2 Responses to Only 11% of hedge funds out-performing the S & P 500 index

  1. onthemark55 says:

    Alvin, i’m so confused, maybe you can help me out. Since i don’t have a business degree, any degree for that matter, i have to keep things simple(had a good idea once, poor thing died of loneliness). On one hand i’m told that we need to spend money we don’t have to resolve our debt crisis, on the other hand(thank goodness for only two hands) that if we allow the people that destroyed the economy, stole people’s retirements, to write the new rules, that will fix everything! How wonderfull, now i understand how to solve my own financial concerns, 🙂 :), so off, with breath of bait, (tuna salad for lunch),to the depository i went with my new found wisdom!!! :)!!! This is where i need some clarification, When i handed the teller my request to withdraw 1 million dollars from my account, i was denied because i only had 1 dollar in my account. I laughed and explained to the poor, uninformed in the ways of high finance(hard to get good help these day’s) clerk, that i would go spend the 1 million right a way and then there would be lot’s of money in my account by days end!!! The clerk told me to leave. Must have been my breath. No problem, i thought, i’ll just write some new rules and go to a different, not so rude, clerk! After giving the new clerk my note to give me 1 million dollars because i said so, they became very upset,(this company needs customer relations training, very angry employee’s!) Anyway, Alvin, that’s why, oh wait, i gotta go, they say it’s time for my pictures, by the way, do you know a good way to get ink off your fingers?????? Why is it that every game we play for entertainment needs a set of rules/guidlines to follow so people won’t cheat, yet believe the best way to deal with real life is to have none? We reap what we sow. Predict economic collapse before end of year, how’s that for trickle down economics


    • elijahsmom3 says:

      Denton, you are brilliant. And you always make me laugh.
      Like, out loud.
      Keep ’em comin, I need every giggle I can get.
      (Dave’s not here, man)


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