25 Responses to Study says western North America faces 21st Century ‘Mega-drought’

  1. cdkanas says:

    What’s the thoughts of this being a result of the magnetic pole shifting away from the USA pulling the jetstream with it essentially leaving the USA with the same precipitation patterns as the southwest and Mexico?


    • That’s exactly what I diagonsed is happening in my book, The 7th Protocol. This is only the beginning. I also connected this accelerated migration of the magnetic north pole with the outbreak of earthquakes erupting in Siberia, where the pole is heading.

      Earthquake 5.0 magnitude 2012/07/30 22:30:44 50.682 87.276 16.0 SOUTHWESTERN SIBERIA, RUSSIA


    • Richard Queener says:

      Yes, that seems probable about the magnetic shif away from the US, It is sad to see Kansas turned into a desert state.


  2. Wiseguy says:

    Everybody around here is happy with the tremendous summer we have !!! Heat and heat and high humidity for more than a month and a half… Never seen that before in our area (Quebec, Canada) Rivers are at historic low, no rain except severe thunderstorms just like tropical weather !!! Farmers are losing their crops, but nobody seems to see what’s going on !!! I can’t believe how much people are inconscious about what’s going on under their own nose !!!


    • merle says:

      To Wiseguy, Unfortunately people who don’t see “past their noses” will get the rudest awakening when they cannot pay the exorbitant food prices that will most definitely be the outcome of these droughts….may the good Lord help us!


      • Dan Sherwood says:

        The horsemen are about to be set loose.
        First Seal (Rev. 6:1-2) – White horse rider to conquer
        Second Seal (Rev. 6:3-4) – Red horse rider to remove peace
        Third Seal (Rev. 6:5-6) – Black horse rider makes food costly and scarce
        Fourth Seal (Rev. 6:7-8) – Pale horse rider brings death, hell rides along, ¼ die
        The last five months of this year will be quite a bumpy ride. Hang On.


  3. Mick says:

    Officials Investigate Seagull Deaths DENISE NAKANO and DAVID CHANG 07/31/2012 5:19 AM

    Officials are investigating the deaths of nearly 30 herring seagulls in Ocean City. The seagulls crashed down into traffic on the Route 52 bridge that links Ocean City to Somers Point.

    “I’m noticing the birds are with broken legs, broken backs and broken wings,” said Bill Hollingsworth of the Humane Society of Ocean City.

    Hollingsworth tells NBC10 the Humane Society could only save one of the seagulls that crashed into the road.

    “I’ve heard of crows and blackbirds dying in large numbers in the area in the past,” said Hank Guenther of Somers Point. “But this is the first time I’ve heard of anybody getting even with the seagulls.”

    One theory is that the birds are flying from the guardrail of the bridge on the shoulder of the northbound lanes and getting drawn back down by a wind current. Around 50 birds are normally perched on the bridge. A spokesman with the New Jersey Department of Transportation, which opened the new $400 million bridge in May, called the deadly toll on the birds, “highly unusual.” He also claimed it never happened on the 2500 bridges the department oversees statewide.

    While the cause of the bird deaths has not yet been determined, officials are most concerned for the safety of motorists traveling on the Route 52 causeway.

    “They’re not little birds,” said Hollingsworth. “So if they hit a car windshield, you don’t know if someone can lose control and cause a major traffic accident on the causeway.”

    Police say no accidents have been caused by the seagulls so far. The Department of Transportation says it will monitor the situation to see what can be done to prevent further seagull deaths and injuries.



  4. ladd x says:

    The last solar maximum occured in 2002 from my understanding. Which falls in the middle of that period and we r having similar conditions in this cycle. Secondly if the poles move the equator must move as well…. That shifts all the storm system and wind currents also.


  5. Nkosazana says:

    Ugh. Agenda 21 here we come. I hope the Lord is back before they have us all relocated to that densely constructed camps.


  6. gman4721 says:

    The one comment that stood out to me was about the release of CO2 when a plant dies.The photosynthetic process “eats” CO2 to utilize the C atom to manufacture hyrocarbon molecules and releases the O2 molecule back into the atmosphere.There is no CO2 stored up in a plant that gets released when the plant dies.This is just more JUNK science designed to brainwash people into believing the man-made global warming myth.The last sentence refers to historicaly equivalent droughts occuring twice,long before “man” could have been the cause.This is just nature going thru it’s cycle.


  7. richfish30 says:

    I completely agree with cdkansas. The weather patters we are seeing are happening in places there not suppose to be happeing! Its as if the worlds climate and patters have shifted and are moderaletly moving with the poles as well. This could explain for the unusual climate, mass animal deaths becuase most of the animals dying some how use the magnetic poles to migrate and the disturbing sounds in the atmosphere and the increase in strong earthquake outbreaks in usual and unusual places…It all adds up!!


  8. Columbine says:

    I don’t know what ENS is – a propaganda arm of radical environmentalists or a real news service. However, I’d like to know more about the photos they posted showing the pinon trees dying near Los Alamos, New Mexico. I almost laughed when I saw that photo because many of the mountain sides west of Colorado Springs now look exactly like that because of FIRE – the Waldo Canyon Fire that burned the first part of this month. If you will remember, last year another fire burned through the Los Alamos, NM, area – killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of trees and bushes. The photo shows exactly what the less-intense areas of a wildfire look like after a fire has gone though, killing the grasses and bushes immediately and damaging the trees, leaving them half dead and dying fully the following year or two. Trees damaged by FIRE this way retain their needles (brown) and loose them over the coming weeks and months, then the dead branches turn that beautiful silvery color. Before I read that site again – I want to know what their underlying agenda is and how trustworthy they are.

    That said – Colorado is extremely dry. We’ve been in a drought for years and dry land farmers have always known they are taking a chance every year on whether they’ll get a harvest or not (I come from a farming family). Tree rings prove this is the driest in how many years??? What about the 50’s? What about the Dust Bowl years?

    I’m in agreement – this article is junk science with a specific agenda. Don’t pay attention to the facts – pay attention to what we want you to believe!


  9. Columbine says:

    PS – The caption on the photo of the trees in New Mexico say 2002 and 2004. There have been several fires go through that area in the last few years, not just the ones that happened in the last year or two. I still say more proof is needed than those two photos.


  10. Sir William says:

    They attribute it to global warming which is a complete and total fraud. Climate models are worthless. It’s garbage in, garbage out. They make the model the way they want the results and then use their model as evidence. Makes as much sense as creating a dating model that says young,cute asian girls prefer homely overweight white men. Maybe I could get a grant to create such a model.


    • i

      As I have said repeatedly, the planet warming is an internal mechanism gone terribly awry — the problem is by the time people wake up to what’s really happening; we’re going to be chest-deep in the horrors of an unpalatable nightmare.


      • Brandon says:

        First off thank you my friend for the condolences. We miss her terribly already. I know I do. 😥 Secondly, did you know that some people think all this taking place is still normal! I wonder if they suffer from mental illness.

        Your friend,


      • People often hope for the best at the expense at ignoring the worst. We hope and pray more wake-up.

        Thanks friend,


  11. William W says:

    The photos are a bit of both drought-kill and fires, one precedes the other. The Pinyons in and around Santa Fe and ABQ have been dying due to the drought which outright kills them and or beetle infestations which have been hitting huge areas of them. What remains is extremely susceptible to fire. The areas in the article have been in severe drought for 3 to 4 years at the time of the photos. Someone mentioned CO- almost identical problem. Healthy forests have a natural resistance to fire with thick bark and high water content -typically large numbers survive. Now we have what are called catastrophic fires due to the hugely increased amounts of dead, dry fuel where the entire forest is wiped.


  12. BART FISH says:

    The easiest way to prove or disprove manmade global warming, is to compare the climate change on earth to climate change on other planets. Has this been done? Certainly, all there data is there – it clearly shows that the other planets of our solar system are undergoing MASSIVE climate changes. Earth appears to be the least affect so far. There are no SUVs on Mars. Or on Uranus, for that matter (pardon the pun). TBTB ARE SIMPLY NOT GOING TO LET ANOTHER CRISIS GO TO WASTE. DUH!!!


  13. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Alvin is correct. The scientists are closing their eyes to the obvious. Scientists also have no clue as to how the moon and sun pull atmospheric water vapor in tides similar to liquid bodies of water on Earth’s surface. The summer pattern we are in was predicted however it seems that the residual effects of the positioning of the polar vortex in the winter which has much to do with the magnetism as Alvin has brought up before intensifies the summer patterns of heat and drought and shifts the rain patterns into localized areas to make floods.For example the forecast I have per the lunar cycle is for some extreme cold to be taking place in eastern USA early winter but will it? Or will the polar vortex continue to retrograde westward leaving eastern Europe in the icebox and very warm and dry conditions in western USA and Canada? It will be interesting to say the least.


  14. Rob ZionFreak says:

    Alvin, wow! God sent me a dream about a pole shift and crust displacement some years back. I just re-read over it as I have it posted on Facebook. Funny thing is I dreamed about Russians in the dream as well. What is more of a confirmation is that I had never even thought about a pole shift ever in my life!


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