Turbulent atmosphere: Waterspout breakout reported over Lake Michigan

August 19, 2012SOUTH HAVEN, MIThe National Weather Service is now reporting nine waterspouts from two separate storms were witnessed on Lake Michigan. Waterspouts have been spotted over Lake Michigan today and forecasters say it’s possible more could spawn tonight and Sunday night. The National Weather Service said three of the tornado-like vortices were reported to them shortly before noon on Saturday, by people who were out on a fishing boat in Lake Michigan this morning. The spouts were spotted about 24 miles west of the South Haven lighthouse. The storms that caused them were small, 15-minute “pop-ups,” said William Moreno, a meteorologist in the NWS office in Grand Rapids. Conditions were right this morning for the waterspouts, Moreno said, with a land breeze converging over lake water warmed by the summer heat. The water in that part of the lake, the widest part of Lake Michigan, is about 72 degrees, he said. Winds in spout areas often reach 40 to 60 mph. Boaters or swimmers are advised to seek shelter when they are spotted. Waterspouts are relatively rare, but have been seen already this summer off Holland. Five were seen falling from sky simultaneously in the video below. –Mlive  
                              Five waterspouts filmed on Lake Michigan, August 19,  2012
                             Multiple waterspouts filmed in Foros, (Crimea) Ukraine – August 14, 2012
                             Multiple waterspouts filmed off the coast of Darłowo, Poland – August 10, 2012
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8 Responses to Turbulent atmosphere: Waterspout breakout reported over Lake Michigan

  1. Supreme Siddha says:

    Woww, omg this is crazy, there was multiple watersprouts in the black sea near ukraine, and multiple watersprouts in Polish coast just a few days ago. Crazy stuff is happening.


  2. Artoro says:

    This is really crazy stuff lately


  3. Lynn says:

    there were a couple of waterspouts reported on the Canadian side of Lake Huron over the weekend as well


  4. We have one in tacloban Philippines about 3 mos. ago


  5. Man, those things are eerie looking!



      Many many dreams of tornados of all different sizes, settings and circumstances over the years. Usually it goes like this…I’m trying to get away. Sometimes driving seeing many in the distance. Hiding as they go by. Also many dreams as a child of Hugh tidal waves.


      • Lindsay S says:

        Over the years I have had a reoccurring dream. I am in a large building with many tall windows. The building is completely flooded to the ceiling with water and I am under the water. I can still see outside through the windows all around. I can see tornadoes coming toward the building from every direction, and I know I have a matters of seconds left to live. I have had that exact dream probably 30 times over the last 15 years. I am only 26, so that is the majority of my life. I truly believe that many of my dreams mean something. I have also had many many dreams of strange things falling from the sky.


      • Lindsay, you are definitely receiving from God in heaven. Those are prophetic dreams. I too receive. The 1st dream that I remember about such a matter was in the 1980’s. I was just a little older than you then 🙂 God gave me a dream about the Staue of Liberty being flooded! I was with many others inside her, climbing to safety. At first it was a simple matter of exhaustion climbing the stairs, trying to reach the light. Then almost like Poseiden Adventure (movie about sinking ship!), we came to a place where the only way to survive was to enter the water!

        At the time, I wasn’t a strong believer in The Son of God, Lord Yahshua of Nazareth aka Christ JESUS, but I am now so that water has a double message! For Yahshua offers the Living Water which we must drink, He is the way, the truth & the life and that No one comes to the Father, but thru Him. Something inside tells me you already know this truth!

        But on that day in the Statue of Liberty dream, the only choice aside from drowning was to go for it! To dive in & swim!! To allow God’s Hand to guide & protect me. And I came out alive, gasping for breath at the surface inside the palm of the upraised arm with light!

        This too has a deeper higher meaning. Yahshua/Jesus is the LIGHT which God sent into the world that we might see the way & follow His lead, trusting the great I AM, Father YHWH every step or stroke of the way!

        Blessings to you our sister,
        Have peace & trust God!


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