7.7 magnitude earthquake strike off the remote northeastern coast of Russia

August 14, 2012 – RUSSIA – A 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck along a deep region of the sea-floor in the Sea of Okhotsk, between the remote island of Poronaysk and the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka. The earthquake struck at a depth of 625 km or 389 miles below the surface of the ocean floor. It was orginally thought the quake was a twin pair. The USGS posted the 7.7 quake, as two separate 7.3 seismic events and then later corrected the listing.  –The Extinction Protocol
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30 Responses to 7.7 magnitude earthquake strike off the remote northeastern coast of Russia

  1. shuracane says:

    Quakes in california too, maybee a link to this one. Lets hope this is not the precursor to a larger quake near japan it seems to be the pacific plate again and the convergent boundary in the map above runs througn the tokyo area of japan. I have not done a lot of research on the planet alighnment theory, but we do have a line up of venus and jupiter at the moment. Another thing to consider approx 6 months from last large quake cluster we had 188 day cycle may have some truth to it ? what do you guys think ??


  2. Do we see a trend here? Could it be that the San Andreas Fault may start reactivating?


  3. Wendy says:

    Watching closely here in PNW tonight..I keep saying this and now it all points towards a big quake offshore BC..just a hunch, because offshore Oregon has been having enough smaller quakes to ease the pressure..Cali obviously…the Wa. and BC coasts have been unremarkable recently


    • Kat Fischer says:

      Actually there is almost constant activity off BC. USGS does not report those earthquakes, you have to go to the Canadian Seismic network to view them. Off the coast of Wa is not showing activity. I live here in western Wa and have also been monitoring this closely since before the Japan quake last year. Experts have said the area of subduction currently locked and building pressure is on the south end off northern Ca and southern OR coasts. The fear is if it ruptures, it would rupture the entire length..from off the coasts of northern Ca to BC. That would potentially cause the 8.0-9.0- 5 min long quake as seen in Japan. I really thought it was gonna go a few weeks ago when we were seeing all that activity. Now im reading that Mt Rainier is showing increased earthquake the activity although the alert level remains at normal background levels. Something else to keep an eye on.
      God Bless


      • Wendy says:

        Hi Kat, I appreciate your input honey..I was referring to quakes of any size…as we both know there are numerous along the PNW in any given day….I am a geology major..what more can I say…peace..


  4. anonymous specie says:

    many large magnitude earthquakes have been happening all over latly , what is happening? 😦


  5. susanm says:

    2 -5.1’s in ca.? not showin up on on realtime earthquake map ,i was lookin cuz i felt something at 10:05.,was wondering how big.i see a 2.7 at 9:48 and a 3.5 earlier than that.



  6. Diane Sims says:

    Japan just had one


  7. James Norway says:

    Doesnt really matter if it was 1 or 2 or even 3 earthquakes..This one was extremely deep..What lays so deep beneath the ocean floor that could produce such a strong quake as i dont think this type of quake and magnitude is normal?


  8. Anne says:

    The Pacific plates are pushing eastward, putting great pressure and movement onto the North American craton! We must pray this DOES NOT EFFECT the Louisiana salt dome collapse where 1.5 million barrels of liquid Butane has been stored!!!! Dutchsinse explains.
    Alvin, have I missed your reporting of the Assumption Parish sinkhole in Bayou Corne? aj


  9. Pastor Jimmy says:

    Only one thing to say about all; this folks…Jesus Is Coming!


  10. It’s great that The Extinction Protocol reports all large earthquakes because they are earthchange news. For context, keep in mind that magnitude 7 earthquake occurrences this year are at one-third their normal levels.


  11. MAD says:

    And where can I see this info?


  12. SoSo says:

    All I can say is continue stocking water, food and survival supplies for Family, Friends, neighbors and then the stragglers who didn’t stock up.


  13. Mark Brander says:

    The sink hole is a symptom of the escaping methane from the melting lake of frozen methane. Read more, click my name.


    • Anne says:

      Dear Mark, the Assumption Parish’s Sheriff has sent out information saying that the salt dome collapsed from the dumping of radiation debris into the dome, which happens to be a short distance from an oil reserve that they pumped pumped 1.5 millions barrels for liquid Butane.
      What is the difference in butane and methane, other than they can ignite an explosive fire like we’ve never experienced before?! The estimate has been sighted as equal to 100 Hiroshama explosions!
      This sinkhole is 1.5 miles in diameter, with 100 ft. tall cypress trees sunk below. All those living in the area have been evacuated from their homes quickly, leaving behind their belongings and not allowed to return.
      Be prepared folks.


  14. robind333 says:

    God allowed me to see this April of 2011. I posted it in my dream section…Thanks for the update, many, many blessings to you…Robin


  15. Stacie Inkel says:

    I think the planet is upset that humans are taking so much from the oceans and 57 Billion sentient beings are slaughtered every year without any regard for their life for meat that the human diet does not even need and mother cows are used for ice cream and dairy living only four years after all of their babies are taken away and eaten by human beings. You cannot wreak havoc on species without their being a price to pay for the whole planet. Mother Nature has awakened and is telling us all to stop the slaughter to the innocent beings of this world. Get ready California everyone has had a big one except us.


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