New Zealand’s White Island volcano showing growing signs of unrest

August 2, 2012NEW ZEALANDWhite Island volcano is showing signs of increased activity, GNS Science says. The volcano, about 49 kilometres off the coast of Whakatane, is a popular tourist spot, but GNS volcanologist Michael Rosenberg says those visiting it should be cautious even though the alert level for the island had not changed. “Eruptions can occur at any time with little or no warning. The recent changes in activity suggest that the hydrothermal system has become unstable, and as a result the risk has increased,” Rosenberg said. GNS Science has changed the volcano’s code from a ‘normal, non eruptive state’ to ‘experiencing signs of elevated unrest above known background levels.’ The volcano’s lake level quickly rose by about three to five meters sometime between Friday and Saturday last week, exposing a ‘vigorous’ flow of gas and steam into the air, Rosenberg said. It has risen in the past, but took much longer than the 24 hours it took to rise three to five meters on Friday and Saturday, he said. During the past few weeks there had also been some minor volcanic tremor, including several hours on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Last year and earlier this year the lake started to evaporate and exposed steam vents and two large muddy pools. “These phenomena are typical for White Island’s activity, but are the first substantial changes to occur in the last few years,” Rosenberg said. No-one lives on the privately-owned island but flights and boat-trips to the island are common. –Stuff
the volcano’s last eruption was in 2001
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7 Responses to New Zealand’s White Island volcano showing growing signs of unrest

  1. James says:

    Hey alvin how many eruption did we have this year ?

    Thanks for the amazing work you have given us.


  2. greenie696 says:

    l live in pukehina beach and look out at white island i read it here frist. thanks for the great work u do.


  3. Eileen Eichler says:

    Ooo don’t like this. White Island ‘s crater is so low, if the sea ever entered there just imagine the result. Also it’s not that far from fairly densly populated areas. Not good, really not good.
    You’d never get me going on a tourist trip there, never in a million years.
    I pray God protect those he holds in the palm of his hand, nothing else can.


  4. Isn’t this about the second or third volcano in or near NZ that’s been showing signs of activity? Between volcanoes and the uptick in earthquake activity, I think our friends in the area may be in for a rough spring.


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