New strain of avian flu responsible for the death of 162 seals- scientists warn it could jump to humans

The virus developed the ability to attack mammalian respiratory tracts, scientists learned. H3N8 is a subtype of the species Influenza A virus that is endemic in birds, horses and dogs. In 2012, it was reported to have been found in seals.
August 1, 2012HEALTHA new strain of avian flu that jumped from birds to mammals is responsible for the death of more than 160 seals off the New England coast last year, scientists announced Tuesday. The virus could theoretically pose a threat to human health, they said. Harbor seals — most of them babies less than 6 months old — began appearing with severe pneumonia and skin lesions in September of last year, the researchers said. Over the next few months, at least 162 dead seals were recovered along the coast from Maine to Massachusetts, they said. Mutant bird flu would be airborne, scientists say. Testing pointed at a new strain of the H3N8 flu virus being called seal H3N8. “When initial tests revealed an avian influenza virus, we asked the obvious question: How did this virus jump from birds to seals?” lead researcher Simon Anthony of Columbia University said. The virus developed the ability to attack mammalian respiratory tracts, scientists learned. It may also have developed enhanced virulence and transmission in mammals, they said, but they need to do more tests to be sure. Avian flu has spread to humans before, most notably H1N1 and H5N1, so the new strain could pose a threat to public health, scientists warned. “HIV/AIDS, SARS, West Nile, Nipah and influenza are all examples of emerging infectious diseases that originated in animals,” said W. Ian Lipkin, director of the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University. “Any outbreak of disease in domestic animals or wildlife, while an immediate threat to wildlife conservation, must also be considered potentially hazardous to humans,’ he said. The research is published in the journal mBio. –CNN
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16 Responses to New strain of avian flu responsible for the death of 162 seals- scientists warn it could jump to humans

  1. Rep says:

    I would be very cautious of this “flu” report. I am not an expert (or in the medical field), but have never, ever heard or read where “skin lesions” are symptoms of any type of flu, as was found on these seals (sounds much more like radiation poisoning). This could be a false explanation to get people vaccinated when there is really no need to be (almost never)…yes, I am paranoid!


    • The half of what certain strains of Avian flu can do is kept from the public, probably because no one wants to cause a panic. The H5N1 virus, for example, almost mimics hemorrhagic fevers when it infects its host (like lassa and ebola), in that the fever is high AND internal organs are attacked and liquified. Scientists are terrified of H5N1 because it’s much more pathogenic than H1N1, which caused the Spanish flu epidemic in the early 20th century.


      • Anne says:

        You may recall the microbiologist Joseph Moshe, who in 2009 warned us about the U.N./ Baxter International Pharma releasing outbreaks of mutated HINI in Ukraine. It’s actually a bio-weapon, and is the deployment of a Plague. Those who died in Nov., 2009, their fevers were so high that the lungs were black as charcoal. Official numbers – 1.4 million people in Ukraine were sick – 315 died was one count.

        What happened to Moshe? He was gassed, tasered and put in a state FBI mental hospital for warning the U.S. of the tainted vaccine that CARRIED this deadly virus. Remember, the nurses and doctors refused to take the vaccine, thanks to Moshe. I wonder what’s happened to him.

        Be careful, and may God be always with you, Alvin.


      • Thanks, Anne. I wish you the same.


    • Kim says:

      My thoughts exactly…skin lesions????I am right there too!! Vaccines, no way.


    • Julie H. says:

      Exactly! The chemicals from all of the bombs and chem trails is doing it!


  2. nanoduck says:

    Did you see that in the news some people at a fair in Indiana got infected and sickened by flu from pigs?


  3. Shelley says:


    heads up, rare flu strain but not related to swine flu. a farmer (Maui) was inflected but has recovered. hopefully this doesn’t snowball into something more and doesn’t build any resistance in the near future.

    all the best,


    • We’re on the periphery of a global pandemic, as I have been sounding the warning now for the last 3 years. These microbes are converging on the frontier of human defenses, and a break-through by means of aerosol-transmission is going to happen sooner or later. Many are preparing for food and lack of power emergencies but are over-looking what could potentially take out 25 to 33% of humans on this planet.

      Be forewarned —- and prepare to survive for extended and unspecified periods of time in a quarantined environment. If you don’t know the basic health protocols; please pick up a copy of Hazard to protect yourself and your families.



      • Shelley says:


        yes, i have a copy on the way, got the email confirmation from 7/26, should be any day now. many many thanks for all your hard work! there’s no way i can really express how thankful i am for you….

        and i have my Costco list for the MRE 🙂

        hang in there, it’s seems like the ride will start to get a little bumpy, especially with 2 full moons this month.



      • Good to hear and know…


  4. suz says:

    Wildlife and humans. We’re in trouble, aren’t we?


  5. pagan66 says:

    I have always believed that an untreatable virus pandemic will be Mankinds undoing. It is only a matter of time.


  6. jehjeh007 says:

    Being a traveling man, I see people growing more and more concerned as we board the planes. We know that planes, buses, trains and subways make good ecubators for this kind of stuff. I’ve have been thinking about walking around the stations with a mask on but I fear that I might be detained by the authorities or someone will think I have AIDS/HIV which I don’t. Food for thought I guess. I too have never heard of a flu causing lesions. It sounds like something else.


  7. suz says:

    The entire ecology around the earth is being destroyed. No man is an island … everything is interwoven.
    We are so interdependent on each other, not only people but trees, animals and birds, but it seems we just don’t understand. Population is growing rapdily, more trees are being cut which means more flooding, Ice is melting, oceans will rise, farmland is turning into dessert. Man is producing more and more war material…this earth has never been so sick. These are the many ways that death is approaching the earth. No one nation is capable of fixing it. Our problems are international. Perhaps nations should collapse into one world government.


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