Complaints of respiratory ailments pour in, following SF Bay refinery fire

August 8, 2012 CALIFORNIARichmond residents this morning woke up to the lingering smell of burnt oil from Chevron’s Richmond Refinery, which caught fire last night following a leak. Firefighters and engineers at the plant put the main fire out early this morning, and Chevron reported that its engineers were monitoring a controlled burn as a safety measure to contain pressure. Hundreds of Richmond residents have reported suffering from a variety of respiratory problems following the fire that gutted part of Chevron’s Richmond Refinery Monday night, according to a press release circulated by Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo. The center, which activated its Incident Command Center shortly after the fire erupted in Chevron’s diesel refinery, admitted 181 residents overnight complaining of eye irritation and respiratory ailments after inhaling smoke from the fire. “Now that people are waking up, DMC is currently experiencing a second wave of individuals seeking services,” the center reported in a statement released Tuesday morning. “We expect, and are prepared for, a high demand at the hospital throughout the day.” –SF Gate
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8 Responses to Complaints of respiratory ailments pour in, following SF Bay refinery fire

  1. Irene C says:

    I just pray that these respiratory ailments aren’t permanent.


  2. Coyote says:

    Consider just in a mile or half a mile radius of all the warehouses, factories, rail yards, hardware stores, malls, storage units, located from where you sleep and live. Makes me think a good professional grade gas mask and a means to get away ( bike, car, etc) from one’s own home/space when big fires start is a practice many of us should consider. Even if you live in “sunny California.”


  3. Steven Cass says:

    Zero Hedge has a post saying that another California refinery, a Shell one this time, is on fire, and residents are being given the same warnings they got for the Chevron fire. Have you heard anything about this?


  4. jehjeh007 says:

    Hydrocarbon leaks are very nasty for young babies and senior citizens. They should have shut down the unit, especially if there was any pressure build up in the line out.


  5. i live in south richmond, saw the smoke go up, seen allot of people outside trying to see what happen. but did see allot of people with gas masks walking around. living here in richmond it has happen twice, last time i was about 14 and chevron paid out every in the area.


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