7 Responses to European bankers and top politicians fear a collapse of the Euro

  1. Sam Beckett says:

    No shocker here! Alvin, regarding the post on the fire at the oil refinery here in California earlier this week. Gas prices spiked from $3.65 a gallon to over $4 a gallon just in a fee days & they are getting higher each day as a result of the fire. Listening to the news they said yesterday to expect gas to rise 50 cents or more within the next week or two…haha just ridiculous here in CA…it very hot & gas prices are soaring just like the heat!!!…..


  2. Its just a matter of time . America will see the dollar collapse after the elections is my bet!


  3. Dennis E. says:

    Wait a minute……….
    Didn’t we have this same discussion 60 days ago when the Euro was suppose to implode?
    Then it was rescued at the last minute?
    Is it the same old song?


    • Same song, different chorus. We were told everything was okay after a collective reprieve by the ECB….so were told.


    • Greg says:

      It’s a long song. There are two tunes that can be sung. Slow death or sudden. QE and it’s Euro equivalents are the slow death approach or the “let’s chug along and hopefully I can retire approach”. Also known as the “we haven’t got a frigging clue” approach. The outcome will be same.. This isn’t a bubble. It’s a balloon the size of the moon and when it pops. OMG. You see the financial crisis is actually not the problem. It’s a symptom of a much much bigger problem. Money and debt won’t kill us. Dwindling finite resources, greed, growth, over consumption and unsustainable populations. That is the the real underlying problem and it will kill off most of us. Some might say “Thank G_d”


  4. TexasRedNeck says:

    Here comes the NWO to the rescue, they are getting closer every month. The Anti-Christ is waiting in the wings to step in and “save the world”.


  5. Joseph t. Repas says:

    ” The world bank has also warned that the euro collapse could spark a global crisis.” Wouldn’t that be like an arsonist stating that the gasoline he just spilled all through a tall building could spark a towering inferno?


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