H3N2: has the next influenza pandemic threat arrived? 3 die from outbreak in Australia NSW

August 4, 2012HEALTH With 16 new human cases in the last three weeks — 12 in the last week alone — an outbreak of a variant strain of swine flu is giving CDC officials the jitters. What worries officials is that the new flu, officially called variant type A H3N2 or H3N2v, carries the M gene from the human H1N1 pandemic flu bug. This gene makes it easier for flu bugs to infect humans and spread among them. The first human case was detected in July 2011. Since then there have been 29 reported cases, although more cases likely have gone unreported. “Since the fall of 2011 there has been a big increase in these types of infections,” Joseph Bresee, MD, of the CDC’s Influenza Division, said at a news conference held to announce the new cases. “All 29 cases have had H3N2v with the M gene of pandemic H1N1. This may confer increased transmissibility to and among humans.” Last year, three people caught the bug from another person. As far as the CDC can tell, that hasn’t happened this year. And there’s been no sustained spread of the new swine flu bug among people. All the cases so far had contact with pigs. Most cases have been children who came into contact with infected pigs at state fairs. Ten of this week’s new cases were in Ohio. One was in Indiana and another was in Hawaii. According to Lisa Ferguson of the USDA, the virus has been detected in pigs in 11 states. Flu is common among pigs, and every year a few people catch a swine flu bug. But this new swine flu looks different. “We have detected cases of this virus with increasing frequency,” Bresee said. “We expect further cases of human infection, either with contact with swine or from limited human-to-human spread. We expect some of the cases will be severe.” –Web MD
3 die of H3N2 in Australia: A fatal influenza outbreak at two Hunter disability centers is continuing to spread, with more people contracting the illness. Already three deaths have been reported at Newcastle’s Stockton Centre and the Kanangra Centre at Morisset over the past week. Another five people were diagnosed with a respiratory illness yesterday and tests are expected to confirm they have succumbed to H3N2 strain which would make a total of 56 cases at the two centers. Both centers remain in lockdown with strict infection controls now in place for the 450 residents. Hunter New England Health is urging people with flu like symptoms not to visit hospitals or aged care facilities. The Health network says a daily assessment is being made of the residents. –ABC
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10 Responses to H3N2: has the next influenza pandemic threat arrived? 3 die from outbreak in Australia NSW

  1. Carl says:

    H3N2V cases in USA increased from 11 to 27.
    I remember when you updated on an infection in Utah 3-5 months ago and we all knew that this was the start of something.


  2. Bill H says:

    What is concerning to me is the singe items in these virulent strains which allow species “jump”. H1N1 did this in less than a few months and now this one is the same way. How can two different viruses get the same mutation (gene) in extremely short time spans which should take decades?

    This really has the air of manufactured virus….


  3. Cherrybaby says:

    A good friend of mine has just been diagnosed as having Swine flu in Melbourne. So sick, with 42 degree temp (celsius). Scary stuff.


  4. That one has promise and with the bad production in food this year plus economic factors, it doesn’t look good. Add that to Fair time and it could spread fast.


  5. Tom Culver says:

    I am 54. I have had the worst flu ever. 7th day and still very sick. Dr. said it could take ten days? This sounds too long?


  6. George says:

    Yep the H1-N1did not work maybe this one will


  7. My friend has been in hospital with flu for weeks & the doctors don’t or won’t say what it is. She is in Calvary in canberra


  8. elijahsmom3 says:

    The local news tonight reported 3 new cases here in Ohio.


  9. Richard says:

    Doctor Mercola (mercola.com), reports that every year the MSM screams from the rooftops about the latest killer flu. Everyone goes and gets vaccinated – and the pharmaceutical industry makes an absolute killing, financially. Perhaps watching our diet can keep the worst of the flu away? Problem is we never know when the threat is real.


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