10 Responses to Iran’s nuclear program designed to ‘finish off’ Israel, Hezbollah MP says

  1. StevenJ says:

    And this comes as a surprise? The moment they have a half dozen or so, they’ll try to hit several of the major Israeli cities (but not, of course, Jerusalem), in conjunction with the larger bases in the region. That’s when all h*ll will break loose – Everywhere. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they don’t already have a few – purchased from the cash-strapped N. Koreans. Pretty dismal outcome regardless…


    • Michael says:

      And Iran would attack because? Iran hasn’t attacked another nation in 200 years. So what if they have nukes, Israel has over 400 and is a much worse actor in the region then Iran could ever hope to be. Why all the fear about what Iran might do? I fear America, the Brits and Israel mor then I do the persians as they have the history to prove it why we should fear them more for the stability of the planet.


    • I agree with you stevenj . As soon as they have a dozen they will lauch on Israel. This will then bring about unification within the middle east that they may be able to wipe out Israel. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God’s word say’s Israel will be brought to its knee’s , But it will never be destroyed.


      • S. Jones says:

        Thomas – you are correct. They will take losses, likely very many, but God WILL step in just when things look about done. What saddens me the most is that there won’t be many nations (read that Governments and a good percentage of their populations) that would be all that upset when (not if) Israel is attacked, and probably wouldn’t be willing to come to their aid quickly – rather they’ll drag it out as long as is possible until continued inaction is seen as utterly shameful. Then they’ll “feverishly rush” to aid Israel – preferably after it’s too late to salvage much, but, again, God will be there in time.

        Maybe it’s a bit of jealousy since they are considered His Chosen People – of course, this has all been pre-ordained, and not unexpected… I am a Gentile, by the way, and a believer in Him, his Word, and Son.


  2. prosoffero says:

    Why is Iran not abandoning obsolete nuclear technology and upgrading to quantal energy instead of nuclear? Uranium is as destructive an addiction as anything else carcinogenic and pollutes. You cannot settle radioactive land. If you instead hit it with the freeze bomb you just have to get rid of the dead bodies (or make them into fertilizer) and you got the place ready to go again. Iran must have copycat Luddite ministers, do they walk around barefoot carrying clubs, or just advocate return to cave man civilization by reversal of progress? Perhaps they want to phase out motorized transport and bring back horsedrawn vehicles?


  3. Pedro Reza says:

    “They shall make war with The Lamb and The Lamb shall overcome them for He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings”.


  4. Taffyduff says:

    Well, what would you do now if you were Israel ?
    Looks the the finger on the trigger is being pressed ever more firmly!


  5. Luciano says:

    The best laid plans of mice and men have often gone astray. Shakespear.
    Pride goes before a fall!


  6. Simcha Aliyah says:

    Well, his assertions certainly make an interesting counterpoint to the ones Iran is making.


  7. Gramma Lovey says:

    Iran wants
    to bring chaos so Mahdi can appear. Orthodox Jews are looking for Messiah and Christians are awaiting Christs appearance. Amazing how accurately the Word of God describes the time in which we live. Catastrophe brings the Antichrist(Mahdi) who makes a treaty with the Jews, declares himself God(false messiah), (ridding the Jews of the veil that covered their understanding so the Gentiles could share in the plan of Salvation) And Christ comes back to put and END to our self destruction and sets up his Kingdom. I’d say we are very, very close to a Good Plan coming together. “No Pain, No Gain.


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