60: Mount Tongariro erupts in New Zealand- loud explosions, lightning, plumes of smoke; first activity in 100 years

August 6, 2012NEW ZEALANDThe volcanic alert level for Mt. Tongariro has risen from 1 to 2 after the central North Island volcano erupted for the first time in more than a century late last night. GNS science is reporting that at approximately 11:50 pm on Monday night ash fall began to be reported in the volcano’s vicinity – it has since been reported as far east as SH5 near Te Haroto and in Napier. GNS duty volcanologist Michael Rosenberg told Radio New Zealand that some people are reported to have left their houses on the southern shores of Lake Rotoaira, though no formal notices of evacuation have been issued so far by Civil Defense. He said residents in the area have told GNS of hearing several loud explosions, lightning and plumes of smoke and police have been told by an onlooker that “a new hole in the side of the mountain” had formed. They have also reported bright red rocks flying out of the mountain. The eruption reportedly happened at the Te Mari Craters, which are close to the Ketetahi Hot Springs on the northern side of the mountain. Civil Defence says the volcanic activity could pose a threat to the Waikato, Hawkes Bay, Gisborne, Manawatu-Wanganui, Bay of Plenty and Taranaki regions. A warning was also issued at 1.45am to people in these affected areas saying residents should stay indoors since volcanic ash is a health hazard. –NZ Herald
contribution Ana B.
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12 Responses to 60: Mount Tongariro erupts in New Zealand- loud explosions, lightning, plumes of smoke; first activity in 100 years

  1. Kevin says:

    What are the volcanic activity charts looking like these days and could you tell us where we could see them? As far as I am aware, the volcanic activity is rising globally, as it also reflects in your postings.

    I keep having dreams of a Volcano lately.



  2. Irene C says:

    Amazing, especially since we just read about #59. Thank you Alvin and contributors, for keeping up with all that’s going on.


  3. James says:

    Signs of the times… that is all


  4. David Israel says:

    In recent years I have spent a good deal of time filming and documenting the Kootenays in Canada.
    I believe that many of the extinct volcanoes are re-awaking as tectonic plates shift and put pressure on the weaker areas of the planet…the mass venting system is ready to give…..

    I choose to believe in God, but I pray that he believes in us.


    • Jamie says:

      David Israel, that was a most profound wish, ” but I pray that he believes in us.” I always hear people talk of their systems of belief yet do not consider that perhaps it is the other way around. I can say that those who lovingly watch over us ( even the big kahunas ) absolutely believe in us. They believe that we can choose a spiritual life over a materialistic and hedonistic lifestyle at any moment. This is all about our spiritual growth and the creators give us abundant signs as to the path that leads to it. It is the one that is least traveled. Out of 7 and half billion souls you will find only a handful traveling this road…but, there is plenty of room on it for more souls.
      There is a very profound crop circle that speaks directly to us. It beseeches us to always have faith that there is good in the Universe but to be wary of our world leaders and those who operate it behind the curtain. They say that there is much deceit in the world and that the “conduit” is closing. So, there we have it. They send messages that they are watching and very much believe in us but time is running out to make the necessary choices for growth.
      I really enjoyed reading your thoughts.


  5. StevenJ says:

    With all that’s going on, one certainly doesn’t get a “warm fuzzy” about what the near-term future holds…


  6. Eileen Eichler says:

    Here we go, I’ve been watching our volcanoes, wondering what they were going to do and when.
    Geo-net haven’t upgraded yet, first thing I did was to check that, but I guess that they soon will do so.
    Bit unsettling for those that live in the area.
    I used to live in the Waikato, but now am in the South Island, will be observing the activity with much interest.


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