6 Responses to Eurozone shuttle diplomacy to pick up pace before critical month

  1. It seems a bit cheeky for Germany to ask Canada to kick in when Canada is not part of the EU. At least the Canadian PM has the spine to say no. Good for him!


    • K.J. says:

      Indeed! If our government even hinted that they were going to do that there would be a rebellion of the likes that has not been seen in Canada. Same goes for the US. North America has it’s own problems and we do not need to weaken our position further by trying to help a sinking ship on the other side of the pond.

      If the EU/Euro craters it will have severe repercussions over here in North America. We do not need to worsen the situation by getting further into debt assisting them when it is clear that it would be wasted and just compound the negative impact that the crash in Europe is going to cause.


      • I agree with you there, KJ. When Germany balks at further bailouts of those Eurozone nations that seem unwilling to make the tough choices they need to make to stabilize their economies, why should we in North America further our own decline in wasted efforts within Europe. Let Europe deal with their own, the US/Canadian economies are fragile enough as it is.


  2. Elizabeth3 says:

    I strongly agree with you. Kudos to canada


  3. Yes I am very happy both our country’s stuck it out on this one.
    First we fix our own backyards then we can try and help others.


  4. Contented says:

    I live in Europe and totally agree with Canada. Why should they bale us out. We have made this mess, we can only blame the banks so far, we were the one’s that took the unsustainable loans. Can you remember the NINJA (no income, no job or assets) mortgages and loans!!! we were greedy and it is now all unravelling. People need to start being thankful for what they have again, you have a tv, ok it’s not the biggest or best but it works, same with the car and even the house. Love to you all xx


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