41 Responses to Remember, remember; the 5th of November: Israel said to be gearing for an attack on Iran before US election

  1. StevenJ says:

    Highly doubtful the Israelis would wait till the day before US elections – look for dates where there is no moon…


  2. Julie says:

    This makes my heart very, very heavy.
    Time is going so fast . . .
    Peace – Julie


  3. Steven Burkett says:

    I have been saying to keep an eye on the 5th of October!


  4. jade says:

    PURE RUBBISH!! just desighned to keep us in fear….NOT going to happen!!!


    • Wali Linhart says:

      Fear is the key. Don’t worry – what will be will be – we have all written our lives and must fulfill our spiritual contracts…the blueprint of our lives. Stay in the now without fear and send as much love & light to all. Compassion, integrity and love that’s what is required now collectively to uplift and to defeat fear. Gaia (Earth) will replenish and all will soon be very different from what we know now.
      Thank you Alvin for keeping us all informed. God Bless.


  5. Sam Beckett says:

    I take this just as grain of salt. We heard the same’ol song a few years ago, heard it this year Israel was going to attack beginning of this year, then spring, then summer, now it is fall….*yawn* it will never happen


  6. Jay777 says:

    There was no way Israel was going to wait till the US elections to start strike Iran. I am really surprised that they waited this long not to strike. Israel has a right to defend itself and when they strike Iran, I pray they strike with the wrath of God behind them.


    • SD says:

      I really wonder what God it is you are talking about. So you really believe that if Israel attacks Iran, it’s with God’s blessing? Mamma mia! It’s quite amazing how lucifer can trick men to love/serve him, while believing to be serving God. Unbelievable.


  7. Texas Listening Post, Tony says:

    The strikes against Iran might be successful, but I do not think the conflict will stop there. The attack is to me like a detonator which goes off and then sets the main explosion off (full scale war in the Middle East). I suspect a number of countries are sick and tired of the Zionist government and would stand by and watch what happens to Israel.

    In 1967 US army mechanized infantry units in Germany where loaded and waiting to be flown to Israel if the Israelis looked like they would not win. I hope that our troops are not sacrificed for a government that is a taker rather than a giver. But the last thing that emanates from Washington is wisdom. A very sad state of affairs.

    Alvin, thanks for the site.


  8. David says:

    Yawn. Waiting for Spring which has come and gone. Summer attack, nothing and now late autumn before the election. I have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale if anyone wants to buy it.


    • nickk0 says:

      David, and Jade,
      I really hope that you are both right, and that such an attack never happens.
      However, this could be a deception.

      Folks will go about their lives like they are doing now. Ho-hum, an attack will never come…. another month / year goes by……when all of a sudden, an attack takes place.

      Such an attack is would be bad enough in itself, but the REAL problems will begin after such an attack.

      Such an attack, could very well be followed by a rapid escalation of events, until things ‘escalate’ out of control, of Israel or the US.

      For the record, I should state that I *do* believe, that Israel has a right to protect herself.
      However, such a pre-emptive strike, is not in the best interests of Israel, let alone the rest of the region, or the rest of the world.

      I think that Alvin would agree, that such an attack today, would not stay confined to that region…….. Or, MORE importantly, that its effects would remain CONFINED to that area.
      EVERYONE would be affected by such a conflict today, even if only ‘indirectly’. ( Oil prices going Up, which would drive the price of Everything else Up, which will hit Everyone in the world, in the pocketbook….. Literally. And it may not stop there. )

      The world is much smaller today, and much more crowded – Which means that what happens on the other side of the world today, will affect EVERYONE.


      • I

        You are correct. The effects of a war in the Middle East would be widespread and destabilizing. The economic fallout effects, for one, is unknown. If there is a war; the world will change virtually overnight and will never be the same again. It would also set a series of events in motion that could lead to what Kissinger called ‘the clash of civilizations.’ This harbors every danger of rupturing into a cultural or ideological rift between the Old East and the New West. The Shi’a Muslim theocratic societies (Iran, Pakistan (Sunni), Syria, Lebanon, Myanmar, Egypt?) are already aligning themselves with the rising atheist powers of the East, Russia and China. Nothing good will come from this- even without a war, Iran’s rapid militarization has sown the seeds for a destructive new arms race in the Middle East.

        I assure you, no one wants to wake up to the news of radioactive clouds drifting over the Middle East, and $9 a gallon petro in the U.S.

        War with Iran would cost $42 billion to Israel’s economy: http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/world-news/iran-war-could-cost-israel-economy-3642-bn-report_747627.html


  9. James says:

    There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there. One is that if a war does break out, that elections will be suspended. And then of course the excuse to seize control of all resources (food, water, gas, etc) in the USA for the war effort. It seems the orchestra is in place, and just waiting for the conductor. One can not but wonder how this song will end, will we be joyous, in tears, or just somber emotions of shock?

    As of late, I have found a lot of comfort in Psalm 23…


  10. df says:

    Looks like a journalist speculating…the war rumour mill…
    when it happens, it will be a complete surprise…


  11. StevenJ says:

    Unless they attack in the next 2 days, the next window (little to no moonlight) would be between 11 & 17 September. Of course, they could “surprise” us all and launch when its not considered militarily adviseable. Watch for buildups near the Gaza Strip and other locations where rocket fire has been coming from – they,’ll have to neutralize those threats in conjunction with air and missile strikes on strategic Iranian targets (air defense, command & control, some power production sites, etc).


  12. Dan Sherwood says:

    There is no way this is going to stay in the middle east. I hope Obama is a good chess player, because this looks like it could unfold a lot of ways. China and Russia are chomping at the bit to attack the US, and this could be their chance. China could get North Korea to mess with the US – South Korea war games. That would cause the US to beef up that area (distraction one) then Russia gets Iran to take things to the next level (distraction two) spreading us way too thin at home to defend against a four sided invasion by both China from the west and north west and Russia from the east and southeast. Launch an EMP attack from too many directions to defend and its CHECK MATE.
    This is not just my opinion, if you do some digging you will find a lot of folks that believe God has reveled this to them in visions and dreams.


    • Foxtrapper says:

      The US has the largest non-standing army in the world..it’s sportsmen. Many with military training. It would be foolish for anyone to think they can just walz in and take over..


      • JL says:

        Actually the largest non standing army in the world China has, the most effective is the USA and Russia. And as far as just walzing in and taking over the USA, well time for a wake up call, its possible. In fact i have calculated that it would only take 1-3 nuclear missles to take out half the USA and cripple food production..The same could be said for a few other countries, given the state of mind of the country doing the bombing..War is meant to be destructive..therefore one has to think unconvensionally in how to create the most destruction with less effort..Take out a countries means of feeding it population and they will starve, take out its infastructure at the right time(winter) and people will freeze, its all about the way one does war that makes it destructive..


    • Lisa says:

      Please share with me or point me in the right direction. I have had dreams (10+ years ago) and I would like to know if there are others out there who may have had similar dreams as mine. I have never forgotten them and they happened right here in the USA and these headlines out of Israel could bring the consequences that my dreams were about. If Israel goes to war with Iran and the US get’s involved then it is more likely than not that China and Russia will be on our doorstep.

      I always thought it was just that … dreams until late April 2009 when I woke to a voice in the room telling me my Mom was dying and not to take it personal. Yet no one was in the room but it was loud, clear and had authority in tone. On May 8th, 2009 my Mom was taken to the ER and was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal Lung Cancer. She passed away Dec 30th 2009. It was at that time I thought “just maybe” someone was sharing something with me and I never knew it yet I had never forgot what the dreams were. There was another dream … Trumpets, a voice from the sky and a map. I won’t go into any detail but I wonder if anyone else has had this dream? And for the record, my husband and I both heard the strange sounds here last September. It was a sound that came from all directions in the sky.


  13. Wes says:

    It’s really sad to hear this but the Israel people have to take care of their people,they just want whats theirs and to be left alone. But with all the fools around them that think they should wipe their people out, then I would not wait either. Should they wait till they perfect the bomb? NO, first them and us next and that’s a fact. The out come wont be good but to wait wont end up any better, you can not reason with those people period.


  14. Dennis E. says:

    If Israel was to strike, is it too late to do any real damage to Iran’s nuclear program other than set it back too or three years? We can speculate here all we want but perhaps if we looked at this situation from Israel’s point of view: that it is a matter of self-preservation from extinction.
    Regarding all the comments surrounding a strike, if I was Iran, I would have buried my nuke stuff real deep a long time ago.
    However, regardless of what may occur, Israel will not be destroyed, it has the ultimate defense shield.
    Just a thought…….. God bless the EP Family and friends…….


  15. Philippino Bob says:

    Diversion Diversion…
    While they talk about war, nobody pays attention to the REAL ISSUES, the economy.
    Read this and you’ll understand what is really going on.

    By the way, nobody in Israel wants a war! Only the politicians want it.
    That’s why I left that country. I don’t want to die!


  16. Brandon says:

    Well Alvin, as usual there are some on here debunking this potential war like everything else and saying nothing’s going to happen. Exactly what the Bible prophesied to occur.


  17. Irene C says:

    Whether Israel attacks Iran, I’m really not sure. I know that if my neighbor were gathering an arsenal and kept saying that they wanted to wipe me off the face of the earth, I would definitely do what I had to do to protect myself.

    I’ve also had this feeling that something will happen before this election. A war could be something that would affect the election, although I don’t believe the election would be suspended. But people don’t like to change horses in mid-stream. Remember, Bush 2 was re-elected while the war in Iraq was going on.

    No matter what happens, we are powerless to stop it. It is in the hands of God. We need to be spiritually prepared for any and all inevitabilities. Our Lord is returning soon.

    Thank you Alvin for continuing to keep us informed.



  18. ELFINSONG says:

    Such an attack will unleash the 4 horsemen of the Apocolypse Gog and Magog (Russia and Iran will move to the Middle East destroying and attempting to control all who ally with the Western powers.
    The kings of the east will leave their seats and march a 200 million man army westward across the dried up Tigris and Euphrates Rivers There is a likelyhood of a nuclear attack on America from Russia and maybe China resulting in Black Earth, Black Sky (Mayan prediction)
    All who survive the initial attacks will meet in the valley where Armageddon will play out.
    Before all is lost will come the AntiChrist to give us a period of peace but will attempt to take the Temple of Solomon (newly rebuilt) as a throne to rule the world.
    Christ will come in the clouds and there will be a universal war of Good against evil.
    The Earth shall pass away and will be renewed with a new Heaven and a new Earth.

    During all this………………..
    I wish you all Love, Light and Blessings



  19. El' Drad says:

    First of all as a person of jewish heritage I am appalled by all of the bases surrounding Iran and this warlike rherotic. Iran is not a nice country and is not a weak country. The systematic distabalazation of Iran’s allies is so obvious and foolish. This is going to result in a world war and possibly a unified islamic superstate. Russia and China have both said they will aid Iran during an attack. Do not kid yourself the jews at the top have no problem sacrificing we jews at the bottom. We must not let this war happen. We must not let the jewish/british oil barons destroy our world in order to get oil. Many of us jewish decendents know that what the nation that you call Isreal cannot be formed yet until many other things happen. You gentiles needto study more about what is supposed to happed before there can be an Isreal. If it is done by mankind and not by God it is not supposed to come into being yet. Many of you will disagree but only if you are jewish can you really have an opinion.


    • Supreme Siddha says:

      “We must not let the jewish/british oil barons destroy our world in order to get oil. ” Why would they destroy a country or a planet to get oil, ultimately they don’t need oil but they want full control of the human race through oil and other means and possibly even destruction. Negative Interdimensional forces are also at work here on this planet to either enslave humanity, or to destroy it and prevent Spiritual progress through our own ignorant weaknesses. Such weapons of mass destruction would not have been created without the intent to cause extinction, only warped minds and beings can do this including humans. Humans should wake up to the fact that there should be no existence of these weapons, however the collective ignorance has risen greatly, and dark forces use this as their weapon. It requires gigantic efforts to prevent such a cataclysm but it may be too late, or is it? All I can say is dont give up, until your last breath, and God might work his master plan through all of you.


      • SD says:

        Thank you Siddha for your comment. It’s simply incredible to see that there’s only one person that was illuminated enough to understand that we ain’t even supposed to be making weapons in the first place. There is even one that said he/she will be praying that when Israel attacks Iran, it be with God’s wrath. I was appaled. But your comment cheered me up. Thank you.


    • Anne says:

      I understand EL – and I’m not Jewish or Hebrew. There are MANY people that are not decieved by the Zionist takeover of “Israel”.


  20. Skeptical citizen says:

    The USA recieves less than ten percent of its oil from the middle east. I think the US need to up and leave the region. We havent really been a positive influence for stability & peace. We dont really have a dog in this fight, The US involvement in the middle east is very costly in lives and money. I think it would be helpful to pull out. Lets not continue to keep doing the same failing things and somehow expect a different result.


  21. Jennifer says:

    I’m a little confused as to why anyone on the face of this Earth would condone a preemptive strike at anytime for anyone. Iran has done a lot of negative talk but so has Israel. Follow the money people and you will realize what this is all about. Greed is ugly! War kills and has nothing to do with peace. Jesus taught peace and if you think Israel is the only chosen people then please do some soul searching. We are ALL Gods children and he wants this world to change. If you are someone who too wants change then by all means, begin with yourself. Be peaceful and loving and do not for one second believe Israel should hit first. That’s suicide for us ALL! Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek. He didn’t teach to any of us to be a fighters… Just lovers. Amen and Amen!


  22. m c says:

    I really fear one day we will be coming home from up north and start to realize that things arent what they were when we went out into the cell phone/TV/internet free woods.

    Things could go BOOM at abytime now.

    We go camping and ATVing and there is no communication out there (I love it) but we do have two-way radio’s but only a short 14 mile range so we can communicate with each other on the trail.
    We dont listen to the radio out there, not much to listen to to our liking.


  23. Alondra says:



  24. Stefan says:

    I wish we could stand together, have peace, and stop all wars.

    Why attack each other ? It is stupid.

    An attack would create new alliances between countries and people and also new enemies.

    Israel will be the biggest looser if they attack Iran. Then other countries can justify similar attacks, even against Israel. Israel might start something they never will be able to stop.


  25. How about this everyone, none of this BS will even get to happen anytime in this life, what ever is left of it. Because the real enemy is not China, Russia Japan,Israel, Iran but Instead, we are the greedy evil  perpetrator putting this fake agenda into action to justify our reason for what we call worthy cause and good politics.                                                                                                


  26. After all if you see what’s really happening right now as we speak, the attack on Japan, Russia, China, Iran has already happened. American military has made their point long before. After all they have the weather on their side know what I mean… You can’t really believe these natural events that are happening world wide are pure coincidence. I really feel shameful of what being American stands for, I have to teach my children the TRUTH not wait like me,fifty three years after the fact. Up till one year ago I was clueless, now finding out the reality of circumstances and all the why’s,who and what I feel nothing inside my body… My whole life was a make believe American White lie..there is no red white or blue for me no more. I once upon a time worshiped my American Flag and what it stands for.. But now I don’t. The only thing that would stand for is War, destruction, Hate…


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