U.S. suffers through hottest July since records were kept in 1895

August 8, 2012CLIMATE The July heat wave that wilted crops, shriveled rivers and fueled wildfires officially went into the books Wednesday as the hottest single month on record for the continental United States. The average temperature across the Lower 48 was 77.6 degrees Fahrenheit, 3.3 degrees above the 20th-century average, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration reported. That edged out the previous high mark, set in 1936, by two-tenths of a degree, NOAA said. In addition, the seven months of 2012 to date are the warmest of any year on record and were drier than average as well, NOAA said. U.S. forecasters started keeping records in 1895.And the past 12 months have been the warmest of any such period on record, topping a mark set between July 2011 and this past June. Every U.S. state except Washington experienced warmer-than-average temperatures, NOAA reported. The high temperatures have contributed to a ‘rapid expansion’ of drought across the central United States, NOAA found. Dozens of cities and towns already have seen the mercury hit record levels this summer, and three states — Nebraska, Kansas and Arkansas — saw record dry conditions between May and July. That’s battered American farmers’ corn and soybean crops, driven farmers to sell or slaughter cattle they can’t feed and spurred the U.S. Department of Agriculture to designate more than half of all U.S. counties as disaster zones. –CNN
 Magnetic pole migration: If you look at the data, we find something even more intriguing than just the high temperatures. From looking at the two maps, we can see the high temperatures are migrating farther north. This indicates major changes are occurring to the planet’s jet stream. Basically, the jet stream is moving farther north into Canada, and this is shifting U.S. weather patterns northward in the process. I documented this change was well underway in my book, The 7th Protocol, along with the future implications for climate that will result from this erratic migration of the planet’s jet stream. This shifting atmospheric dynamism will continue to have a profound impact on the world’s climate. It will also further accentuate seasonal temperature extremes, as the jet stream in closely linked with the planet’s electrical and geo-magnetic properties, which are constantly perturbed by solar activity. –The Extinction Protocol


Tornadoes: “In the United States, July 2012 saw one of the lowest numbers of tornadoes on record since 1951. The jet stream responsible for tornado-producing wind shear moved farther north into Canada. The result was a burst in tornado activity in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, which borders Montana and North Dakota. Canada’s official weather office Environment Canada reported between 26 and 31 tornadoes in Saskatchewan, more than double the province is used to seeing in July. On July 24, five tornadoes hit Saskatchewan in one day.” –Accuweather  – August 2, 2012


(Left) Magnetic north pole migration and magnetic south pole movements indicates there are periods when the poles have moved farther and faster than others. 
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28 Responses to U.S. suffers through hottest July since records were kept in 1895

  1. christopher says:

    Alvin, look up what watts with that you mite be surprised by anthony watts blog.


  2. James says:

    I saw this on my news-feeds as well it is quite disturbing…


    • That’s not the half of it…see updated post.


      • James says:

        Even more freaky. That temp map for August is going to change frequently I am sure. We had triple digits here in Montana today. It was nuts, then a storm warning came up. A lot of clouds but no rain. All of the animals are acting strange around these parts. I do not know what is about to happen but I am sure it is not good.


  3. Joseph t. Repas says:

    I find it still interesting that we are following the patterns of the great depression dust bowl days in that we know WWII followed and I have to wonder if we are going there again. 1936 had fewer reporting places for weather than 2012 as the USA west of the Mississippi was still sparsely inhabited by nonindigenous people but still this has been quite a memorable summer.


    • I think this is something much more serious and it has all the earmarks of a major shift is now underway for the entire planet. See updated post –


    • richfish30 says:

      I understand you and many others probably think this is just like the dustbowl, but incase you havent noticed the dust bowl was man made and this 2012 dorught is nature made…so this should worry you!


      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Thank yourichfish30. there is some truth to what you say but my point was that the weather patterns then were very similar to now. An extensive hot weather drought was happening in those lean years and they too followed a large financial collapse around the world. I have not had the time yet unfortunately to determine if they were also years of intense solar storms.


  4. Marybell says:

    That little guy has determination.


  5. Irene C says:

    I hope everyone has their seatbelts fastened. We still have the most active part of the Atlantic hurricane season to go. Then there’s the fall tornado season. Also, I wonder what our winter will be like. If the Midwest has another winter without snow, we’ll really be in serious trouble. Or maybe we’ll be buried in snow. It’s going to be interesting.


    • Nikki says:

      Irene that is exactly what I’ve been saying all summer. I think we will continue to see mild winters and the summer will just get hotter. It definitely will be interesting.


  6. Supreme Siddha says:

    Hey Alvin, It seems as if you know something deep inside. Because your information is pretty damn accurate and you have the conviction that we will face a major shift on the planet. I haven’t read your books and I can’t afford them. My question is do you get visions? Or some sort of inner guidance from spirit? And by the way are you a scientist or something? I love your site:)


    • Thank you Supreme. No visions, some dreams. Glad you like the site. I credit God with given me an understanding of these events for this time. The only way to expain it is—it’s like being awake from a dream you’ve already lived in detail.


  7. Sam Beckett says:

    It has & it is hot hot hot! All of August thus far here in CA where I am, it has been over 100. 110 these next few days it supposed to be & still over 100 for another 7 days at least.


  8. nanoduck says:

    I have noted that United States was having warmer winters, while Europe was having colder weather and suspected that it was due to the poles moving. But would not someone notice the shift of the axis and see the sun rise and set in different locations? Is there any observations to support that?


  9. Yet living in NYS we have had one of the best gardening years. With the pole shift that has already happened we have moved into a warmer zone and can even grow watermelon cantaloupe and peanuts. The garden has just exploded with large plants and early produce. God is Good and its important to thank Him for all we have.We are in His loving care. All of this is to bring souls to awareness of HIM, He desires all of the souls He created.


  10. Mark.R says:

    Dr. Roy Spencer says “As far as daily HIGH temperatures go, 1936 was the clear winner. But because daily LOW temperatures have risen so much, the daily AVERAGE July temperature in 2012 barely edged out 1936.
    So, all things considered (including unresolved issues about urban heat island effects and other large corrections made to the USHCN data), I would say July was unusually warm. But the long-term integrity of the USHCN dataset depends upon so many uncertain factors, I would say it’s a stretch to to call July 2012 a “record”.


  11. pagan66 says:

    Alvin, concerning this migration of the Jet Stream what are the likely consequences for the Southern Hem – namely Australia?



    • I

      The full effects are unknown but the erratic movements are increasing conditions for the outbreak of extreme weather events. It might also be worth mentioning, the magnetic pole is also migrating towards Australia. So we could see some unique conditions erupting in the Australian region in the coming years, including the potential for more seismicity. The magnetic migration also coincides with increased agitation on the Australian tectonic plate.

      Don’t know if you ever saw this?

      “Contrary to what many people believe, the ozone hole over Antarctica is not warming the planet. But in an interesting twist, a new study suggests that ozone depletion may be changing other aspects of the climate, including rainfall patterns in eastern Australia and southern South Africa. Jet streams are strong currents of air high in the atmosphere that help push weather systems around the world. The jet streams in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres wobble north and south with the seasons, the movement of low-pressure systems and other factors. In recent decades, however, scientists have observed an overall shift of the jet streams toward the poles. The culprit for this shift appears to be ozone depletion, though the exact mechanism of the effect is still unknown. The movement of the Southern Hemisphere jet stream toward the South Pole seems to have increased the amount of rain well north of Antarctica from 1979-2000. The authors of a study published April 21 in the journal Science speculate that as the jet stream moved toward the South Pole, another circulation pattern called the Hadley Cell expanded. The Hadley Cell carries moist air from the equator to the subtropics. And that could be one reason for increased rainfall in areas just north of the poles. As the climate warms, extreme rain events are expected to increase in many regions of the world. Scientists who worked on the study now plan to examine how the ozone hole might combine with greenhouse gas-driven warming to affect rains and floods in places like Australia.” Source: http://presenters.climaterealityproject.org/news/article/402

      peace and love


      • pagan66 says:

        I agree with that report. It IS getting wetter here in South Eastern Australia, not hotter & drier as the Climate Change propagandists claim. My boyfriend works with a pumping crew currently removing over 900 million litres of water out of a mine that was flooded during unprecedented rainfall last February. This body of water is over 4 acres wide & 40 metres deep. It is one of many such jobs, the demand for pumping crews in this part of Australia – & in parts of SE Asia where there are also crews working – is so high at the moment that demand is not being met.

        The last really hot, dry summer we had was the year of the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009. Since then, we have had very mild, cool, wet, short summers with lots of rain – much of it labelled “unprecedented, record breaking & unusual”. It’s almost as if summer was switched off for good in February 2009 & replaced with this new & worrying paradigm. Even here, in my own little Eden, over the last year or so I have witnessed violent storms that pounded us with hail the size of golfballs, winds that have ripped roofs off houses, lightning storms that have stunned me in their ferocity & amounts of rain that before this year I wouldnt have believed possible. We are on the verge of yet another summer now & if this new trend is anything to go by it will be even wetter & stranger than the last one.

        Peace & Love


  12. sKeptical citizen says:

    Ok I agree the pole is shifting, However is it caused by mans activities? Would it be happening if man had never walked the earth? Can it be mitigated? Is the pole shifting caused by mans sinful ways?


      • Irene C says:

        Alvin, I definitely have to agree that man isn’t currently causing the pole shift, HOWEVER – “…cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life.” Genesis: 3:17b. So, in a way, I guess we can blame Adam, the first man, for listening to his wife.


      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        So true Irene C…. I always find it humurous that when Eve ate of the tree of knowledge between good and evil she let Adam have first billing even though she ate of it first; for we nearly always say…”when Adam and Eve sinned…” ;> lol


    • Dan Gilfry says:

      When Mother Nature is doing what she does,
      She doesn’t give a pig fart if you’re a
      dinosaur or human being!
      She has done this before and she WILL
      do it again!


  13. Dan Gilfry says:

    As a staunch believer of “the Mayan Prophecy”, I know that our planet is going to look a whole lot different after this year. We don’t even need any comets, Planet X or aliens! Our planet is changing right before our eyes and at a scary pace. Add to that the 95% probability of another world war and poor old Terra Firma is going to be feeling mighty poorly! If millions or billions don’t die in the war, starvation will soon get them.


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