59: White Island volcano status changed to ‘eruption’ – visitors warned to stay clear of island

August 6, 2012 NEW ZEALAND White Island volcano has erupted, prompting GNS Science to advise visitors to take extra care. The island, located about 50 kilometres off the coast of Whakatane, is an active volcano and a popular tourist spot. Its web camera captured the small eruption from Crater Lake, GNS Science volcanologist Michael Ronsenberg said. “These phenomena are not unknown for While Island, but this is the first substantial confirmation that small scale eruptions are now occurring on the island and confirms the risk to visitors has increased,” he said. “Eruptions can occur at any time with little or no warning. We advise extra caution should be taken, if visiting the island.” GNS has changed the volcano’s code from ‘experiencing signs of elevated unrest above known background levels’ to ‘volcanic eruption is underway with no or minor ash emissions.’ The alert level has also changed from one to two due to ‘minor eruptive activity.’ It follows a code change last week when scientists discovered water levels in Crater Lake rose by about 3m to 5m overnight and the number of tremors had increased. There was a particularly stronger seismic episode recorded Sunday morning, ending in a volcanic earthquake at 4.54 am that day. Rosenberg said: “The earthquake had a sound signal, which meant something happened on the surface. So we went back and looked at the camera images. Obviously being at night time, there was no visual observations and initially we weren’t able to determine what that small event was. But we’ve narrowed it down and recognise that there has been full hydrothermal eruption.” Rosenberg said there had not been any further eruptions, and the number of tremors had decreased. –Stuff
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11 Responses to 59: White Island volcano status changed to ‘eruption’ – visitors warned to stay clear of island

  1. Carla B. says:

    There are 2 other restless vulcanoes in the North Island of N.Z.


  2. Chris Gerber says:

    I am just waiting for Mt. Hood, Mt. Ranier and/ or Yellowstone to erupt… and they will, give them time.


    • Louie says:

      I live between Mt Hood and Mt Ranier. Your comment woke me up this morning. What I have heard about a Yellowstone eruption would overshadow either of those close to me though.


      • Chris Gerber says:

        Oh, you bet. I am in a proximity to Mt. Hood… St. Helens…. and Mt. Adams. I regularly go into the Mt. Adams wilderness area for recreation. I lived through St. Helens 1980.. I have been waiting for Hood to blow since the mid seventies. Mt. Adams might be a bigger bang though, although it is the one least active. Yellowstone?? I am finding a cave.


  3. Bonny says:

    I have the perfect view of mt hood from my backyard its really close.God be with all of us thanks alvin for all that u do ♡from oregon


  4. Volcanoes are fascinating things to watch, but from a safe distance. I hope that everyone trying to get a closer look at one that’s erupting uses a bit of sense and keeps their distance. My personal interest in them would want to get as close a look as possible, but I’ve seen a lot of cases where it didn’t end well.


  5. Jake From NZ says:

    I cant wait for the day that our god gets rid of all the evil in the world we live in. My heart goes out to all the young that dont get 2 live there lives until they are old. My daughter is only 2yrs old and i feel i wont get to see her childeren grow up it breakes my heart its not fear on us that try to make this world a better place but no1 said life was fair right? Im sure god will give us our chance in some way.
    God bless you all and thank you alvin for the wonderful site you have given us and the time you give us you are 1 of a kind

    God bless Jake


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