Earthquake near a major city with death toll ‘unprecedented in human history’ only a matter of time, warns geologist

August 9, 2012 AUSTRALIAWell-known Scottish scientist Iain Stewart delivered that grim prediction yesterday in Brisbane during an address to a global geology conference. Professor Stewart, a geologist and academic who has gained fame for multiple BBC television series on the planet, said the risk of disaster has grown because a growing number of mega-cities are built on or near major earthquake faults. Large settlements since antiquity have been based on these fault lines because they also help provide water and are usually located near flat plains ideally suited for growing crops. This “fatal attraction” to dangerous areas was “actually a good thing,” because historically the trade-off was worth it since earthquakes were rare and most cities were not that large, he said. While earthquakes today were often less destructive because of improved building codes, more people were affected because cities were larger, Prof Stewart told delegates at the 34th International Geological Congress. Despite the danger of such hazards, people were still drawn to earthquake-prone California and the U.S. Gulf States, which were routinely hit by hurricanes. Although it might seem that the number of natural disasters around the world is increasing, there are simply more people living in harm’s way, and that fact creates the illusion. “We create the template that brings these disasters,” Prof Stewart said. Similarly, people want to live only 20m from the beach, even in regions liable to be struck by tsunamis. Even after properties have been destroyed, many owners vow to rebuild. Further research was needed to understand why people continued to have such a high threshold for living in danger zones and why they often chose to ignore the science that could save their lives, he said. –Herald Sun
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21 Responses to Earthquake near a major city with death toll ‘unprecedented in human history’ only a matter of time, warns geologist

  1. I agreed with Dr. Stewart up until he claimed that the frequency of disasters is not increasing, that it’s just that more people are living in harm’s way. It is true that the populations of California and the Gulf Coast is increasing, but the good doctor is downplaying the fact that natural disasters are on the rise. This “looking the other way” on the part of the scientific community is part of the denial that makes it difficult for those of us trying to warn people of what’s coming to be taken seriously. All one has to do is look at the news to see that earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and meteorological calamities is on the rise. Perhaps Dr. Stewart should start following The Extinction Protocol since all of the posts on these tribulations are items that Alvin has painstakingly gathered from news sources around the world. “They were warned, but they did not listen”.


    • prayntongues says:

      I agree! they must know the inherent dangers that all are facing. I think they tone down their reporting so as not to cause panic and fear. The watchers know these scientific studies are only partially true but not truthful enough to make people prepare for a mega event.


      • Yep. I just read an online poll here in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon) asking if we were concerned about earthquakes here, and nearly 60% said no, in spite of the fact that we just received warning that the odds of a devastating quake happening along the Oregon coast AND the fact that the activity along the Cascadia Subduction Zone has been increasing. Most people, it seems, are either too busy with their lives to notice or prefer to keep their heads in the sand and pretend that it won’t happen. And so most people won’t even have a plan in place of what to do, let alone actually be prepared to be on their own for up to a week after such a quake. God bless!


  2. Cj Randolph says:

    This photo resembles something I saw with spiritual eyes one day while traveling a highway in Fort Worth, Texas. As we traveled West, I suddenly saw into the future…as if the cars tumbled end over end. I didn’t understand it, but filed it in my mind for a time such as this.

    May we all abide in the LORD our God, “Tell them I AM calling. Tell them to seek Me. Tell them to come out of her.”


  3. Irene C says:

    I understand what this writer is saying, however, everyone has to live somewhere and I haven’t found anywhere that is immune to natural disasters. I live in a fairly “safe” region in Ohio, however, we are prone to tornadoes, blizzards, and if New Madrid goes an earthquake. What’s more important; people need to know what the possibilities for disaster is for their area, and to be prepared. Personally, I want to move closer to the ocean when I retire. I like the ocean. Nothing like looking at all that water and feeling humbled by God’s creation.


    • Some places are “safer” in that they are less prone to things like earthquakes and volcanoes, but the idea that there is a safe place to be is illusory. Even in the eastern half of the US, if any of the volcanoes in the Northwest, or worse Yellowstone, have a major eruption the entire country will be affected. Geologists have found strata of ash deposits from Yellowstone’s last major eruption as far east as the Atlantic coast and as far north as eastern Canada. Ohio and Michigan are both pretty stable geologically, although if the New Madrid pops you definitely feel a shake or two!


  4. niebo says:

    According to WorldWatch Institute: During 2011, 820 natural catastrophes were documented around the world…, according to data compiled by Munich Reinsurance Company and analyzed in the Worldwatch Institute’s Vital Signs series. The number of natural catastrophes was down 15 percent from 2010 but was above the annual average of 790 events between 2001 and 2010, and considerably above the annual average of 630 events between 1981 and 2010.

    So. . .the statements “Although it might seem (SEEM) that the number of natural disasters around the world is increasing, there are simply more people living in harm’s way, and that fact creates the illusion (ILLUSION),” and “We create the template that brings these disasters,” are. . .are. . .just more unnecessary, useless, false, arrogant, disinformative hot air that not only increases the greenhouse gases that humans pump into the atmosphere (and which cause ALL of these extreme weather patterns) but also impies that we caused the shifting of the poles, the migration of the jet stream, and the DOCUMENTED increase in the number of strong earthquakes (a fact which Mr. Stewart does not even mention), since our “template” causes these disasters! Indeed, sound the alarm, for we are gods, but idiot-gods, who cause the mountains to crumble on top of ourselves!


  5. Deadeye says:

    We’re DOOMED laddie, WE’re DOOMED! ( Sergeant Frazer, Dads Army cica 1960)


  6. Raven says:

    Still here Alvin, as always thank you for the wealth of information. After a long absence for personal reasons I continue to learn.
    Peace and Love to you and yours


  7. geebee says:

    I’ve lived long enough to know that our planet is experiencing unprecedented weather, earthquakes, and catastrophes of all kinds. I suppose these experts feel they have to give some kind of warnings but keep them just below the panic mode. If they really told the truth, we’d have global anarchy–something that is just under the surface anyway. To be clear, there is a worldwide uneasiness that could break loose when food and shelter become hard to get.


    • Very true, geebee. Global anarchy IS right under the surface just waiting for an excuse to get out. Whenever the status quo starts falling on it’s over-inflated backside there is always rioting, looting, senseless killing and the like. If they announced tomorrow that a big asteroid was going to slam into the earth, can you imagine just how insane everyone would get?


  8. pagan66 says:

    Here is a link of Iain Stewart being interviewed last night:


  9. k-80-123 says:

    Something Wicked This Way Comes.


  10. John says:

    Hmmmm, just found this forum/page and I like it here! Pleasure reading everyone’s thoughts on this particular matter. I shall bookmark and return, that is if my computer, along with my entire house, hasn’t fallen into an abyss here in Placerville, California!


  11. james says:

    Last year while on a bike ride i stopped in front of a Catholic church graveyard. The church bell started to ring so i hung around to find out what time it was. It rang 11 times. just at the last bell a neighbor cranked up on their car stereo “ring of fire” by Johny Cash. So the message was? “It is the elventh hour in the ring of fire”. That was in 2011, now it’s 2012, time to complet the circle.


  12. feywit says:

    Mother Nature wearies of her incompetent stewards, she must shake off a few fleas.
    Buddahist saying


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