New bat virus related to deadly Hendra discovered

August 3, 2012 AUSTRALIA Australian researchers have discovered a new bat virus they describe as a close relative to the hendra virus. They say the new virus could help shed light on how Hendra and related Nipah viruses cause disease and death in animals and humans. Hendra is able to infect horses and, in seven known cases, people have caught the infection from horses. Four of them died as a result. The new virus is named Cedar after the Queensland location where it was discovered. Initial studies by scientists with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have discovered one surprising key difference – the Cedar virus does not cause illness in several animal species normally susceptible to Hendra and Nipah. However, they say it is still too early to rule out the possibility that Cedar virus may cause illness and death in horses or other animals. The new discovery had significant potential implications for protecting animals and humans from the Hendra and Nipah viruses. This tantalizing difference may help scientists understand how to better manage and control its deadly cousins. The findings have been announced today in the journal, PLoS Pathogens, published by the Public Library of Science. –Horse talk
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1 Response to New bat virus related to deadly Hendra discovered

  1. Chris Gerber says:

    Again… pestilences… biblical prophecy occuring the here and now…


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