4.4 magnitude earthquake rattles Scandinavian seabed between Denmark and Sweden

August 6, 2012 DENMARK Danish geologists say a 4.4-magnitude quake has rattled the seabed between Denmark and Sweden, causing no damage or casualties. Trine Dahl-Jensen of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) said Monday’s quake was “pretty strong” by Danish standards. Dahl-Jensen says such quakes happen once or twice a decade. The epicenter was 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) southeast of the Danish island of Anholt in the Kattegat Sea. Media in Denmark and Sweden reported that residents in the two Scandinavian countries woke up when they felt the earth shake at 0257 GMT (10:57 p.m. EDT Sunday). –ABC News 
Central California shaken: A magnitude-4.5 earthquake has shaken a rural area of Central California. A U.S. Geological Survey computer-generated report says Monday’s 12:36 a.m. quake was centered 16 miles south-southwest of Coalinga in the San Joaquin Valley and 123 miles southeast of San Jose. A Coalinga police officer says several people have reported feeling the quake but there are no reports of damage. –Sac Bee
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16 Responses to 4.4 magnitude earthquake rattles Scandinavian seabed between Denmark and Sweden

  1. groningen says:

    wow ordinairy!!

    kinda shocked me when i see my city!!

    great work


  2. Chris says:

    4.5 esrthquake on the San Andreas at Parkfield. This us the 1857 break pioint and a place to keep an eye on.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    Alvin, we may not have too much longer to ponder when significant earth changes will
    be the opening story on the evening news and truly change how we live.


  4. Irene C says:

    Lots of activity today. Amazing thing is, I’m reading this and watching a program on the probability of the next New Madrid quake. I believe that things are going to start happening faster and closer together, like birth pains.



    • More, faster, simultaneous —-


      • Brandon says:


        Two things: 1.) “Their day is coming.” How soon do you think?


      • I

        Events are worsening, TEP book kinda gives you a parameter of how events will progress, as they go from bad to worst; until they eventually unsettle tectonic plates. The problem is not so much when it will happen, as the anxiety will be knowing that is can never stop, and will only worsen with each passing day when it finally does happen. This is what’s going to create the panic. This planet will never be the same again. It will be permanently transformed after the geological change takes hold. Even if I put detailed geological changes in a youtube video and people viewed it 2 years from now; it still wouldn’t lessen the shock one iota of seeing it unfold and impact the world first hand.

        As far as the other, I don’t put any credence in it.


  5. Frank says:

    Lucky that was far away from where i live ( something like 120 km or something ) else it would had made my day very very bad lol, in term of sleep..


  6. Mette says:

    I think it´s only about 3 years ago we had the last earthquake in Denmark, and it was a magnitude 4, so yes, it´s quite unusual for these event occuring so closely. too bad I missed it though, both times I slept right through them, but several of my friends though, woke up in the middle of the night because of the shakings.


  7. Blessed says:

    I live in CA and we are having very small quakes here. I am glad for the small quakes hopefully this helps relieve a big one. Also praying alot too this must be the reason.


  8. “Earthquakes in diverse places” is starting to become the norm, and just think, this is just the beginning!


  9. Brandon says:

    I agree. If this thing were coming in amateur astronomers around the world would be sounding the alarms.


  10. Therese says:

    I am here in So. Cal I didn’t feel the quake but was having an anxiety type dream. I got up and noted the quake on-line. Even though I went back to sleep I continued to have dreams and anxiety all night — there were cetain names and it was like someone was discussing something.

    I recently broke my computer screen and it was in the perfect shape of California and the Juan De Fuca. So we will see if anthing happens.


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