South Korean heat wave kills 780,000 chickens

August 8, 2012 CLIMATESouth Korea’s extended heat-wave has taken its toll on both humans and animals, with more than 830,000 chickens or other poultry reported dead as of Wednesday. The agriculture ministry said 786,512 chickens, 40,780 ducks, 3,000 quail, 336 pigs and five cows have died since July 20, when the peak temperature began hovering above 33 Celsius (91.4 Fahrenheit) in most areas. The stifling heat also killed seven people in June and July, the health ministry said, mostly elderly people working in fields or greenhouses. Temperatures have stayed above 35 C for 12 days in much of the country, causing massive blooms of algae in rivers. Sales of electric fans and air conditioners have soared. On Monday the state power company warned that reserves were dangerously low and urged people to switch off appliances, as usage reached a record. The meteorological administration says relief is in sight starting Friday, with midday temperatures dropping to the customary August figure of 30C from the weekend. –Terra Daily
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5 Responses to South Korean heat wave kills 780,000 chickens

  1. James says:

    I am willing to bet that they will be sold in Wal-mart’s all across the United States of America too…


  2. nanoduck says:

    I wonder what the losses in United States are like. I used to work on poultry farm and the chickens are often crowded into broiler houses, and large fans are the only thing keeping them cool. When weather gets hot, many die from the heat. I remember when we had hot days like that, we would suffer high losses and have truckloads of dead chickens to dispose of. It would not surprise me if USA poultry farms are losing as many or more.


  3. Alexandria says:

    it’s nothing new really, there finding fish dead floating in lakes and river’s, cattle dead thousands of them just droping dead! and i just saw the dalfins swiming up on land to kill themselves! ppl tryed to put them back in the water but they would just go back on land! look somthing is coming and soon, i feel it in bone of my body i just hope im ready when it does, and i’m not a big jusus freak but from what i here he knew it would happen and told us what to look for when the end is near. all ik is im ready, and i am not afraid because if u can’t change the out come u might as well go with the flow, u have to keep ur head up and think ahead, do what u feel u need to do survive, and no matter what never stop fighting for your welll being and the ones that u love, cuz once u give in ur as good as dead, anyways just some food for thought 😉 peace


  4. Korheg says:

    I wonder why it’s killing them… 33degrees isn’t abnormally hot.


  5. Scarlett Lindell says:

    I live in detroit michigan and for the past 3 summers it has been getting so hot here it is nubelievable..
    I have a job I work outside ….this year I could not do it.even when I step out of my house…sweat pours out of me.
    it feels like my inner core is overing heating and I get physically sick,other then running to the market I stay inside the house.
    Up until a few years ago I could stay outside all day,truly I believe that something is going on and it is bigger then anyone is saying.


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