23 Responses to Global economic implosion from a new conflict in the Middle East

  1. Irene C says:

    The global elite have been wanting this scenario for generations. At one time, the U.S. economy was strong and the European countries each had their own currency, so they were unable to attempt a takeover. They just planned and slowly put all the pieces into place. However it isn’t until recently that they see what will be their golden opportunity. The U.S. economy is crumbling and the Eurozone is ready to implode. Add China into the mix, who depends on export to the U.S. and Europe, we see a time bomb. And of course this doesn’t even count all the other countries who are intertwined in this global mess. When the dust settles, the global elite will swoop in and take over. They won’t care about the damage or deaths – collateral damage. What they don’t realize is that their celebrating will be short-lived. The man of sin, the one we call The AntiChrist, will take over and eliminate anyone who opposes him. But his reign will also be short-lived, seven years to be exact, when Jesus comes back as a conquorer, and redeems the Earth. So, there is a happy ending to this after all, for those who believe.



    • hilly7 says:

      Just a thought ran through my mind on the main anti-Christ, it may very well not be just a man. Corporations are viewed as legal entities. It could very well be a corporation rather than just a man. Before anybody reads this and gets their feathers ruffled I still own 48% in a corporation, small, but it’s still incorporated.


      • While there will be many anti-Christs in these end times, the chief of them all will be the main Anti-Christ, as you called him, and that will be one man. Just within “modern” history we have seen two attempts at installing such a person, namely Napolean and Hitler, both of whom through intrigue became the leaders of the nations with the greatest military potential of their times. In keeping with Biblical prophecy, this time the Anti-Christ will be the person who forces a false and short-lived peace on Israel.


      • Irene C says:

        It’s a possibility hilly7, but I’m more inclined to believe it’s a man, since he will control the economy, government, and religion. But, he could start out as the head of a corporation.

        As for owning 48% of a corporation, I think that is great. My husband had his own business until the 2008 economic collapse. As for me, I left my job recently to stay home and take care of my 91 y/o mother. Not as financially lucrative, but a lot more rewarding than working a job I hated. So now, I’m going to return to my original dream and write. Maybe I can get published before I retire. 🙂


      • NickK0 says:

        I AGREE with Hilly !
        I have often wondered about this, too.

        Given the ‘legal status’ and authority that corporations are given in this Modern era, it would not surprise me…. at all.


    • Very good post, Irene C. With everything seeming like it will start coming together in October (the probability of an Israeli strike on Iran and the pending “engineered” economic collapse), I believe that we are in for a rough fall. American presidential elections for years have nearly always seen an “October surprise” where something is brought out in the last few weeks before the election that sways public opinion toward one candidate, but in 2008 the only surprise we got in October was the bursting of the housing market and the strong economic downturn. What concerns me about this October is that the current president, in the event of being dragged into a wider war in the Middle East and dealing with the economic repercussions, will use his authority to seize control of the government and subordinate our sovereignty to the UN and the globalists. I haven’t forgotten that when his Secretary of State was the First Lady she and her husband were vocal supporters of globalism over American sovereignty, and I doubt if this well-travelled woman has changed her views in the intervening years.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    It seems that the entire world is getting very tensed as in expectation. If what the posting says could happen, happens, then we are in for a very rough ride. The question could be proposed “When”? Is that the 64,000 dollar question…….


  3. All things considered, with the pending engineered economic collapse and the probability of a major war breaking out, it is easy to see that this fall will see the beginning of troubles such as we have never before seen. We are one disaster away from the suspension of the Constituion and the dissolution of Congress, which the office of the President of the US has the authority to do, and without those constraints the current President would then be able to throw in with the UN in the establishment of a global government and then force its sovereignty on Israel. If ever there was a time for us to pray for God’s deliverance it is now, for when all of these things start happening those who believe will be hard pressed to keep the faith. Woe unto us who live in these interesting times, but at least we can still have our hope in Christ!


  4. doug says:

    who are these 0.01 What are their names


    • hilly7 says:

      Not that I’m taking OCW or the President’s part, but I seriously doubt someone making 6 figures a year is the 1%. Might be flattering to think 6 figures makes up the 1%, but don’t. The 1% are the ones making in the mid 7 figures or higher. Like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Buffet, Soros, Gates. There is a financial site that has them named.


      • Michael says:

        That is part of the lie they’ve built. The top 1% is anyone making over approximately $350,000 per yr. Remember, there are 330,000,000 people in the US. 1% making more the mid 7 figures would mean 3.3 million people are making somewhere around $500 mil or so….just not true. Otherwise your statement, though, is correct…..those of us making over $350,000, but still in the 6 figure range, are not the elite. As pointed out in the article it is the top 01%


    • Simcha Aliyah says:

      See the top 0.01% of the American financal wealth. Then you will have all their names.


  5. Michael says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the .01%. I happen to fall into the 1% which is targeted a lot, especially with the occupy crowd. Most people don’t understand the 1% is propaganda put out by the .01%. The president and other politicians attack those making more than $250,000. Stating taxes need to be raised on us, knowing full well that his tax hikes will not effect the .01%, because their money is untaxable, other than the 13% capital gains…if that. But the 99% look at us, because we are the faces they see. Yes, they see a few of the .01%, but they are the ones helping put out the propaganda. Mr Buffet claims he didn’t realize his secretary paid a higher % of tax them him. If you believe that…you need to wake up. Not only does Mr Buffet know shes currently pays a higher rate them him, he also knows, after an Obama tax hike, she will still pay a higher rate.
    Many of us in the 1% have awoken, just like many of you. Again, thank you for seperating out the .01% from the rest of us


  6. niebo says:

    “There will be no great reformation or peace in the cradle of civilization.”

    But there will be room for Christ.


  7. Emanni says:

    The First Few Minutes of World War III Will Look Like……….


    • This film maker did an exceptional job of recreating what the beginning of such a war will be like. The fear, the panic, the shock. Very well produced. This is sadly what lies in our future before the return of Christ. And yet, there are so many people who believe the lies coming out of Tehran that they are only trying to produce peaceful nuclear energy. Mule fritters! What is shown in this video is what Iran wants to do to Israel and to anyone else who gets in their way. Very well done, and thanks for posting this, Emanni.


  8. Simcha Aliyah says:

    The author of this article is just too,too right in his prognostication of a war such as this. And I’m afraid that we will all be witness to his scenario.


  9. Why are so many “certain” we are in the end times? What if we are not?


    • Whether it’s the end time or not is really of little relevance. Record sovereign debt, austerity, highest global unemployment levels in post-World War II era, the failure of globalization, more nations with nukes, more weather extremes, a record number of natural disasters, and war rhetoric between Israel and Iran getting louder in the Middle East.

      It’s not about how far you are from the cliff; it’s about not having any brakes to stop the car from going over it. In 1952, the ending of Angel Face was the most shocking in Hollywood history…because nobody saw it coming. The most shocking and tragic endings are the ones you never see coming. Champagne before the cliffhanger- it’s the classic story of how history changes suddenly, and unexpectedly.

      Anybody feel like driving to Mexico?


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