Los Angeles rattled by two 4.5 magnitude earthquakes within 10 hours

August 8, 2012LOS ANGELESA magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck near the Southern California town of Yorba Linda for the second time in just over 10 hours on Wednesday, rattling the Los Angeles area, but no damage or injuries were immediately reported. The latest quake was recorded shortly after 9:30 a.m. (12:30 p.m. EDT) 2 miles (3 km) northeast of Yorba Linda, an affluent Orange County community southeast of Los Angeles that was the birthplace of the late former President Richard Nixon and houses his presidential library and museum. It was centered about 5.5 miles (9 km) beneath the surface. The earlier temblor occurred at about 9:20 p.m. on Tuesday in about the same area at about the same depth, and was followed by more than a dozen smaller aftershocks overnight, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The two 4.5-magnitude quakes were both felt as far away as downtown Los Angeles, about 35 miles (56 km) away, where rattling and rumbling was felt for several seconds at a time. Earthquakes measured at 4.5, capable of causing light to moderate damage close by, are considered fairly modest seismic disturbances and are relatively common in Southern California. –Reuters
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24 Responses to Los Angeles rattled by two 4.5 magnitude earthquakes within 10 hours

  1. Ernestisms says:

    Alvin wait til you get a look at the article below!

    Arctic News

    Thursday, August 2, 2012
    Year 2012 set to break all records

    The image below, edited from the National Snow & Ice Data Center, shows that Arctic sea ice extent is at a record low for the time of the year.

    According to measurements by the Institut für Umweltphysik at the University of Bremen a new historic Arctic sea ice minimum was reached on 8 September, 2011. The year 2012 looks set to reach even lower extent.

    The nosedive taken by the sea ice over the past few months also shows up in measurements of the sea ice area.

    The image below shows a retreat in sea ice area to 3.91533 million km2 on the 212th day of 2012, also a record low for this time of year. The Cryosphere Today features the original interactive image.

    Most critical is ice volume. The animation below, from NASA/Goddard Visualization Studio images, shows how much Arctic multi-year sea ice has declined over the years.

    The Polar Science Center reports ice volume for July 2012 of 8300 km3, i.e. about 700 km3 less than July 2011, 65% lower than the maximum in 1979, and 55% below the mean, as illustrated by the image below.

    Click here for large version of PIOMAS Daily Arctic Sea Ice Volume

    Will sea ice collapse in 2014?As the image on the left shows, the annual minimum for Arctic sea ice volume is getting perilously close to zero, raising the risk of a collapse of the sea ice in the Arctic.

    Temperature rises and larger areas of open water increase the likelihood of storms, as well as their intensity. Sea ice is now getting so thin that it becomes prone to break up in case of strong waves.

    Heavy winds from the Bering Strait could then drive most sea ice across the Arctic Ocean, to pile up against Greenland, where it could persist for somewhat longer.

    The subsequent dramatic increase in area of open water would cause a huge albedo change, making that much more sunlight in the Arctic would be absorbed, instead of reflected back into space as was previously the case.

    This could dramatically increase temperatures in the Arctic, further accelerating warming in the Arctic.

    The image below, edited from the Naval Research Laboratory of the U.S. Navy, shows areas with surface temperatures of 8 degrees Celsius and higher in many areas on the edges of the Arctic Ocean from where sea ice has already retreated.

    These are huge anomalies, as illustrated by the image below, from the Danish Meteorological Institute.

    The danger is that high temperatures will trigger methane releases from hydrates and free gas in sediments, as discussed at the potential impact of large abrupt release of methane in the Arctic and at Greenland is melting at incredible rate. If you share the concerns about this, perhaps you would like to print out and display the Poster warning about Runaway Global Warming at a prominent place.

    From: http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/


    • I see that. Change is difintely upon us. Thx


    • Wendy says:

      This is a good read thank you..I also read an article from Bug (Scott B U..) where he explains how the extra amount of water carries huge weight and could well affect the stabilization of the oceans floors, where there are already seismic vents/cracks and could have an enormous impact that way too…


  2. http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Earthquake-Yorba-Linda-Wednesday-165442476.html

    There was also a 2.9 that has been reported within the last hour (not noted in the story) and a 4.4 that hit last night (noted in the story).

    Thank you Alvin!



    • Wendy says:

      I think it’s been too quiet all over especially going in and coming out of a full moon..I’m PNW..kind of on edge a bit here..last night was ‘quake’ weather, even my neighbours who don’t pay much attention commented on the strange ‘feeling’ in the air so still and quiet….something has to be building…again!


      • We are about to enter the most turbulent time for disasters: the change of seasons, and the stretch from Winter Solstice (2012) to Spring Equinox 2013

        Buckle your seatbelts.


      • Wendy says:

        Well I’m relying to myself..4.9mag off Oregon..a ways out but stillthat same area..may see offshore Vancouver Island/BC before the night is done..they seem to move somewhat together..I haven’t checked the webicorders yet for PNW, be interesting to see what Old Dome St. Helens is doing since it was showing increased activity with the last offshore Oregon quake..If you’ve reported this I apologise for being in the wrong ‘spot’! Thanks Alvin again for all you do..it’s great xox


  3. I would like to report rare good news. Nice day in Los Alamos yesterday. Hot but good cloud cover, brief Monsoon, then a delightful wind came up, just enough to ruffle the bunny’s fur. Clear air, haven’t felt such wonderful air in a long time. Praise God for reminding me.


  4. serina says:

    Did anyone also notice the 3.2 that hit yellowstone yesterday


  5. Sam Beckett says:

    Instead of one large earthquake of an 8.0 or bigger, these smaller earthquakes are releasing the tension built up on the southern San Andreas fault…which is much better.


    • I hope that’s the case, I was living in Highland on that fault line 3 yrs ago, now I’m only 25 miles from it, In Riverside. but If it Hits Riverside will get hit hard….I really really hope these do release tension…I felt the quakes mention above, only 20 miles away.


    • chris says:

      I feel the same way Sam but unfortunately the stresses that build on faults are exponentially expressed on the Richter Scale when they occur. The energy released by an earthquake increases by a factor of 30 for every unit increase in the Richter scale. It is basically 10 fold between whole numbers on the Richter scale. So an earthquake that would take place at 8.0 would release the equivalent of 10,000 times a single 4.0! To relieve the stress significantly that a pending 8.0 would require many many 4.0 and those happen in So. California infrequently. Be ready and be safe.


  6. James says:

    That is very interesting.


  7. windsofchange says:

    I apologize Alvin I haven’t read your book(s) and I am only a little familiar w/ Bug’s work,but does this latest in a huge string of earth change events,and now w/ all the ice melting mean a pole shift is possible/probable? I have also heard that per as the days of Noah were, Jerusalem w/ be the literal “new” true center (navel) of the earth as it was then, but I have not been able to research all that enough to come a conclusion about it.Just wondering what you and anyone else thinks~buckle your seatbelts?okay sure by grace, but are we there yet…and where is “there”?So many voices these days it’s disheartening…


    • IMG

      Pole shift, as in the planet capsizing? Not likely unless it was perturbed by a large celestial body that would have to be both larger than the moon, and would have to as close to the Earth as the moon- if not closer. The moon is in tidal lock with the Earth and that maintains gravitational stability between the two bodies; as the same side of the moon always faces the Earth. Crustal displacement, as Charles Hapgood and Einstein theorized, is possible, but it’s uncertain what conditions could induce such a massive geological upheaval to occur- perhaps a spasm of massive earthquakes in the 9.0 magnitude range, a tectonic plate collapse, or some other large event occurring in conjunction with external forces. Pole shifts are not all that uncommon and have occurred on other planets and moons in our solar system.

      We’re seeing symptomatic effects of changes on the surface already from what’s occurring within the planet’s interior but we have not seen cataclysmic shifts yet, which redefine periods of geological time, or perhaps hastens planetary extinctions. We’re still in the Holocene Period.


  8. alex says:

    I have a big question Alvin that i begin to try and answer. we all know these terrible events are going to occur. but what i want to know is what happens after these events. i mean the big question is why does these events need to happen is their a natural reason for these occurrences? like a outcome?


    • I

      These events occur because the planet has many interconnected systems and processes that are subject to cyclical changes. Those processes are symptomatic consequences resulting from a series of catastrophic events in Earth’s early history, which includes: the Chandler wobble, inclinational tilt of the planet, ocean reservoirs, volcanism and seismicity, and a geomagnetic dynamo that is regulated by a thermal cycle, core dynamics, and solar activity. Occasionally, these processes are thrown out of balance and they correct themselves, but still results in extreme earth events like: climate collapse, partial glaciations of landmasses, severe droughts, flooding, etc. Sometimes the balance is not correctable, and an Extinction Level Event (ELE) occurs. The outcome of these changes is indeterminate because we don’t know how far the process will go. Christians believe God will intervene before the planet is completely overwhelmed, and the last remaining vestiges of the human race are wiped out. (Matthew 24:22) Some New Agers believe in an alien intervention, while others see it as a transformation of those surviving. Some preppers believe it’s simply a case of the survival of the fittest. Life on Earth is all about balance and anytime that is upset; it changes the equation for biological life forms. So, we’re in for a very rough ride.


  9. pagan66 says:

    Lots of scientists & geologists etc starting to make some alarming earthquake predictions lately. This link below is one of the latest from the USGS. One of our top rating mainstream news programmes had a geologist interviewed this evening who warned that Tokyo, LA & or Tehran were long overdue for a high magnitude quake that would kill millions – once they upload a clip of that interview I will post it.




    • M

      Yes, I wonder why that is? The fact of the matter is we live on a dynamic planet where forces are held in delicate balance by the slimmest set of parameters. Respectively, it doesn’t take much to upset the protocol of those parameters and set in motion a chain of catastrophic events. Humans are arrogant and think that have this thing all figured out, and that they can predict when the planet will react; but they will face a future marred by frustration, regarding the ensuing change. Earth’s catastrophic history has been relegated to the front section of science and geology books in prologue fashion, but anyone aware of what’s now transpiring now know such scientific thinking is as outdated, as the notion that the Earth is the center of the universe.

      See latest post, btw



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