Sparkle: God and the science of a compassionate universe

Sparkle: God and the science of a compassionate universe. Our world is mired in chaos, disorder, and endless conflict. We have depleted the planet’s natural resources to a point of scarcity. Wars now threaten to erupt over Earth’s last dwindling  natural resources: fossil fuel, water, arable land, and rare-earth minerals. We have used the fear of mutual assured annihilation by destructive weapons to achieve a tenuous and shaky peace in the world. Our financial institutions are imploding, as nations sink beneath oceans of debt. It is becoming clear that the entire model human civilization was built upon is flawed and destined to soon catastrophically unravel. Is this humanity’s destiny or did we lose our way in a maze of material distractions? We needn’t languish in the shadows of despair, failure, and mediocrity. We can achieve greatness, and bring harmony back to the world by emulating the patterns God has woven into nature. Nature’s patterns are rooted in the science of compassion. We can triumph in life’s darkest and most trying hour. We, too, can sparkle.
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27 Responses to Sparkle: God and the science of a compassionate universe

  1. Trisha says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for the uplift.


  2. Jade says:

    Hi Alvin! This is so refreshing, inspiring and empowering. May God bless you, and your works.


  3. Gaur Nitai says:

    2 Minutes of Wisdom


    • Thanks for sharing a beautiful thought, Gaur Nitai



    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      Thanks Gaur Nitai ! Much wisdom in those statements. And thanks to Alvin for picking up on this important topic. Once disobedience to God entered the world problems began but like Alvin put the question out.. Does it have to mean imminent doom? If we follow the ways God has taught us sufferings and chaos can be mittigated in the world and I believe that is what he is waking us up to at this time in history. Be blessed!


  4. John says:

    Fabulous, humans can and will create a brand new world without fear and without worry. The I can and I will generation is next. We will lose the thought of fear and doubt because I can and I will build a world that does not have to judge what others do and exists in union with the earth.


  5. Brian says:

    And God cast Satan out of Heaven and gave him dominion over the Earth for a time ~ And That Time Is Up !


  6. Patty Marvin says:

    Amen! Today(as each new day) creation praises and gives glory to God, may His Crown of creation do so also.


  7. Irene Santos says:

    I felt a wonderful sensation of tingling and vibratory chords being struck as I read this title to your new book, Alvin. Everytime something beautiful is revealed to me I have this experience. I wish that everyone could feel the harmonic resonance that truth and beauty inspire in the physical body. Maybe most of your readers do have this experience frequently. I hope so.

    I highly recommend Dan Winters’ video on DNA and the Golden Ratio ( Fibonacci Sequence ) and, also, Dodecahedral Grids , Fractality , Gravity & LifeForce , Platonic Solids. Both of these videos explain our connection to each other and to everything throughout the Multiverse.


    • Johnny says:

      Wow, I have never heard anyone describe so perfectly the specific feeling that comes over me “everytime something beautiful is revealed to me”. I have had this feeling randomly ever since I was a child. I would also describe it as “a wonderful sensation of tingling and vibratory chords being struck”. It comes through most strongly when stargazing or reading ancient texts.


      • It happens to me when I see or hear extreme beauty, or harmony. I simply begin to cry, and feel the beauty and harmony all through me.

        In a book “The God Gene”, Dr. Dean Hamer, an MD, describes a gene that is a part of our DNA – he calls it “the God Gene”. It seems to require faith. In his terms, faith is the feeling that, through some mechanism we may or may not understand, “it’ll be OK tomorrow.” When that state is achieved, there’s a big hormonal shift in our bodies, creating many reactions and feelings that are unique for each of us.

        The MDs have measured the effect – for someone with “faith”, there are fewer medical problems, fewer physical problems, fewer psychological problems – Stronger, healthier, happier human beings.

        If the hormonal switch happens over a short enough time, the reaction can be so intense it has been given a name – the “Conversion Reaction”. If you Google for “Christian Music Worship Team” websites, you should be able to find lists of songs “which, if played for the congregation, will re-create the conversion reaction.”

        Is there a correct “faith”? My opinion – yes, there is – whichever one works for you and triggers that gene in your DNA. Let the fun begin!

        How does this relate to “Sparkle”? See our lives, our communities, and the world as the best they can be. See, hear, and feel the “Sparkle”. Get the “faith” – that it can be that way. Then join in the building of this new world – with “Sparkle”.

        We’re doing what we can.


  8. hvf says:

    The Garden of Eden had harmony, natural food, rest and peace. The only way we can have that again is to live God’s Word. The Messiah can bring us back to that Oneness.


  9. robanstudio says:

    Beautiful video! Just shared it and your info on my blog. Headed over to buy the book now!


  10. Eileen says:

    Loved it, thanks for showing how it should be. Yeshuah came to give us eternal life. I am so glad we have a self revealing G-d, who redeemed us from satan’s strongholds on this earth.


  11. elijahsmom3 says:

    Beautiful video Alvin.
    God Bless.


  12. pagan66 says:

    Alvin, is this new book for sale now? If so, I will buy it as I’ve purchased all your others. Is there a link available for a discount as there sometimes is through Lulu?

    Love & Peace as always


  13. Thanks, Alvin – what a great book. I see us as breaking loose from the chains we made that bind us to a decaying world. We CAN fix it.


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