10 Responses to German army’s crisis role widened

  1. niebo says:

    “The judges had in mind a terrorist incident involving armed attackers in public places.”
    “The politicians persuaded the judges to consider the possibility of armed revolt by citizens and subsequent, widespread fighting in the streets”?


  2. hilly7 says:

    My dad fought in WW2 and while the whole world cheered the Berlin Wall coming down he didn’t. He said nothing good ever comes of German as a whole, it was best left divided. That was about all he would say about the war, other than German and later Japan people themselves were nice, deceived but nice. He was in a medical unit where they saw 1st hand and treated Concentration Camp prisoners. He died 2 years ago but I watched once when asked, and he would just shake his head and say horrible, looked like he was a thousand miles away. He served with pride, many a metal, but vowed that war was senseless.


    • pagan66 says:

      My mother survived the seige of Leningrad being the only one of her family apart from one brother who did. She too was scarred from the experience for the rest of her life. On the few occasions that I remember her talking about it about it she would say it was horrible too & withdraw into herself. I remember as a little girl wishing I could have been there to protect her. Your father was so very right, war is so senseless & its legacy on its survivors is such a sad & awful thing.



  3. Jay says:

    What is the point of “protecting” others if you are not able to defend yourself?


  4. TexasRedNeck says:

    Gun control works, Germany, Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Mexico, Venezuela. It works in favor of the government NOT the citizens and this seems to be the results of this movement of governments around the world, disarm the citizens and order the military to open fire on them.

    It’s coming to America too, the government has placed orders for almost a “BILLION ROUNDS OF AMMO”. WHY would they suddenly do that unless they are planning to enslave the American people ? The Social Security Administration and even NOAA have ordered large amounts of ammo. Why would either of these two branches of the government need ammo, why ? The obama administration is planning a complete take over of America and too many people refuse to accept the facts. The Arab Spring will be America’s “Fall” when it arrives here.

    God Help Us All.

    Sorry about the long post Alvin.


    • Tim says:

      Well said . It is just to bad that so many turn a blind eye . They find it more important to bring nonsense issues to the forefront than face the truth of what is coming soon in this country . The words you speak will come to bear and the youth suffer .relax everyone these bullets are for training purposes only ! No get back to dancing with the stars and pay no mind to the 1.8 million illegal Mexicans that now have free rain in this country . Don’t worry about what is in the health care bill we got to pass it so we can find out what is in it . Oh and by the way you didn’t build someone else did that for you .


  5. Nick says:

    I am from Germany. Whats going on in our Country is really unbelieveble…the 4. Reich is really starting here…and the “normal” People are still sleeping and do not understand what is going on..we have propaganda news like in the DDR and all media are talking about the same stuff…the TV-Programm is catastrophic brainwashing people and so the wake up will be very hard for the most of them. Our Gouvenrment is also planning that all people who have a house or a flat or some money to take 10% of that for the government. I think that is the main reason for the new “Law”, because people dont like it very much if the government steal their money. Also this ESM Thing is a horror for whole Europe…But in the USA it is nearly the same i think…the Nazis are not anymore only in Germany they rule also now the USA (Codex Alimentarius, Monsanto, your constitution is raped by Obama and so on) and some other Countries (Canada for example)now. We the people really have to stand up folks and kick this breed very hard in their asses if we wanna have all a good and peaceful future for our children and for ourselves…just my 2 Cents. I could write for hours..but does it help?


    • Change is sweeping across the planet. Institutions are collapsing and people are paralyzed with fear because they’ve never lived without the bankning, fiat paper money, and credit structure we have for last 60 years. We live in a time of extraordinary challenges, Nick and I sense exactly what you’re saying about the tide of apathy settling across the planet.


  6. Gunasekhar says:

    So this is how it’s going to start again…military marching on the streets…only happens during war time.


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