Simmering giant: 38 gas emissions reported from Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano

August 15, 2012 MEXICO CITY,  México The Popocatepetl volcano registered 38 exhalations in the last 24 hours and one on the morning of Tuesday, was accompanied by slight amount of ash, as reported by the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred). In his report at 11:00 hours, indicated that all the exhalations of the last 24 hours were of low intensity, of which the most important were: one at 15:47 hours on Monday, another at 3:23 and most recently at 8:29, which was accompanied by ash. Bad weather conditions that prevailed during the Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning has obstructed visibility and, therefore, it is unclear which direction dispersed emissions from the volcano traveled. From the morning until the time of writing this report there is a plume of water vapor and gas that rises a few meters above the crater, due to strong wind that goes to the northwest. The report makes no reference to seismic activity associated with the volcano or possible ashfall in neighboring towns. –Noticieros Televisa
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4 Responses to Simmering giant: 38 gas emissions reported from Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano

  1. rachellevaleri says:

    Anybody keeping track of the cosmic ray events graphs?

    I saw a few days ago somewhere on the web that there had been a huge event registered on those graphs, WHILE THE SUNFLARES HAD REMAINED IN A MORE QUIET MODE. So that graph wouldn’t seem to be explained by the solar flares.

    If not, then WHAT? If this event on the graph (few days ago) did correspond to the time-frame of this volcano waking up (need verification on that, please anyone?), WHAT was the cause of the graphs registering such a huge event? It was so huge: it compared to the graph of 30-31 July 2012 coinciding with the 600+billions consumers power outage in India…


  2. Johnny says:

    The name Popocatépetl comes from the Nahuatl words popōca ‘it smokes’ and tepētl ‘mountain’, meaning ‘Smoking Mountain’.


  3. Warren H. says:

    I would think the cosmic ray graphs are affected by the changes in the earths magnetic field, and all of this volcanic activity and she in the atmosphere along with the heat waves and electrically charged particals are casing major magnetic disturbances, Also the fact that we are getting closer to full planataqry alignment. If the volcano destroys mexico city or part of it the Mayans knew why…


  4. George Meyer says:

    From what I have read in the preview of his book “The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond” URL: , Mr. Conway appears to have put the end of the age of Grace into understandable layman’s terms, projecting God’s plan on this subject for people of the planet to get a grasp on what is happening, and if led by inspiration, be allowed repentance to not be found wanting in this time of horrendous persecution. A time of destruction (persecution), dedicated to the people of the planet since before the very creation of it. The very beginning of this period of time in the history of the world can be found at 9/11/2001, a time of trouble, a 14 year period of time referred to by some as “Jacob’s Troubles”. Many other periods of 14 time allotments are in scripture, repetitions of other time periods can also be found. Take heed of the many warnings given and call upon God in honesty and truth, the overwhelming masses will fall, but a few will have to survive to start the re-population of the last 1000 years.
    In Yesu, GEO


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