Israel tests SMS missile alerts as Iran chatter grows

August 13, 2012 TEL AVIVIsrael yesterday began testing an SMS system for warning the public of an imminent missile attack as chatter over a possible strike on Iran dominated the Israeli press headlines. As testing began, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel had chalked up ‘a significant improvement’ in its home front defense capabilities, mentioning its highly-vaunted anti-missile systems such as Iron Dome and Arrow 2. “There has been a significant improvement in our level of defense capacity on the home front: with Iron Dome, with the Arrow, in terms of protection and shelters, in advanced warning systems and in other areas,” he said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting. “But all the threats which are directed towards the Israeli home front are dwarved by another threat — different in both its scope and its essence. And so I repeat: Iran must never be allowed to get nuclear weapons.” With front page stories in two papers suggesting Tehran had made progress towards the manufacture and assembly of a nuclear warhead, Israel’s Home Front Command began final tests of the SMS warning system which is expected to be operational by September. “The Home Front Command will today start conducting nationwide testing of the ‘Personal Message’ alert system, which will end on Thursday,” said a statement indicating that SMS texts in Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian would be sent to subscribers on Israel’s three main networks: Cellcom, Pelephone and Orange. The idea is that the SMS system could be used to warn the population of an imminent missile attack by Iran or Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia if Israel strikes Tehran’s nuclear facilities which it believes is a front for developing a bomb. In recent days, talk of a possible strike on Iran has dominated the headlines, largely coming from unsourced officials quoting intelligence reports, none of which it was possible to verify. “Iran has made progress toward nuclear warhead,” was the headline in the Haaretz newspaper. “The Iranians greatest progress recently is in the manufacture and assembly of a nuclear warhead,” the paper said, quoting the official who was drawing his information from an intelligence report which an Israeli newspaper said was recently presented to U.S. President Barack Obama. Although US officials declined to comment on the report, Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak referred to it directly last week, saying it “brings the American assessment much closer to ours” and makes the Iranian issue “a bit more urgent.” Not prepared for war was the headline in Yediot Aharonot, which questioned Israel’s readiness to both mount a decisive military strike and to cope back home with the expected fallout. It quoted statistics saying 700,000 civilians did not have bomb shelters, only half of Israel’s population of 7.8 million people had gas masks, and that work to fortify 70 percent of the country’s hospitals would not be completed until 2015. –AFP
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11 Responses to Israel tests SMS missile alerts as Iran chatter grows

  1. niebo says:

    Interesting flurry of statistics at the end of the article to establish the notion that Israel is inadequately prepared to “mount a decisive military strike”, but does that pertain to the offensive or defensive variety? And if Iran indeed gets the bomb, will it even matter? Ready or not…!


  2. Giom (Mann) says:

    Don’t get it. Why is Israel so vocal about their attack and defense strategies? Is that a strategy in itself, or just a big bark? Hope it’s not arrogance…


  3. says:

    The world is in trouble and the Illuminati is elated.


  4. TexasRedNeck says:

    We all need to pray for Israel, everyday is one less day of peace for Israel and one day closer to Armageddon for us all.


  5. Duncan says:

    Dont forget that israel works with God’s power!.


  6. Dennis E. says:


    There is an internet report from that MOMENTUM is building in Israel; in that there is a call for a JEWISH SECTOR FOR PRAYER ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT AND, AND,AND THE BUILDING OF A PARTITION SEPARATING THE JEWS FROM THE MUSLIMS……………….Guess what this will lead to……………

    WELL !!!!!!


  7. Wes says:

    If they should attack Israel we would be the first to help and which I feel we should be,I have always had respect for their people and always will. I hope it never happens but this is one country I would stand behind. Iran does not need to have a nuke they are not responsible enough to have that kind of power, and to threaten other countries. If Iran gets one then It’s truly over with.


    • Yvan says:

      Sorry Wes but first Israel is not a country but a state, and they have been pushing everyone around them to the limits…..since the 40’s…..I don’t like to see anyone treating them but they also threat people and bulldozer them + they also have the bombs………!!!!!! good luck too all off us if they attack Iran…


  8. Michelle Formoso says:

    Sorry but I think everyone’s missing the forest through the trees here, First off Iran is not a Jew hating country it is a Zionist hating country,2nd Israel is owned, built and run by Zionist who are the guys that want to form the NWO. Now Iran and seria which is 70% Jewish are unwilling to go along with the NWO plans and that could be why Israel seems to be aware of whats gonna happen next, could it be they are creating false flags to get the support they need from the Us and the rest of the world? The Nwo ‘s plan to take over the world has been in place for many years and although it has been exposed by many they are still going forward and the Middle East along with China, Brazil, Venazuella and a few other countries are not going along with it. Please look deeper and research what’s really going on with Zionist, NWO, Israel etc.. its not what there telling us, just keep in mind what the plan is with each and every story they come out with and dig from there.


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