16 Responses to Potassium iodide tablets distributed in commonwealth to residents to prepare for nuclear public health emergencies

  1. So what do you think of this, I find it somewhat strange I have asked some of the people I chat with it the States and they have never heard of this before.


    • Maybe they’ve reached the same conclusion we have, that the climate of events on Earth is rapidly changing. I wrote about this threat in my book Hazard, including a section on PI pills and radiation exposure. Perhaps, now people will believe such threats are real.



  2. Carla B. says:

    That “10 mile” zone is not quite truthfull, I would make that 50 miles pending weather conditions. What am I saying??? CLOSE THOSE NUCLEAR POWERPLANTS !!!!


    • Kayla says:

      AMEN!!!!!!!! this is not normal! soo unnecessary, we have other options besides killing mankind with nuclear power! makes me so angry!


  3. Dennis B. says:

    Intersting… The last time the operators of these plants issued potassium iodied were after the Three Mile Island leak. Forewarned is forearmed, What do they know that they aren’t telling the public?


  4. iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist says:

    Alvin, has this ever been done before here?


  5. Seems it will not let me post the link to the video on You Tube.
    So if it doesn’t work yet again. Info is as follows.


  6. So why are they handing out potassium iodide, which like nearly all medicines has a definite shelf life, unless they know something that they are not telling us. I wish that for once the government would just tell the truth, but they would rather keep things peaceful by keeping us in the dark, which tells me that to the government we are all expendable. Given this article and other signs, it is starting to sound like Uncle Sam is taking the 2012 scenario seriouosly.


  7. tess says:

    Maybe that area is all ready under stress, and they are handing out tablets to stop the fear..? Like you all say though.. something is not quite right about this????


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