U.S. high velocity ‘scramjet’ engine fails in secondary flight test

 August 16, 2012TECHA flight test of an experimental unmanned vehicle designed to fly at hypersonic speeds has ended in failure, the US Air Force said Wednesday. The X-51A Waverider was dropped from a B-52 bomber Tuesday and launched by a rocket booster as planned but the flight was over in seconds after a control fin malfunctioned, the Air Force said in a statement. The faulty control fin meant that the vehicle’s flight ended before a specially-designed “Scramjet” engine could be ignited, it said. “It is unfortunate that a problem with this subsystem caused a termination before we could light the Scramjet engine,” said Charlie Brink, program manager for the project. “All our data showed we had created the right conditions for engine ignition and we were very hopeful to meet our test objectives,” he said. The test had called for a five-minute flight off the coast of southern California at Mach 6, six times the speed of sound or more than 7,300 kilometers (4,500 miles) per hour. –Discovery News
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One Response to U.S. high velocity ‘scramjet’ engine fails in secondary flight test

  1. Keith says:

    Remionds me of that scene in “Star Wars”: “Prepare for the jump to hyperspace!” Ka-sput, sput, sput…


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