Wildfires blaze across drought-plagued Oklahoma

August 4, 2012OKLAHOMAWildfires burned out of control on Friday in Oklahoma, destroying homes and shutting down highways in a state that has suffered 18 straight days of 100-plus degree temperatures and persistent drought. Emergency officials counted 11 different wildfires around the state, with at least 65 homes destroyed in parched areas north and south of Oklahoma City and south of Tulsa. Oklahoma joins several states that have been plagued by wildfires this summer, including Colorado, Arkansas and Nebraska. Fires are being fed by a widespread drought. Nearly two-thirds of the contiguous United States was under some level of drought as of July 31, according to the Drought Monitor, a weekly report compiled by U.S. climate experts. Interstate 44, historic Route 66 and state highways were closed, but no deaths were reported in the Oklahoma fires. Low humidity, strong southerly winds and drought conditions enabled the wildfires to spread quickly across treetops, said Michelann Ooten, deputy director of the state’s Office of Emergency Management. “It’s just a very difficult situation we’re facing that’s all weather related,” Ooten said. Governor Mary Fallin, who earlier in the day invoked a statewide ban on outdoor burning after declaring a state of emergency for the state’s 77 counties, told Reuters fire conditions may be worse on Saturday. “The fire danger might be even higher,” she said. Oklahoma has contacted neighboring states for help, but they are contending with their own wildfire threats and no out-of-state help is on its way, she said. “There’s fires in Arkansas. There’s fires in Kansas and Texas. Everybody else is on high heat alert,” she said. The heat in Oklahoma City, the state capital, has reached historic levels. On Friday, Oklahoma City tied its all-time record for the highest temperature ever recorded when the thermometer reached 113 Fahrenheit (45 Celsius), a mark last recorded in the Dust Bowl days in 1936, according to the National Weather Service in Norman, Oklahoma. –Chicago Tribune
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10 Responses to Wildfires blaze across drought-plagued Oklahoma

  1. James says:

    My wife is doing so much better that I was able to reschedule my camping trip. I decided instead of trying to score another back country permit I would just go over to the mountains on state land to go camping. I plan on bagging my first peak next weekend. If it is the will of God it will happen. If it does happen it will be to His glory and no one else. I just hope the wildfires does not spread to the northern island ranges of Montana. I am not yet ready to venture into the “Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex” alone just yet. Wildfires are one of the main reasons for that. I hate to hear about this, I know some folks down in Oklahoma. It is all just signs of the times though. We have to keep that in mind and give God the glory in everything.


  2. Like it says in the Bible, one third of the earth will be consumed by fire in the next few years. this is just a precursor of things to come…


  3. Irene C says:

    Praying for all of those in the path of this fire and praying for the safety of the fire fighters. I agree that this is a precursor. In other words, “We ain’t seen nothin’ yet”. And James, so true. Give God the glory in all things.



  4. missmarla says:

    I believe the nation’s water shortage is linked / coincides with the nation’s “water infrastructure upgrade.” In central CA, it has been proven to be a farce with our “officials” altering records to cover up evidence of what is taking place, committing perjury to deny, followed by death threats against me for exposing the TRUTH! Including all the fires that take place so structures can be re-built on top of this clamped-together trash. CA central valley’s 60+ yr water scam is now tied into this so-called “upgrade.”
    Clearing the path as residents are killed, properties taken by fraud – all reports, info, evidence prohibited! I hope Alan Autry (aka: Bubba Skinner / our “water shortage” spokesman) is forced to come clean about all the lies and deceit / treason.


  5. Deadeye says:

    Nice to see people are staying upbeat even when Mother Earth unleashes yet another disaster.


    • Darren says:

      Yeah you know it, its seems that to invoke the almighty as the cause,is to somehow make it alright, not to sound insulting by any stretch but we are just another child species trying to make sense of the world around us i suppose, although frightening that not many can see past divine action to the much bigger picture.
      Besides, do any of these good & well intentioned people actually understand the bible???
      Ignorance will be our undoing, not whatever god you happen to believe in!!


  6. Michael S. Reese says:

    On the wildfires in Oklahoma , here’s a suggestion for your State: Click on trapsplus.com and then click on fire retardant tarps. Click on the picture and it will bring up different sizes and prices for the tarp . Could save your home incase of a fire in your area. Easy to place over your home , to save your property . The price is worth saving your home.


  7. isis2012 says:

    Another contribution of the C02 heat ingredient … geeeeze… I pray for the people’s will to endure and safe directions as they recover.


  8. A BIG FAT SLAP in the face to Monsanto and his GMO all corn crops, that will never make their way out to the mouth of millions. That much more corn, that won’t reach the market, who needs it anyway…What goes around, comes around ten times stronger, No one is stronger then Mother Earth…


  9. Drought + fire = no corn/soy


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