29 Responses to Former U.S. Comptroller General’s chilling new warning to Americans

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Good Morning the friends of the EP Family at 7:41 am Sunday, having my fist cup of coffee with EP.
    Well, all who visit here manager some sort of home budget. Many who blog are living paycheck to paycheck and some even on maxed out credit cards to make ends meet or for other reasons.
    If what they say (those in the know ), happens, 2013 is going to be a very hard year for many US citizens. Some of you probably already know, hunger and homelessness is on the rise in the US.
    As many of you know, the most dangerous person is one who is desperate with nothing to lose and especially when their children are hungry. So, we can expect a spike in crime, robberies at grocery stores and perhaps food riots, nothing like the one in St.Louis recently, but more violent with gang/group assaults and home invasions.
    The country cannot afford to continue to spend money as it does. I know some of you have read about the alleged HUGE purchase of ammunition by DHS, Social Security and Federal wildlife agencies in Florida. If Americans lose benefits, medicare, social security, etc, there is going to be some internal strife. If we do not get a break from this drought, food will get short and we will have to cease exports to feed you and me. The situation is worst than what we are being lead to believe. The USA is on the verge of becoming a third world type county with a third world type military because we will be able to afford to maintain such a large military presence in the world.

    We are looking at a Empire in decline and the transfer or power…..
    No, I am not anti-American, or for what we have stood for, but it is what it is.
    Just my opinion………..


    • Irene C says:

      Good morning Dennis E. I hope you enjoyed your coffee. I had mine, sitting on the back porch and reading the paper.

      Yes, I am one who lives paycheck to paycheck, however, I no longer have maxed-out credit cards. Have been working on getting those paid off, knowing what’s ahead for us. I have had an actual budget for many years, especially since I was such a poor steward of my money in my younger days. But my budget is getting tighter and tighter every week. Many extras have had to go. And I am also downsizing, selling what I can and giving away to those less fortunate what I don’t sell. The Lord will provide our out needs, so I have no worries. I still have only blessings.

      We are in a decline. I also am not anti-American, I still love my country, but I can see what has happened and what is coming. I do believe there will be a transfer of power, and sooner than we might think. Just saying…….



      • Dennis E. says:

        Hello Irene C: It was not my intention to offend if I did, but my point was that if taxes are increased and as food prices continue to soar, those who live on a very close budget are going to have a harder time. We need relief. We need a change we can actually believe in. Irene, you are a nice person….


      • Irene C says:

        Oh no Dennis E, I didn’t take offense. I was just saying good morning and giving my own opinion to go along with yours. So, no problems my friend. Enjoy your coffee. 🙂


    • pagan66 says:

      Dennis what a great post. It certainly is worrying to see the decline of America & no, I’m not anti-US either but I’m worried because I’m Australian & my country is so tied up with yours that whatever impacts the US will almost certainly impact us down here eventually also. I guess it’s the same for us too but not on such a scale. We can still get free medical care, education, social security & housing for the poor. There is still enough opportunity that if you want to work to feed your family, you can. But we don’t police the world, we don’t have hundreds of millions of citizens to educate, feed, medically care for, house etc like you do & our defence/security budget doesnt top billions of dollars a year. I think the US has gotten herself into an impossible situation where people are living a consumer driven nightmare & where the government has to keep entering wars just to satisfy your hunger for oil & other commodities. From what I am reading online the US government fully expects it’s citizens to rise up in protest, a revolution against the system that has bankrupted them & left them so vulnerable to hunger & poverty. I really hope it doesnt come to that & your government & you the people can prevent it happening but from where I’m sitting down here in big, empty Australia, I can’t see any other way out for you.



  2. stalecrumbs says:

    In Reagan’s day, the tax burden was shifted to the shoulders of the working person, while the wealthy enjoyed purchasing Treasury Notes which created the hyper-indebtedness. At the same time, jobs were shipped overseas and this country experienced rolling recessions where pockets of the country (The Rust Belt, the Farm Belt, Textiles) were decimated and jobs were shipped overseas never to return. Globalization was in full swing.

    Our system is one where the Federal Reserve loans money to the Federal Government and sells Treasury Notes to institutions and individuals. A shift occurred where the burden for paying taxes falls on paycheck recipients and the treasury note folks are receiving income from putting us further and further into debt. The status quo works very well for them, not so much for the work-a-day people. At the same time during the past 40 years, wages and salaries have not kept up with the cost of living so that when there is a desire to engineer the economy to create hardship, it is easily done by raising the cost of oil. That experiment was successfully tested during the oil embargo of the early 1970’s. When they wanted the crush Russia, the price of oil came down in the 1990’s.

    The remedy for this situation is to seize control of our currency, to end the Federal Reserve System that benefits some at the very top and shifts the burden for the whole show to the people who can least afford it. Our Treasury has to once again be the originator of our currency at no interest.

    The other options are to default on the debt like Greece is about to do..or to wipe the debt off the books for everyone because it is impossible to repay this enormous debt and we should follow Iceland’s example. They jailed the corrupt folks who put their economic house in such disarray. What ever we do, we should not do what the Republicans wish for us to do, because their only interest is in preserving the status quo for the bankers on Wall Street and the bankers on Wall Street have manipulated the global economy in their favor for long enough. It is time to put an end to the shenanigans, too many people are being harmed by it.

    So far, most of the people on the planet have been patient with Wall Street and Washington and London and the City of London, but the patience is running thin.


    • jehjeh007 says:

      Well said stalecrumbs, well said. What remains in question to me is when did the Republicans become “Anti American” buy shipping jobs overseas? As a independent or some may say flip flopper, I have been for either side at one time or another and proud I could do so in this great country. But it seems to me the design and desire of the Republicans is to have a global economy but not have a global monitoring of that economy. The EU idea was/is a good one but without the monitoring tools, a lot of crooks got their hands into the pot and made things very bad. How can one partiscipate in a global economy yet do everything they can to prevent it from developing at a higher level of legitamitecy? Couuld it be that those stopping this developement are the very crooks we should be holding accountable? To be fair, this is more than just Republican and Democrats. This is about all of the fiirthy rich buying out the Laws already on the books to stop this from getting worse. This reminds me of the Book of Judges.

      However this time the appointed Judge this time will be the Son of God.


  3. Abe March says:

    It is disgusting. When our government representatives think of themselves and not their constituents, they are frauds. Doing what will enhance their party and the top 1% instead of the citizens – the 99% is criminal. They can save the economy by getting money into the hands of the consumer. The trickle-down theory didn’t work. What is required is the faucet opened so the water can gush down. Where is the money? In the hands of the top 1%. Either they give something back or be punished with increased taxes.


    • Tracy says:

      Amen! And at this point, I think we can all acknowlege that for the most part, it really doesn’t matter what the politicans say while on the campaign trail. It’s what they actually do when they get into office that matters. So far, our elected presidents have put their own personal agendas ahead of the welfare of our country’s needs despite what they have “promised” on the campaign trail. It almost seems like no one in DC will stand up and pay attention until there is massive food shortage, unafordable fuel and civil unrest that inevitably will lead to the uprising of the American people. Maybe this IS the “plan”. Just sayin’.


    • Skeptical citizen says:

      You could tax the wealthy at 100% and it wouldnt change anything. The US goverment borrows 40 cents of every dollar that it spends. We need the US goverment to be fiscall responsible. Now to be realistic the rich arent going to pay higher taxes. The goverment isnt going to be fiscally responsible. There Isnt really any difference between the political partys. There isnt a viable political or ballott box solution. so that leaves it up to the individual. You need to learn to Know How to be Self Reliant. The coming clatyclismic and New Age events change everything. Those who depend on the goverments will likely perish. You are the Person that must take care of you & yours. Try not to do anything that could endanger your immortal Soul. Only a Denialist thinks things are improving. You dont have to be a looney wearing a tin foil hat to believe something is up with the planet.


    • Todd says:

      Lots of blame, lots of finger pointing. We have a 2 party political system….it was created by elitist for elitist. Its not a democrat or republican issue, BOTH parties pitch for the same coach, BOTH parties are self serving and corrupt. Consumerism does not work, funneling money to the rich, middle class or poor does not work. Our society committed suicide long ago by allowing the federal reserve to coin and distribute money.

      Our government wants its citizens to believe that they exist to serve the government. The constitution was created to LIMIT government not empower it. Our citizens have become slaves to materialism, we have become indifferent to the suffering around the world and even in our own back yard. We allow ourselves to be brainwashed about what is best for humanity. We as citizens are the problem, not government, not the 1%. We have allowed this to happen and it is too late to change our destiny.


    • Kim says:

      And I might add the current options for leadership in the US are grim – either way. Become disconnected, get off the grid. I downsized in my living quarters, invested in self-sustaining energy that is clean, and am very independent. What a mess greed/money has caused. It is the whole downfall of the sweet dream America is. Look at it, it has become a festering sore. The Lord had his way in the Old Testament…I think the weight of it all is heavy and the aroma has become a stench. Keep your lamps filled and wicked trimmed.


    • Debbie says:

      I agree. The only thing that trickles down is urine….


    • HAHAHAHA, lol, ok so we are good with math are we ? , that would be a disaster tell me more how our pay check came from a poor person ?


  4. cdkanas says:

    So far we’ve managed to avoid civil war by pacifying the poor with welfare and food stamps. A day is coming when fiscally, that wont be possible due to inflation of goods vs the amount of assistance needed to survive. Then, the USA will see an internal war like none other. There’s a reason the government want to confiscate the guns now, they know what’s coming.


    • IMG
      Austerity riots in Greece

      It’s not the poor. It’s everyone. The world has lived under the credit system for 50 years. Nothing has been sacrificed; so people don’t know how to live with deprivation or with the idea of someone telling them they can’t have something they want. Neither will they except responsibility for their own actions. We haven’t seen anything in regard to austerity cuts yet in Europe…the worst is yet to come for Greece, Italy, and Spain.

      This is what should scare us; not worrying about the gun collection wagon. Afterall, you can’t eat bullets and when the food runs out and you can’t plant; what will people do? Because the food is going to run out eventually for everyone. We’re also going to have to survive without growing seasons, because natural disasters will overturn planetary ecology. The video below highlights generational thinking with just one example of how people react to someone depriving them of what they want. This should shock us. This was recently seen on X-Factor and posted on Youtube some days ago.



  5. manich says:

    In the past when the economy is contracting, both repugs and dimwits have seen the need to replace private sector spending contraction, with public sector spending increases to the keep things afloat. This is a first for a party to demand public spending cuts in the face of a depression. Really selfish, if you ask me. The time to worry about deficits is during boom times.


  6. Chris says:

    When are people going to wake up and realize the Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin. What has happened economically in this country could not have occurred without the implicit or tacit agreement of the two parties. Red team or Blue team we all cheer for our political heroes every two to four years and accept the state of affairs with a “we will see you next election” if our team loses. Our elected officials begin the new campaign even before the signs come down for the last one. Every time they ring the Pavlovian bell of race, immigration, gay rights or abortion we all froth at the mouth and snarl at one another while they laugh and slap each other on the back. Why? Because they know that the Red team Blue team scam works to keep the country divided and each of them in power. They really do not care who is president. Obama or Romney? Same person folks, sorry. Probably the last real president was Kennedy and we all know what happened to him. The country is run by the bankers and the megacorporate entities and if you doubt this ask yourself if the financial conditions today benefited them or benefited you.

    Sorry Alvin but i had to add this. Look at all, and i mean all, the politicians net worth before and now if they are still in office or after they left office and tell me if it increased or decreased. Hint: they all increased, some by incredible amounts. Granted some were already wealthy when they started but even they benefited enormously from being in office. Ask yourself how someone can become a multimillionaire on a civil servants salary. Our government is bought and paid for and if you think that anything short of a revolt is going to change that you are fooling yourself. It is not going to happen at the “superbowl” that happens every four years for the entertainment of the bread and circus masses.


    • Irene C says:

      I so agree, Chris. It took me awhile to put all the pieces together, but I finally did. They, the elite, are working together to take us to the New World Order. Most of this political pandering is just smoke and mirrors.

      One of the “rumors” about the Kennedy assassination is that he was “removed” because he wanted to dismantle the Federal Reserve. I believe there is a video out there that shows his speech about the Fed. It is also rumored that one of the Secret Service men overheard Jackie say something to the effect “They finally did it” after he was shot. Definitely food for thought.


  7. isis2012 says:

    I wonder if those in governing chairs now … could imagine just what would happen if a domino effect of one after the other … would wipe another’s debt owed to them, off the books ..

    And do so until the whole world would have been forgiven of their debt …

    And then to set things up on a right-way course of action where life is not governed by “medium denomination for exchange” of service and or goods …

    Which would then give birth to a true and equal balance society in which the CREATOR will forever smile upon …

    Not many can remember or imagine such a thing … because minds have been trained to support the money system of this world … and when minds are trained to support the money system … then their minds are then trapped by the money system …

    But there are minds that remember and minds with such a vision …

    Imagining a World Without Money

    forgive us our debts,
    as we also have forgiven our debtors.
    And lead us not into temptation (the wrongful desires of a money system),
    but deliver us from evil (negative contamination and deterioration of worlds).”


  8. Wes says:

    We need to first stop spending money on stupid stuff like grants to find out why dogs bark
    Or fish swim well you get the jest. I think every one should be able to get a good education but at their own expense for now, we had to so many years ago. Find a part time job take fewer classes. We as taxpayers are paying for this not the government. We can no longer be the police force for the world, look at our neighbors the Canadians they have no problems the way we do. Let them build their forces to protect us, they feel safe living next to us but lets slow down our military spending. Get our jobs back from over seas, tax the Imports so high they want to return, we make nothing any more even our cars in part are made some where else. How can a country exist when they no longer make any thing? I lived in Texas for 25 yrs and there are hardly any jobs for Americans, the illegal have taken over the building industry. Lawn care and you name it I know because I was an A/C Tech there and around construction sites every day. I don’t know what it will take but it better start real soon the candidate’s say they will put us back to work? Well are they going to invent some thing I guess we could start making those umbrellas that the Japanese use to make or some other
    Little trinkets. These are just some things I wonder about but first we have to get the government on track, all the money they hoard wont save them in the end, this is not the 1930’s and push to shove like our army, we will fight. If our Nation folds then so will all the others and they will be able to take over! Because we make NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. nanoduck says:

    We need more intelligent people to run for office.


  10. Artoro says:

    It appears that some would rather cut the baby if half, than to let it go to its rightful owner, and thus have a rewarding life. If this scenario continues, we will all lose.


  11. Peter says:

    I need to respectfully disagree with some if these comments. Our economy is being manipulated not by the rich and wall street but by the globalist! In order for them to succeed we in America have to become a country like the rest of the world and not the land of dreams and unlimited opportunities.
    I came to this country as a child, an immigrant, and have had more financial success than most Americans I know because we were taught that nothing would be given to us; we had to study hard and work hard. I am disturbed by the brainwashing going on in the media that the rich are at fault for everything going wrong, this comes right out of Marxist theology .. class warfare.. So sad.
    The mortgage collapse was created by all, poor and rich; everyone wanted more!
    I own a business, several people and ministries benefit from my years of hard work. Presently I spend many hours making sure that I am complying with the tax code. I have to pay taxes on monies not even in my hands..
    While I used to be proud of the taxes I paid… I am tired of paying while I know many many people on social programs and refusing to go out and look for work. I don’t even want to discuss my disgust knowing the waste and the many evil ways our government uses my money.
    Yes, we are facing financial collapse, and a shortage of food (know this first hand because I am in the food industry). Four years ago I was devastated because I realized that my family found refuge in the USA and now there is no where to run.
    Our whole system of government is corrupt ..
    Taking more from the rich and the middle class creating jobs is not going to give more to the poor. I agree with Todd, our destiny can not be changed; too many factors leading to our dimisse.

    Thankfully, I do wait for the one that will rescue us, Jesus our Lord and Savior.


  12. Jim Randall says:

    On a different note , when people rob banks, they go to jail. But when banks rob people, they ( or rather the top dog employees / CEOS etc) get a hefty rise / bonus….


  13. Stupid is a stupid does, I got a perfect Idea kick out all democrats and republicans, shut down all the printing presses, get rid of the federal reserve, keep big banks out of politics, privatize everything, shut down 90% of the federal government, the we take applications to form the new government consisting of honest hard working AMERICANS !, Oh also we go to a flat tax of 12.5% for everyone no more no less, and burn the tax code all together, let’s not forget and stop oppressing people from making money problem solved, and for once let’s produce shit in this county for once, and stop out sourcing our country to china, and last but not least everyone repent and turn to JESUS which is number one in all this !


  14. Reuters top stories – August 20, 2012 : Deutsche bank investigated for money laundering —- A release of oil from U.S. strategic reserves is opposed (why now everyone asks?) – Greece tries to renegoiate terms of its bailout amidst strong German opposition


    • Irene C says:

      Hmmm, this is getting more and more interesting. This will be the crash that’s heard around the world. Buckle your seatbelts. So sad that most people don’t, or don’t want to, see this coming.


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