14 Responses to Greece rounds up thousands of immigrants in weekend sweep as economic woes worsen

  1. Marybell says:

    That is what needs to be done in this country–Pronto. We gonna all starve if they don’t do something. Too many parasites here


    • sunflower says:

      When you lose your home and have no food and no work I would like you to remember your comments here. What a horrible world this is. NO Borders No Nations JUST PEOPLE!!! Everyone has a right to live in peace. Rethink this over and put yourself in those peoples shoes.


  2. tunerp says:

    This article is so sad to read.It is equally sad that many of these immigrants are being beaten up through no fault of their own.Whilst one tries to understand the Greek point of view as a result of this crisis in recent months embodens one to side with the Greek Government and its people.The point being that they (the Greeks) have nothing at all and what is left they have to share with other people who in their opinion should not now be there to exacerbate and compound their problems.It is akin to eating your bowl of soup and someone alien takes it away from you.From what I have read suggests that the Greeks are using a ploy to dispense and send them back since there is nothing there for them any more (if there ever was).
    With the current economic problems growing globally then other countries may take heed of this plan and execute it for their own ends notwithstanding America if it can get away with it.Everyone wants their meal to themselves and not taken away from under their noses.Now that is food for thought people.


  3. pagan66 says:

    Wonder if the Greeks will feel differently once THEY are the refugees. When Earth Changes & the coming financial collapse will make it impossible for them to live in their own country anymore. Soon scenes like this will be global & legal immigration will be a thing of the past. We have seen nothing yet.



    • Coyote says:

      Think of the film THe Day After Tomorrow…people crossing into Mexico from the USA in waves….


      • pagan66 says:

        Exactly. Think also of the hardcore scenes in the movie Children of Men. I am a daughter of a Russian mother who fled to Australia after WWII, this subject touches me deeply as I know what mum went through to get here & the stories of these immigrants are the same even after all those years & are only going to get worse as events escalate. I just hope when the day comes when it is impossible to survive anymore where I live, that I am not persecuted, arrested, bashed or murdered for trying to escape to a safer place.



  4. Irene C says:

    Hmmm, deport illegal aliens because they’re a drain on a crumbling economy? I wonder if the U.S. would think about doing that? Nah – makes too much sense.


  5. Dennis E. says:

    Could this happen in America?
    Some would say we are a nation of immigrants, which is true for the most part.
    Looking at the immigration issue here, many jobs, perhaps some jobs that could be held by students, young people out on vacation who could earn some money, perhaps give some of them something to do other than concentrate on issues of violence/mischief.
    This is what I think and your opinion may differ, but there should be an increased focus by employers/community elected leaders on summer youth work programs rather it be working for the city,county or a local farmer and be paid the min wage.

    But, yes this could happen here. We could someday close our borders. We may have to…

    Just my opinion…….


  6. Deadeye says:

    It was ever so. The Jewish people in Germany. The Hugenots in Catholic Europe during the Inquisition et al. When the chips are down, blame the foreigners.


  7. Shalom Aharoni says:

    It is happning all over the world …….even Canada is doing that allready….


  8. Coyote says:

    Yes, immigrants are mostly seen as not historically linked to a land by thier language and culture. They are seen as coming from faraway lands, often crossing seas, oceans, vast mountains. I have met people who have found it very convienent to “over stay their visa” many are Greek, Polish, Russian, Germans, and Irish. Chicago & Boston has many illegal Irish conservative figure, say a 5,000. If everyone who says they are really against “illegal immigration” would you be willing to see the current batch of white western European illegals be detained and deported–then and only then would I say you are not being racists; then as U.S. citizens, we might ask, why are there so many brown people toiling in the fields (getting sprayed with “round up” and sun stroke)for low wages? God help us all when people forget the Mexicans have 1,000 year connections to the “border states”—ever notice all the Spanish-name places? They are MIGRANTS more than immigrants, stil, their own government has to be better at helping educate, train and feed them, otherwise they willl be sent a BILL for services owed to us.


  9. tess says:

    Sunflower has it right, one world, one people. We all have the same color blood.


  10. Irene C says:

    I have to admire those who have such utopian ideals. But this is reality. “One world, one people, one blood” is not what is happening. Here in the US, go live in some of our border states. I would advise making sure your arsenal is well stocked. Many are not refugees, just those who are parasites, wanting to bleed the liberal system we have establised. They laugh at our laws and plunder anything they come across.

    And in case you think I am anti-immigration, I’m not. My parents were immigrants to this country after WW2. First they had to be sponsered by someone already living here and be assured they had a job and a place to live. They had to pass many health inspections just to be allowed to enter. Then they had to learn the language and adapt and know the constitution to become citizens. They had to pledge allegiance. They never asked for help from the government. They never “insisted” that everything be put into “their” language. To be honest with you, my mother is offended that these illegals are getting priviledges that she had to work for. Don’t believe me? Come and ask her, or any “LEGAL” immigrant who came here and did what they had to do.

    But if you feel so bad for these people, go ahead and open your own house to them. Feed them, clothe them, educate them with your own money.

    Alvin, forgive me for my rant. Knowing what my parents went through to become citizens of our wonderful country, I get angry. There are people who don’t obey our laws, who don’t appreciate the United States, get special treatment. I love my country but I see what is happening. There will be no Utopian society until Jesus sets up His Kingdom.



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