10 Responses to Risk of US double-dip recession rises, warns Standard & Poor’s

  1. Duke says:

    It is a myth that the US economy is out of a recession at the present time.


    • Nkosazana says:

      Agreed. Besides I find it an irritation that they keep using the word recession instead of depression. It’s like the prefer a ‘milder’ word to allay our anxieties, but reality is not only did we not get out of the first one, it was not recession in the first place but a slow slide into depression.


    • Skeptical citizen says:

      I agree with Duke the recession is still happening. Its very likely it will turn into a world wide depression.


  2. Laura says:

    I agree Duke it is a myth. We are not in a recession but a depression for some time now. Guess it is just a matter of semantics when these reports come out. Truth is things will get worse before it gets better. The wise will see trouble and prepare the fool rushes in and is destroyed.


  3. candz says:

    I still don’t believe that some americans don’t realize the gravity of our current econic crises! It will only get worse! The unemployment figures were inaccurate and there are more people being put out into the streets each day. Currently we have more vacant houses than we do homeless people and 200-300 families standing in line for hours waiting for a community food truck that can only serve 100.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    If conflict breaks out, it could slip into a depression……..


  5. Kathy says:

    It really should be reading …Depression…


  6. truefaith says:

    so to me this is all smoke and mirrors, maybe i am getting paranoid as of lately but i think the real main players are the ones instigating the money issues.as it is only a issue when the people that have been robbing us and i mean all of us in all counties are the same ones saying no more borrowing. well had they not ripped all the people off for all this time- they would not be in control of so much money. from what i have been seeing this is all intertwined by alot of the same people.


  7. jeff says:

    standard and poor says we MIGHT slip BACK into a recession NEXT year? that is the biggest crock i have ever heard. forget recession, we are basically in a depression, we NEVER recovered from the ‘great panic of ’08”. all we did is throw money at the banks {TARP}, all we did was throw money at the auto industry, operation twist continues to prop up the stock market [they should change the name of wall street to lil Vegas for all the bets that are made every millisecond]…yeah thats right miliseconds…real men and women dont even buy and sell on wall street any more. its bots that make thousands of trades within seconds. that way its harder to find out that ALL the money is going to off-shore bank accounts and not to were the trade should have gone.

    a recession NEXT year? how about 41 months straight of 8+ percent unemployment? never been seen…and that is the NUMBERS the government gives you. the real number is more like 13-14% unemployed, around 30 million people with no job or serverely underemployed with NO health benefits.

    what about the 48 million people on food stamps? that number was 20 million just 3 and a half years ago, it has doubled in that short period of time. UNREAL

    Heck i bet the white house WROTE this S&P report themselves…



  8. Grandpa says:

    In the last 6 yrs the only thing ive purchased was a bbq… i am set for another 12 yrs .


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