12 Responses to Israel turns up the pressure on Iran in high stakes game: is war looming?

  1. Irene C says:

    “…amid speculation that an attack may take place before US elections in November.”

    I think this is just what Barack Obama would like to happen. A war, especially one he didn’t have anything to do with, “could” assure him of re-election. Just my opinion…


  2. Judy Carriker says:

    1 Thessalonians 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. King James Version. What peace, what security? The nations have been given lip service to this scripture since the 1990’s. Peace and security rolls off their tongues continuously in speeches. There is no peace, there is no security. It is a false sense the governments offer in lip service only. Notice the word Travail – the labors of pain become closer and more intent. Mankind cannot give us peace only God.


  3. lucas says:

    Adeus estado de mentira,pais inventado por animais, israel jamais existiu, é apenas um poodle dos Eua, um pinther,só late. espero que o Irã ja possua centenas de armas nucleares, e que destrua esses gafanotos grileiros. o mundo não é cégo, judeu é mérda de porco e nem mesmo porco revira.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    It is hard to say here what will happen. A comment in the posted article said “if I was Iranian, I would be fearful of the next 12 weeks”.
    I have been receiving E-Mails that something is going to happen in the USA regarding economic
    downturn within the next 180 days for the last 12 months.
    However, however, a significant poll was taken in Israel and a significant per cent o fthose polled, believed that Jews should be allowed to pray on the temple mount but a few but did not want to see a new jewish temple built because that might cause significant issues with the Arabs. One member of the goverment has started calling for a new jewish temple on the temple mount.
    I would recommend that we keep and eye on this issue because it is not going away and it could just be heating up.


    • Anne says:

      Actually, Britain wants Jerusalem to return to England! It’s the Olympic’s theme where Order out of Chaos is planned to begin at the end of the games. We shall see.


  5. seemorerocks says:

    Whatever these articles say they are serving the interests of the Israelis. I do not trust the sources – either the Jerusalem Post or the Debka Files which are a known source of disinformation.


    • Anne says:

      This doesn’t quite tally – most likely dis-information, once again. Something is in the works for October though. Economic collapse? Be prepared and stay safe.


  6. Tim says:

    Relax, my friend. Mankind has always fought, from Cain and Abel (if you’re a believer) to present day. It’s a waste of effort, yes, but it’s also human nature. For the most advanced species in creation, we sure are a stupid bunch.


    • Anne says:

      I so agree with you, Tim


    • atterro says:

      It’s far from Human nature. This is systematic destruction, it’s a system that forces people to hate each other. System based on power, wealth, religion, plenty of tools to devide nations.

      It’s rather naive to think this IS Human nature, if it was a human nature, and if wars were natural to us, than Humans wouldn’t experience severe consequences, trauma, stress, depresion, violent behaviour, anger, or a state of complete insanity.

      Wars are fought because governments declair them, and people who fight them were brainwashed into believing it’s for their own good.

      It’s all a part of todays modern day slavery. You need to wake up.


  7. Pedro Reza says:

    And The Lord shall destroy them with the brightness of His coming.

    Even so come Lord Jesus.


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