Playing with fire: EGS wants to drill a multitude of holes across America by a process called ‘hydroshearing’

August 8, 2012 OREGON Here’s a scary thought: scientists are testing the idea of pumping water into the sides of a dormant volcano in Oregon at pressures great enough to evoke small earthquakes. Why? Apparently, the boiling bowels beneath our feet hold tremendous promise for geothermal energy. According to a report MIT submitted to the Department of Energy, two percent of the heat some six miles below the ground could provide 2,500 times as much energy as the country currently uses. By employing a technique called Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS), several million gallons of water are blasted at high pressures through artificial wells over 10,000 feet deep. When the water reaches the hot rocks, it returns to the surface through a second well as scalding hot water, where its heat can then be harvested for power. Backed by the DOE, Google and others, AltaRock Energy and Davenport Newberry Holdings have been exploring ways to tap geothermal energy from the Pacific Northwest volcano, and will put their knowledge to the test this summer at Oregon’s Newberry Volcano. “We know the heat is there,” Susan Petty, president of AltaRock, told the Huffington Post. “The big issue is can we circulate enough water through the system to make it economic.” Over the last century, engineers have been tapping the heat in the earth’s crust for power by gathering hot water or steam bubbling near the surface to spin turbines that create electricity. Places with hot rocks lacking cracks or water to deliver the stream is the new frontier. That’s where EGS comes into play. By drilling deep into the rocks where water is then pumped in, steam can be drawn out, a process known as hydroshearing. Though it sounds similar to hydrofracking, scientists claim that the technique used in this scenario is entirely different, which will not pollute groundwater with toxic chemicals. But what about triggering earthquakes? The effects of pumping the water deep into the ground will be measured using sensors that will provide microseismicity data to scientists to ensure that the water is getting the right exposure and not triggering seismic activity. Fracking, on the hand, pumps wastewater deep underground, which has likely led to recent earthquakes in Arkansas and Ohio. The team working on the project will be closely monitoring earthquake activity around sites like Newberry. Furthermore, a new international protocol came out earlier this year urging EGS developers to keep projects out of urban areas, while being upfront with local residents so they know what is going on. The prospect of a major quake at Newberry is very low, according to Ernie Majer, a seismologist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. No significant faults exist in the area and it is far enough from population centers to make damages highly unlikely. The layers of volcanic ash built up over the millennia hinder any shaking. “That’s the $64,000 question,” Majer said to the Huffington Post. “What’s the biggest earthquake we can have from induced seismicity that the public can worry about.” –Energy Digital
                                             How EGS creates permanent fracture systems in the Earth
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47 Responses to Playing with fire: EGS wants to drill a multitude of holes across America by a process called ‘hydroshearing’

  1. Marybell says:

    G-D needs NO help, PLEASE. Man can screw up a one car funeral. And I might add–To all these scientists – you would not even have a job if it were not for G-D. HE made it, so take your silly ideas elsewhere.


    • Richie says:

      What if one doesn’t believe in God? Take me, for example. I believe the Universe works in forces, not a being controlling things. We need a new type of energy, so I’m willing to hear everyone’s ideas.


    • Conor Brennan says:

      This is an absolutely brilliant idea, and if designed correctly negates the need fro Nuclear power. It will be an astonishing piece of technology to harness the power directly from the earth. As the population grows, we need solutions to our energy needs and this seems to me to be far superior to nuclear power. I refuse to be negative on this one. Its good news


    • Lilly says:

      I agree Marybell.
      It amazes me some of the ideas bandied around (and acted on – what’s worse) by those who are given ‘permission’ to do so.
      I will say, as I have said many a time before (not on this great site) – there goes some 18th century thinking again (re: drill and dang the natural consequences). I really question as to whether ‘man’ (generally speaking) can call ‘himself’ the most intelligent species…????!!


    • Bill Commings says:

      What could possibly go wrong ???


  2. Milestone Treaty – Space Age World Peace 2012 – please read and inform your community. The Treaty reads like a story because it is ‘our’ story, a moment for each of us to re-form negative into divine prophecy; and in solidarity add to the Light of the world.


  3. niebo says:

    “Entirely different” from hydraulic fracturing must be a stretch of the the truth, when the video states “high-pressure” results in “fracturing” and “microseismicity”. String enough “high-pressure” “fracturing” together and the “micro” becomes “mega”…. Either way, this type of geothermal system kinds sounds like “playing with fire”.


  4. Irene C says:

    This is ludicrous. And here I thought it was our current political system that is dividing the country. O Lord come and save us from our own stupidity.


  5. Just me says:



  6. Judy Clarke says:

    How dare anyone, including governments tamper with nature in this fashion, with the ultimate cost of human life on the off chance of it going wrong. Are we that insignificant in the plight for money and a so called ‘easier way’? GROW UP human race and be a little more responsible with human life and your planet that your stuffing with.


  7. James says:

    That does not sound good at all. These quacks needs to leave the earth and us alone…


  8. SoSoSon says:

    Those fools never learn !! They blew up our last world and God brought us here. Guess stupid is in the DNA :)) How’d they all slip into the mix?


  9. neilka says:

    Great idea…….. I am not sure if the reference to inducing earthquakes is correct. Any way I support it, here in New Zealand we have been producing geothermal powerd electricty since the late fifties. No need to burn any foscle fules with this technology, just get the water to a geothermal hot spot heat it up and wizzz go the turbines. Beter than nuking .


  10. Watcher says:

    Read up on Basel Switzerland’s geothermal drilling activity – this is not a good idea at all


  11. Gaur Nitai says:

    As per Vedic evidence, mother Earth does not tolerate drilling and mining of Earth. This is apparent to us when we see that mines often collapse trapping workers beneath and remains one of the most hazardous occupations. Also deep drilling for oil and gas causes Earthquakes as is being witnessed in fracking states. Even to this day, in India prior to digging Earth for a new house, Hindus pray for forgiveness to mother Earth and ask her to bless them. Man for his greed and unending selfishness has over exploited all the resources that were given to us for responsible utilization in service of God but we have done the opposite of it. We have exploited nature and Earth for our never ending greed for sense gratification and materialism. She will not tolerate for long now it seems.


  12. Giom (Mann) says:

    I believe that God gave us the intelligence and imagination to come up with creative solutions to our problems. There are technologies that will for ever be with held from us, like traveling at the speed of light and of course time travel.

    For something like harvesting energy, well, why not?


  13. cossack55 says:

    Wow. What a great idea. What can possibly go wrong. I anticipate that nuclearfracking is next on the list of desperate attempts at cheap energy so we can spur “growth to infinity”. Sigh.


  14. m c says:

    Well this seems to be a reasonable plan, how bad could it be to drill a multitude of holes and pump million/billions of gallons of unneeded water into the ground.

    Although there may be a few accidents but the steaming off of the skin of a few workers is just the cost of progress.

    Just look at the success of fracking, that should be an indicator of how well this will go.

    OK end of my sarcastic rant.

    This is just crazy and they just keep coming up with these crazy idea’s when there are far better options.They seem to find ways to keep the old standard of control for profit by coming up with sources of energy that they have to sell instead of finding ways for people to have nearly free energy.

    I still believe we would have electric cars long ago if they didnt have to find a way to get us to return to the pump(charging station)


  15. Dennis E. says:

    And may I add, that Nuclear Power can be a source of energy to the public that can last for generations without causing any ill effects on the public and the environment and is designed to withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters.
    Is this another green energy idea by this administration?


  16. Lee H says:

    Well now, I may be from the U.K so this doesn’t affect me. However even with my poor memory retention, was it not one week ago people were fretting about a certain Cascadia subduction event off the coast of Oregon?

    Wouldn’t the billions of $$$ be better spent protecting the poor folk of Oregon from the gigantic tsunami thats likely to hit later this century?

    Just a thought!


  17. Rhonda M says:

    Thanks Alvin, for continuing to educate us. (Still reading your voluminous book!) I’m trying to wrap my head around fracking, and now hydroshearing. I didn’t realize how horrible fracking was… “Though it [hydroshearing] sounds similar to hydrofracking, scientists claim that the technique used in this scenario is entirely different, which will not pollute groundwater with toxic chemicals.” Fracking POLLUTES GROUNDWATER? “Fracking, on the hand, pumps wastewater deep underground, which has likely led to recent earthquakes.” WITH WASTE WATER! Hydroshearing could “increase seismicity,” but don’t worry as we are “closely monitoring” it… What? Really? Hydroshearing technology benefits sound wonderful, however, our poor fragile earth continues to take our relentless abuse. It appears it is not respected by mankind.
    God bless your bright mind, Alvin, and your efforts to continue to educate us.


  18. Rhonda says:

    All of the scientists are going to be standing on top of the volcano during the experiment, right?


  19. Frank O says:

    Man is an IDIOT,,,,,,,,,,,,,The core of Earth, is the engine of our planet. Cold water will create nothing but serious problems! And as far as Nuclear power! The earth shields against radiation, that should have been enough reason, not to ever build, anything to do with NUCLEAR energy!


  20. We have no need to drill, frack, as we have the best natural energy there is. ( Our Beautiful Sun)
    Solar energy is the safest way.
    Heat our homes our water and drive solar vehicles.

    But why would we do that think of all the money that the goverment would lose…


  21. archaios says:

    i firmly believe that drilling so far down in the earth, can and will cause damage to the sensitive life sustaining planet we call home.


  22. nanoduck says:

    Well, considering the alternatives like fossil fuels and nuclear, this might be worth the risk. I don’t think this is as dangerous as fracking because in fracking, material is taken out forcing the landscape to shift. In hydrogeothermal system, water comes back up as steam and then is cycled again. However the risk is that water could seep deep underground where not wanted and set off earthquakes. A drop of water can literally move mountains– such is the power of water when it is superheated.


  23. victor tomas says:

    If you sail far out into the great seas you will eventually go over the edge of the earth. Sail beyound the horizon and you will never return. IF IF IF…..puny human activities has no effect on the great planet…believe the weirdies and their perdictions and you will hide from the sunlight, shake in fear at the darkness, and believe those who know nothing, and remain in darkness for ever. Wake up and go about your life…nothing here should worry you. vt


    • m c says:

      WOW……just wow!

      I can not blindly put my faith in the hands of man and just “go about my life”, I’ve seen the quality of mans work.


  24. Bill K says:

    I think this is a great idea. Hope it works and is safe.


  25. sKeptical citizen says:

    We are going to have to develope new ways of generating electricity. I believe the activities of man have no real or lasting effect on the planet. this current spate of clatyclismic events would be occuring even if man had never walked the planet. It could work they wont need to drill that deep. The Comstock silver mine in Virgina City Nev, was dug deep enough by hand that they found geothermal heat. Lets not just knee jerk what could be a viable solution to our energy problem.It would only create steam clouds and much of the water could be recycled through cooling towers. I would rather try this than drill for more oil or mine more coal and build more nukes.


    • neilka says:

      Your comments are refreshing, here in New Zealand we have been spinning electical turbines from heating up water located in vocanic active areas for 60 years now, it is a clean fom of energy production, no polutants, no burning of foscle fules, now that has to be better than firing up a nucular power plant to do the same. Turn off the cold water tap to the magma and it just stops……try that with a nucular power plant and see what happens !


  26. Louie says:

    I would like to know how many of the smarties who want to test this theory out on Oregon, actually live there. And as for not being near a populated area, it is less than 25 miles from Bend, Oregon. Bend has been the fastest growing area in Oregon for several years. The city itself is about 80,000, but the surrounding area and towns are growing tremendously. The general area population is much higher. That doesn’t even begin to ask where is the water to come from? Melted snow? Where will it be stored? Draw down one of the local lakes? Or do they plan on draining off the Deschutes River, which is a premier recreation draw (especially rafting) for central Oregon. How about picking someplace truly unpopulated for testing their “theories”. Those are my thoughts anyway.


  27. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, anytime that you change the balance of pressures in a seismic or volcanic zone you are flirting with disaster. I’ve been following the proposed project at Newberry Crater since they started talking about it last year and I’ve been against it all along. I think that it is revealing that they are only going to do it away from population centers (except, of course, for Bend, which is just west of Newberry), which tells me that even their “experts” aren’t sure what will happen. Do not do this, people, you are literally playing with fire!


    • Herkimer Diamond says:

      My gut feeling on this issue, is the earth has become way over-populated and their is not enough natural resources to continue our wasteful way of life.


  28. Irene C says:

    Mag 4.5 – Greater Los Angeles Area, California, followed by a 4.4 and 3.4


  29. olusanya oluwatosin says:

    Well, i may be from Africa, right now am so scared! but am intrested.


  30. Larry T says:

    Here in NorCal we have geothermal power fed by sewer from Santa Rosa. We also have multiple small eartquakes in the area of the site. There was a massive fish kill in the stream when they started it up. Expect earthquakes daily at any developed site.


  31. MyDarkSide says:

    Using one vital, depleting resource (water) to try to increase or create another resource (heating) makes absolutely no sense.


  32. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Why not?We don’t need this water to drink! The politicians and scientists have provided us with plenty of ” kool -aid ” to drink already and are slowly killing us off. Geo thermal energy is already in use but of course it’s no fun if not on a grandiose scale.


  33. AWM says:

    Yes, what could possibly go wrong!
    Just have it set up where the profits are privatized and are separated from the costs which wil be, as usual, paid by the taxpayer, including the eventual natural man made disasters which seem to be guarateed in this particular case..


  34. tasmanianyeti says:

    water + magma = pressure / pressure + limited venting = explosion…


  35. frank says:

    This has to be another well sought out plan the present admistration is backing like Salindra…


  36. Glenn Rice says:

    Can careful control of water that is 10,000′ deep be maintained? If so, then it may work. If not, you have a potential steam bomb that could produce surprising and unforeseen results. But it is a pretty fair bet that even if it does work, the energy available will produce premium profits for the mega-bank/corporations. And all while billions of gigawatts of streaming
    solar power is kept off limits for the lowly serfs. This is our corporate world.


  37. victor tomas says:

    We may stop and consider, then ask those in the know, those living in Iceland are experienced in these matters, and live with all your concerns, and enjoy mother earths bounties. vt


  38. Einstein told us that problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking or consciousness that created those problems.

    The solution to outer world crisis is within each of us, when we transform negativity, limiting beliefs and patterns into the Power of body mind spirit as one. Freewill choice [body mind] liberates spirit [non physical Power within that gifts us life] to flow through us with SOULutions from Universal Mind, otherwise not available.

    Last night I hosted a radio interview with former Missile Defense Consultant Dr. Carol Rosin who worked in the belly of the beast. Solutions to every crisis and unfathomable benefits for all are available now.. To learn more please visit Thank you.


  39. Columbine says:

    Anyone who encourages solar and wind power obviously does NOT live in an area polluted by solar and wind power. Take a trip and LOOK at what you see in square miles filled with huge windmills or acres and acres of solar panels. Thousands of acres of bird killing machines, wild or desert lands disrupted and disfugured, visual pollution, sound pollution, UGLY. Everyone claims solar and wind is “clean” – come see for yourself!! And what is this all for? So you can power more iPads, electric cars, television sets and cell phones? We destroy those other places where WE don’t live so we can have our toys to play with. The problem is – other people DO live there, as well as thousands of animals, birds, insects.

    God himself has give us geothermal power in nature. Look at Old Faithful, check out the many hot springs dotted across the Western half of the US and in other places around the world. Give this a chance before automatically disagreeing that it should be tried. If it’s worked in other countries, why not in the US?


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