61: Pumice float traced to eruption of previously dormant Havre volcano: Pacific quake swarm awakened volcano

August 13, 2012WELLINGTON, New Zealand A swarm of more than 150 earthquakes over two days last month caused a previously dormant volcano to erupt beneath the Pacific Ocean, a scientist said Monday. The eruption of the Havre Volcano, about halfway between New Zealand and Tonga, is believed to have caused a floating island of pumice larger than 4,000 square miles that was encountered by a New Zealand navy ship last week. Cornel de Ronde, principal scientist of New Zealand’s Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences, told Radio New Zealand the source of the pumice had been identified in cooperation with French researchers in Tahiti who monitor earthquakes in the southwest Pacific. “When they looked at their physical records they saw that on July 17th and 18th, there were some 157 earthquakes of magnitudes between 3.0 and 4.8,” he said. De Ronde said they occurred near the time of the first sighting of the pumice ‘raft.’ When the institute looked at its database, it found the Havre volcano, which it had previously surveyed. It was a caldera volcano, like White Island off the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island, which erupted last week, but the Havre was not thought to have erupted before, he said. De Ronde said the pumice island was so light that it had floated several hundred kilometers from the volcano when it was encountered by the HMNZS Canterbury, which took samples last week. Scientists were also analyzing samples of rock ejected from Mount Tongariro, on New Zealand’s North Island, to try to find out why it erupted a week ago for the first time in 115 years. –Sac Bee
There is no known record of the Havre volcano erupting during the Holocene period.
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18 Responses to 61: Pumice float traced to eruption of previously dormant Havre volcano: Pacific quake swarm awakened volcano

  1. Rusty Brown in Canada says:

    Please don’t say “the HMNZS Canterbury”. HMNZS stands for “Her Majesty’s New Zealand Ship” so It doesn’t make grammatical sense to put “the” in front of it. There is no “the” there. Don’t do it. Ever.

    Thank you.


  2. Brandon says:

    Okay, now volcanoes that have never erupted in recorded history are suddenly erupting. This is concerning.


  3. 4,000 square miles rangin from inches thick to two feet thick is a lot of pumice and would have made quite a mess had it been ejected on land. A lot of activity near and in New Zealand these past few days!


  4. prayntongues says:

    I don’t understand why the volcanologists are trying to figure out “why it (Mount Tongariro) erupted for the first time in 115 yrs”??? Could they stop a future eruption if they figure out the reason “why” an eruption occurs? Is all this new activity caused by Nibiru? or the recent minor planet alignment with the moon, coinciding the the meteor shower?? Only God knows how and why, these are His creations set into motion thousands of years ago, a ballet of excellent timing. I’m waiting for the west coast volcanos and Yellowstone to start awakening soon. It will happen.


  5. Belinda says:

    Rusty, that article is from TIME -WRITTEN BY SAC BEE, perhap they / he should be informed about the grammatical error.


  6. tess says:

    The plate that sits under these volcanos is moving up and to the right.. that’s why the volcanos have started up.. just like a pimple.. the whole Australia plate is moving into the India / Chinese / Nepal direction, which is causing large e.q in that region, and in PNG as well.. I think its nuburi related for sure…


  7. Professor says:

    4 days now (since friday) without an earthquake being reported on geonet in New Zealand.. This is unheard of? Hope there isn’t a blockage anywhere down there otherwise our next will be a Mag 8 or 9.


  8. Lollie says:

    7.7 off the coast of Russia!


  9. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    Some may muse: Could a New/ novelle Under Sea Volcano be gestating “Under the Sea?” The IS a New ISLAND attending fruition of the Coast of the BIG giving Birth Under the Waters of HA WA II!


  10. neenee says:

    Niburu is an internet hoax lol I believe a lot of things but you will never convince me there is another planet looming toward us…if that were true, even an amatuer would have spotted it by now!! Photoshop and camera angles have certainly fool many people!!


  11. Lois says:

    My husband and I walk regularly on Far Beach south of the Mackay (Queensland Australia) airport. Mackay is behind the Great Barrier Reef.

    Pumice began to wash ashore for the first time this year on the high tide of Wednesday, 4th September 2013 at 22.18 hours.This was after several days of strong SE winds (20 to 30 knots). We think the pumice is from the 2012 Havre eruption. The pumice pieces range from tiny spherical pea sized pieces to large angular blocks approx. 21x11x11 cm. The angular pieces are more densely covered in marine life, the more abraded pieces had less life. A cursory inspection revealed barnacles of all sizes, small scallop shells, a number of different seaweeds and what looked like coral.

    The abraded pumice is a light grey white colour. Inside freshly broken pieces there are pinkish areas. This looks like a pink mineral in the pumice and not algal growth.

    We looked at ocean current patterns in the Pacific and speculated that some of the pumice raft may have got into the South Equatorial Current, then into the East Australian Current and then traveled south to our beach.


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