Violent TV shows keep young kids awake, reports new study

August 6, 2012 PSYCHOLOGYThere’s more evidence that watching violent or age-inappropriate images on TV, in movies or on computers can significantly disrupt children’s sleep. Kids between 3 and 5 years old, who were exposed only to age-appropriate viewing materials in the hour before bed were 64 percent less likely to have any type of sleep disturbance, such as trouble falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep or nightmares, according to a new study. Perhaps surprisingly, ‘violent’ media might even include popular kids’ fare such as SpongeBob SquarePants, said the study’s lead author, Michelle Garrison. “Making a relatively simple change in what kids are watching is a change worth the effort,” said Garrison, a principal investigator at the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. “Sometimes parents feel overwhelmed by the idea of getting rid of TV altogether, but switching shows can make a big difference.” The study will be published in the September issue of the journal Pediatrics, and was released online Aug. 6. Numerous studies have linked media use with sleep problems, but most of these studies have had children of various ages and varying media use. It also hasn’t been clear whether watching something right before bed is stimulating in itself or if the content of the media plays a role. The current study included nearly 600 children aged 3 to 5 living in the Seattle area. Families were randomized into one of two groups: One group received a home visit, follow-up phone calls and mailings with coaching about how to make better media choices for their young children; the other group simply received mailings about nutrition. –Medical Express
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21 Responses to Violent TV shows keep young kids awake, reports new study

  1. Marybell says:

    Excuses for everything. It seems half or more of the population is now screwed up in the head so make an excuse.


  2. anonymous specie says:

    illuminati puppets


  3. gina says:

    I couldn’t agree more. We definitely live in a society that loves to do quite a bit of finger-pointing. My generation grew up watching programs that involved slapstick comedy, such as the Looney Tunes and The Three Stooges. Not to mention lots of westerns and so forth. None of us had any problems sleeping because of the shows we watched. Just another case of so-called “experts” trying to tell everyone how to parent. Oh well, makes them feel important I guess.


  4. Funny how people jump to the defence of their living habits, even if it is to the detriment of their kids! ‘My generation grew up watching programs that involved slapstick comedy…’ mmm well now we have more violence in the world, lack of tolerance and our kids are growing up too quickly! A small change, no TV or violent games 1hr b4 bed, simple solution. But again most will jump to their right to watch brain numbing TV or play violent games, etc… pathetic! Parents that don’t put their children b4 themselves disgust me! In a decaying world, if we can show our kids a better less violent way of thinking then it can only be for the good of them and our planet!


  5. Desmond says:

    Hi guys, I do not know where this post will fit in but it sounds like your lives are not centered around GOD. How many if any can rememeber when they were two what they watched and what scared them, I can’t but I do remember going on camping trips where we would sit around the fire and tell scary stories and even older kids would be affected by the stories so much that they would bunch up and sleep in the same tent because they were scared.

    You will be asking what has GOD got to do with it, well if we are part of the body of JESUS CHRIST and HE is the head. Then all we need to do is ask would HE think it say it do it watch it and we can go on and on. The likelihood to all is NO!

    Sorry Alvin I have pushed many buttons but it is the same old story. With a loaf of bread under the arm we cry POVERTY


  6. Why is this so hard to believe?

    Such violent evil was not meant to enter the minds of any of us, let alone the brains of innocent little ones!

    Society is “screwed up” because we have allowed wickedness to rule. People, including professing Christians, were startled and shocked when the extreme violence on the screen of “The Dark Knight Rises”, spilled out into reality.

    We first kicked God out of schools and are now seeing America begin to reap from the darkness that has been sown, instead of God’s righteousness.

    It will only get worse because those called to be the light of the world have unwittingly allowed themselves to be cohorts of darkness, by participating in the evil “entertainment” of the enemy.


    • God? If you mean God of the Bible, then it’s a bad reference… there is more killing, violence, murder of men, women and children in that book then in a Hammer House of Horror film! and what’s worse all commanded by God…

      This is not about God or religion… it is simply about being educated to new studies, and helping us to be better parents.



  7. marilyn says:

    When people have had their heart rate and blood pressure tested, while particapating in virtual reality games, they were elevated, so it’s common sense, that if you are going to watch murder and mayhem on T.V. you will be affected. Why anybody wants to watch evil, and feel bad, I can’t understand, but then again, what choice is there these days, there is only bloodshed, swearing, stealing, everything that is neagative. Then they wonder why. Kids are being programmed to grow up with distorted view of their world, with no discipline and alot of them from broken families are not being shown love. What do you expect. Wake up!!! What happened to caring and respect and love for your neighbour, all is affected by what is going through their brains every day, to how they relate to one another, no wonder there is school bullies, they are taught every day by watching all the violence on T.V


  8. Travis says:

    The logic isnt all that hard to follow: If television didn’t have any effect on the behavior of its viewers, then corporate advertisers wouldn’t spend billions a year for its powerful influence. Now go back to sleep.


  9. niebo says:

    Hey, Alvin…er, I may have fallen asleep at the keyboard again, but I post this and ask that you do as you see fit. Thanks!

    I must agree that we kicked God out of schools, out of politics and civics, and the family, in that, as a society, we tend to leave God in a little “sunday” box; no one lives the faith anymore; no one studies the Bible openly, and we have removed from the coffee table the large family Bible and replaced it with remote controls and ipods, which serve but to numb our minds from independant thought, and here we are, awonder at the dysfunction. However, as far as violent images, it is hard to top the head of John the Baptist on the silver platter, served as a gift to a daughter of hell. From the slaughter of the Hivites (Genesis 34) to death of Goliath to the last stand of Samson, there are some unsettling accounts of violence in the Book, perpetrated by “good” men, by the patriarchs who built Judaic religion, and to pretend other wise is foolish, if not dangerous (in a heretical sense). Since the death of Abel, violence is a reality. Cain hated his brother as the world hates “us”, and the conflict is as old as Genesis 4.

    That said, I think it is wisdom to filter what children experience. The longer that children are allowed to be children, the longer innocence is fostered, the better, and the environment most conducive to a stable childhood is a HOME where PEACE reigns. Not that society is rendered powerless, but a child who knows love and trust knows where refuge is, and as such, is less likely to be prey for consumption by the world. I know because of how I grew up: without peace, emotional security, or a “normal” sense of trust. When raised by wolves, you become a wolf or become prey (because you “trust” wolves), and I have been devoured by the world, more than a couple of times. In addition, until a few years ago, I was a life-long insomniac, and what kept me awake when I was a child (and later) was not the crap I watched on tv. BUT…notice I said “was”. By the grace of God I survived with my sanity, and when I made the realization that I should be dead and am not (a little over 7 years ago), I could no longer deny, ignore, or excuse (as coincidence) the literal intervention of the Divine. Then I began to learn the beauty of God and of the Book: justice. Children are not condemned for the sins of their parents. Murder and mayhem are handled, even if the perpetrators “get away” with it. God is not mocked. “…They that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” Matthew 26:52. Hope, however, comes with the understanding that, before we were in the womb, God knew us all (Jeremiah 1:5), and freaks, misfits, and miscreants that we are, He wants us to come near (2 Peter 3:9; Ezekiel 33:11). Now, I am not at peace with the world, but I am less “at war” with myself, yet, without reservation, I would not wish on anyone the road that I have traveled.


  10. Herkimer Diamond says:

    Could the lack of sleep be from eating high glycemic junk food that most parents are brain washed into thinking this stuff is good for you, too close to bed time? When I go to visit friends or relatives, their kids eat nothing but french fries, ketchup, soda pop, candy, and ice cream. It seems society dose nothing to promote good eating habits. If you look in most refrigerator now a days, you see nothing but processed junk and some kind of artificially flavor drink claiming its fresh squeezed!


  11. And we need professionals to point this out? True we watched 3 Stooges and things but brains weren’t splattering out and good guys always shot the bad guys in the hand or weapon. Now you can’t tell the good from the bad. If it ain’t killin then it sex, and if it ain’t that then it’s agendas. I seldom watch TV anymore other than an occasional movie we rent from time to time. I allow myself no more than 2 shows a week, and thats optional.

    Kids are becoming cold and separate. Killing looks fun on TV, lots of Adrenalin with none of the pain or smell. Even romance movies are weird. Guy meets girl, girl says no. Guy pursues girl and they end in love. In reality thats call stalking and guy goes to jail and has relationships he don’t want. But what does this say to the kid watching it? What does watching 2 people bump uglyies say, especially if they’re cheating? We wonder why tragic events occur? I don’t expect Andy Griffith all the time but seriously? And the music these days, it’s bad. When I was a kid songs were about peace and love (innocent usually) and now they’re about sex and killing. No respect because you have to teach respect for yourself. I’m not sure I’d let the grandkids watch stuff on there, let alone watch it myself.

    BTW, we did watch the new 3 Stooges movie and it was good.


  12. mrstitus234 says:

    Gotta agree with Hisreturnisnear.


  13. mrgreen says:

    big surprise,,what we put in our minds actually effects us……if does more damage than you think,one of the times i did ayahuasca alot of the zombie imagery from all the movies and video games came up to my conscious and it scared the $h*t out of me,,now so many of the kids cartoons are about zombies,they pretend to be zombies in the park,,and nobody see’s anything wrong with it…every generation is degraded more by tv


  14. Oggie says:

    My two cents’ worth — I think it’s not just the outright violence that’s alarming but also the seemingly innocuous shows that are loaded with symbolisms that are even more, should I say, dangerous. We soak in these things without even knowing they filtered into our subconscious. I used to be unconcerned with these things, my work being in the advertising/communications field, but I must admit we are exposed to a lot of stuff, both overt and subliminal. And it’s not just what we see on TV but also what’s filtering through the Internet. I’ve observed that the games on iPad are also tools for mind conditioning. Just to cite some game previews that bothered me: a crime-based interactive game that invites the player to hurt and kill to earn points with a blurb that shamelessly plugs “make crime pay”; another is a seemingly-harmless fashionista game with an opening blurb that asks “are you addicted to fashion?” Seems to me the enemy has been spreading lies using technology and a great number has been deluded into believing.


  15. Tristen says:

    Wow, surprised to see this one on here, I work with the person who did this study! Very interesting media studies are being done at Seattle Children’s.


  16. K says:

    I think its a combination of many different things I do think the diet of kids is heavily affecting them eating too much junk and also all the pills the kids take for behavioral problems, etc. I remember the Frontline episode medicated child and it was sad to see such young children on sometimes up to 8 different pills. Oh and lack of exercise too. I’m not an expert but I do think all those things I’ve mentioned are affecting children. 😦


  17. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Might be good not to have the children watch the news! How they fit the complete depravity of mankind into one short show of gossip that they call news is amazing to me!..and they do it everyday!!!


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