television and officials driving the streets with loudspeakers. –Terra Daily
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One Response to Heavy rains and flooding kill four in southern Russia

  1. hilly7 says:

    There is a new documentary just came out called Why In The World Are They Spraying that explains a lot of this end days weather. It was foretold of, but not by whom, only that it displeases God and will until He sends down Jesus to stop it all, after reaping His own up.


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