Colorado hit with first anthrax disease outbreak in 31 years

August 16, 2012 COLORADOTwo more cows have died from anthrax exposure in northeast Colorado, expanding the first outbreak of the disease in the state in 31 years to three ranches. Last week, 60 cows died on a Logan County ranch, where anthrax was positively identified in one animal. Officials say it’s likely they all died of the disease. The Colorado Department of Agriculture said Wednesday the additional cows were on two separate adjacent ranches. Both died from the disease. State Veterinarian Keith Roehr said all three ranches involved share fences and the new cases likely are the result of cows grazing in an area with soil containing anthrax spores. Neighboring herds have been vaccinated. No cows left the affected ranches so none entered the food supply and no human infection has been reported, Roehr said. Anthrax kills livestock within hours of infection and can decimate herds if animals are not quickly treated, he said. Anthrax is caused by a bacterium that forms in spores and can lie dormant in soil for decades until ingested. Humans get anthrax most commonly through direct contact with infected animals usually when spores get into a cut or abrasion on the skin. Without treatment it can be fatal, but early treatment with antibiotics is very effective. The personnel on the three affected ranches are working with their doctors and public health officials and are being given antibiotics as a precaution, Roehr said. –Business Week
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5 Responses to Colorado hit with first anthrax disease outbreak in 31 years

  1. Ann says:

    This is very sad, I live in Colorado and I see the news here before even the local stations show the sheeple what is happening.


  2. John says:

    QUESTIONS: Is it in the predictions of the end times that there will be an outbreak of all kinds of communicable diseases? Do earth changes, climate changes, global warming, or global cooling bring on an explosion of diseases? As we get closer to Dec 21, 2012 and even after that time frame, will we see more and more diseases in the animal kingdom and in humans and the plant kingdom?


    • iMH
      Deforestation in Sumatra, Indonesia I

      “For nation shall rise agains nation and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.” Matthew 24:7

      “The environmental overturning of the natural ecology also has the potential to unleash some of nature’s unknown and exotic new viruses…As climate changes perturbs more and more homeostatic environments where deadly viruses are currently suspended in hibernation or inactivity by the elements, we could see untold numbers of new pathogens breaching the human frontier.”
      The Extinction Protocol, page 243 (2009)


  3. geebee says:

    Between animal die-offs and crop failures, things are getting serious. An employee told me today that Wal-Mart store just increased prices on 900 food items.


  4. None of this is not good at all.
    Seems I better get myself to the grocery store as much as possible in the next coming months.


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